Monday, 17 September 2012

After being forced to cancel her participation in a debate at a Communist festival, Caroline Fourest has published a response on the French Huffington Post, blaming not Islamists, but pro-Islamist leftists:
It wasn't "islamists" who flew into a rage yesterday, but pro-Islamist leftists. Although there were indeed some natural "children" (I mean politically) of Tariq Ramadan, and very bitter they were. But above all lefists who are convinced that any criticism of Islamism is necessarily racist because in their binary world, worthy of the clash of civilisations, there is the world of Islam against the world of the white West. Muslims are the "damned of the earth", the veil their symbol and those who criticise Islamism - especially if they are white - can only be crusaders, a kind of new colonialists acting as guard-dogs for post-colonial racism.
Source: Huffington Post


John Sobieski said...

Can't you just hear Caroline whining 'what have they done to my comrades?!!' Well Caroline dear, their agenda and your agenda never were the same in any way. You wanted peace, equality; they want domination, absolute. Ahh, to awaken and smell the jihad! I think your best future is to align yourself with Bruce Bauer, Eric Allen Bell and other leftists who have awakened. Now you know, there is no tolerance for the likes of you and Bruce in Islam. Zip, nada, zero. You see, you yourself WERE a useful idiot for a while but no more.

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