Saturday, 1 September 2012

Totalitarianism moves a little closer. It's doubly shocking that he's been charged not with glorifying terrorism, but inciting racial hatred. Look at his remarks. There is no incitement and there is no reference to race. But that doesn't matter. These laws are just weapons to beat down dissent. Richard Millet better think twice before he comes to Britain again.
A British dad has been arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred after praising mass murderer Anders Breivik on Facebook, it emerged today.

Philip Horn, 44, allegedly said on the social networking site that he 'takes his hat off' to the infamous gunman.

The Norwegian slaughtered 77 adults and teenagers when he bombed government buildings in Oslo and carried out a mass shooting on the island of Utoya in July last year.

Horn, a father-of-three, from Gillingham, was arrested by Kent Police on Thursday afternoon and is currently being held in custody.

Horn, who is reported to have links with the English Defence League, is also alleged to have publicly supported Breivik’s crusade to 'protect his country from Muslims'.

The unemployed builder from Gillingham, Kent, is said to have posted a message saying: 'Well done Anders Breivik. I take my hat off to you sir.

'You proved you were not insane and that you are just one of many like myself who wish their country to return to the way it was before it was invaded by the Muslim population. Respect to you.'

He was also filmed by a national newspaper saying: 'If someone came to my door in a uniform and said they were going to bang me up for six months then fine. I’m not going to retract any remarks I made.

'To a certain extent I do defend what he’s [Breivik] done. Go back 40-50 years ago to Norway, would you have seen people walking around in burkas and all that?
'I am a racist to a certain extent. Of course it’s wrong to kill children, but if he had to do it that way to get his point across, so be it.'

A Kent Police spokesman said: 'During the afternoon of Thursday, August 30 a 45-year-old man from Gillingham was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred.

'He is currently in police custody.'
Source: Daily Mail

It's also interesting that the Daily Mail refuses to accept comments on this article. The Telegraph adopts the same approach to articles on Breivik. Why is this? Because they know that so many people admire or sympathise with Breivik either wholly or partially that the moderators will be overwhelmed with censorship demands. All of those people are thought criminals, according to this standard.

Meanwhile, Richard Millet's publisher has promised to have a talk with him when he returns from holiday, hinting that he will be sacked.


Anonymous said...

And of course Muslims all over England who praise Osama bin Laden and other Islamic mass murderers who make Breivik look like a piker attract no attention from the authorities at all. Gillingham's crime was not to incite racial hatred: it was to glorify a terrorist while being white. It is the authorities who are the true racists here, although of course they and their followers are too stupid, or too deeply corrupted, to realize that.

Anonymous said...

Another thought: Yassir Arafat was infinitely more destructive and hateful than Breivik, yet he remains a great hero to a multitude of British Muslims, and his deeds and words are still celebrated throughout Britain and beyond.

Both Arafat and Breivik believed that they were fighting for their country, and both of them murdered helpless non-combatants to this end. Yet Arafat is a great hero even to many non-Muslims, while Breivik is a villain. Yet philosophically there is no difference between them: they are two sides of the same coin.

It seems to boil down to the same factor as in my first comment above: Arafat is brown and opposed to whites (Jews), and therefore "good", while Breivik is white and opposed to browns (Muslims), and therefore "bad."

In point of fact they are both equally monstrous. Yet Arafat's race gives him a special dispensation to be a mass murderer. Again, the difference between "good" and "evil" here is a fundamentally racist value judgement and nothing more.

Anonymous said...

Lufthansa 1977 PLO hijacker
Souhaila Andrawes, was free in 1999 having done half time in prison, after Norwegian court decided her health demanded so.
- Having hijacked a German plane bound for Mogadishu, why was she in Norway in the first place?

Anonymous said...

The Lufthansa flight LH181 was actually
bound for Frankfurt Am Main, from Palma de Mallorca

"After the cold-blooded murder of his captain Jürgen Schumann, first officer Jürgen Vietor had to fly the 737, which had just undergone a gruelling emergency landing, solo, to land safely at Mogadishu, Somalia, an airport, that had before, literally and metaphorically, not been on his, a Boeing 737 pilot's, map."

- Suffering for life

"What does a life sentence for Klar mean to you?

Satisfaction? It would go together with my sence of justice. That in any case. I will tell you something: Three of our four hijackers were killed by the GSG 9, and the only survivor, Andrawes, is suffering for life. I am glad for that.

She was shot during the raid and can't walk properly anymore…

… and is in pain. Yes."


Anonymous said...

"So that you will burn better"

"On October 12, 2007, the Frankfurter Rundschau published a fascinating interview performed by Mark Obert with Jürgen Vietor, which I luckily happened to save, as it is now offline. I translate a few excerpts here. It offers a remarkable bit of insight of the mentality of this rare breed of elite pilots, whom we owe so much."

