Saturday, 22 September 2012

There were also 21 arrests, many of burka-clad things, in Paris at incipient Charlie Hebdo protests.


Anonymous said...

Clitless monsters!

Eric Boos said...

The most annoying people in the world, and no, I'm not speaking about the French. Although they're a close second.

Anonymous said...

TOLERANCE! be tolerant until We real Europeans (the cradLe of great human civilization)is subjugated by these inbreeding foaming mouth immigrants. be toLerant until the muslim behead us white europeans, until they rape our children, until they desecrate the tomb of our forefathers. still be ToLerant.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..
Muslims demand tolerance when they are a minority. Once they are a majority, that pretence is dropped, and then it is convert, submit or the sword. Such has been the history of this most virulent of ideologies that masquerades as a religion.

I cannot understand this penchant for by our idiot elite for integration of Muslims into our society. If successful, that would mean that our society is compatible with Islam – which it is not, or that our society would have been taken over by Islam. Its a lose lose situation, and that is why Muslims are confident that Europe will become Islamic if the present political policies continue.

However, there is now room for optimism.

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