"Yes, things were coming to a head now. Day five, Mahmud was at the end of his tether. He submitted his last ultimatum. At 15:00 at the latest, the Baader-Meinhof group and the other terrorists were to arrive at Mogadishu or he'd blow us all up.

Our last information was that the federal government wasn't going to give in. So they tied our hands behind our backs with the women's nylons, shoved us into seats and fastened the seatbelts. Even the children's seatbelts were fastened.

Then they uncorked the duty-free spirit... and emptied the bottles on top of us. "So that you will burn better." Ah well... In the end, they applied plastic explosives everywhere.

I had been in the military and saw at once that it looked like the real thing. And the detonators were definitely genuine: brass sheathing. When I looked at the clock it was ten to three."

Anonymous said...

Knowing what we do today, about Utøya, and "Arab Springs", this above link about the PLO hijacking terrorists, is really interesting

Anonymous said...

PLO, Somalia, Norway, Carlos, Dr in Arab literature, and much more

"Sayeh wurde von den Somalis zu 20 Jahren Gefängnis verurteilt. Aber schon ein Jahr später kam sie unter rätselhaften Umständen wieder frei. “Eines Nachts” hätten Soldaten sie aus der Zelle geholt, berichtete sie jetzt in Norwegen; ein Unbekannter habe sie dann in ein Frachtflugzeug nach Bagdad gesetzt.

Auf Vermittlung der PFLP kann sie wenig später nach Prag reisen, um dort die zerschossenen Beine operieren zu lassen – ein denkwürdiger Aufenthalt. In der tschechischen Metropole lernt sie einen europäisch aussehenden Mann kennen, der sie häufig mit Blumen im Krankenhaus besucht und sich Salem nennt. Souhaila Sayeh erfährt, daß der Mann Carlos heißt.
Zwischen den Vernehmern und der Palästinenserin entwickelte sich zu dieser Episode ein denkwürdiger Dialog: {Sayeh: Carlos sprach mit meiner Mutter darüber, daß er mich heiraten wolle . . . Aber heiraten wollte ich ihn nicht. = Frage: Wenn es um Carlos geht, ist das der berühmte Terrorist? Sayeh: Ja, deshalb erzähle ich das ja . . . Er wirkte sehr menschlich auf mich . . . Mama mochte Carlos nicht, sie nannte ihn “Bastard”}.

Geheiratet hat sie später einen anderen, den Palästinenser Abu Matar. Über ihren Ehemann sagt Sayeh, der sei “Schriftsteller” und “Professor für arabische Literatur”. Matar pflegte mehr als gute Beziehungen zur PFLP, scheint über Details des arabischen Terrorismus bestens informiert zu sein. Ein Geheimnis der “Landshut-Entführung” hat Souhaila Sayeh wohl gelöst. Doch ein anderes Rätsel bleibt: Welche Rolle spielten die Geheimdienste? Sicher scheint: Mogadischu, Lockerbie, Nairobi – sowohl bei der Vorbereitung der Attentate als auch bei deren Aufklärung haben die unterschiedlichsten Spionage-Vereine ihre Finger mit im Spiel gehabt. Das Geständnis von Souhaila Sayeh deckt sich in vielen (Mit dem damaligen Bonner) – (Staatsminister Hans-Jürgen Wischnewski) – ((M., hinten)) Punkten mit Erkenntnissen, die Abwehrspezialisten der ehemaligen DDR-Staatssicherheit über die Hintergründe der “Landshut-Entführung” gesammelt hatten."

Putting things into perspective

- A whole lot to look into here, which may explain a lot of what we are experiencing today

Anonymous said...

Swedish Gabriella phones home
- Mamma, I'm alive and well..

Then the conversation is cut off, according to the papers. Her mobile phone has been located in Egypt, where she had gone on vacation alone, and had been expected home several days ago.

Anonymous said...

I'm watching this page and straight to the police if anyone posts anything praising Breivik
Muslims get arrested all the time for praising terrorists you bunch of blind gimps

The comment above:
Because they know that so many people admire or sympathise with Breivik either wholly or partially

Is sailing close to the wind

Your views died with Hitler, give it up

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

You have to admire Breivik's dress sense. Those red jumpers, so classy! I must get one.

Anonymous said...

Adding to the above PLO elements, Oslo agreement, Nobel Peace Prize to Yassir Arafat in 1994.

Anonymous said...

The crocodile message plus the blood red color, is very subtle.

What else...several persons are willing to play chess with him.

Anonymous said...

"Both Arafat and Breivik believed that they were fighting for their country"


Breivik for a people, and for civilization and free people.
Arafat for a totalitarian ideology, and for world supremacy and "peace for all" in the ummah, or caliphate.

Anonymous said...

"I'm watching this page and straight to the police if anyone posts anything praising Breivik"

Hello totalitarian lovers.

I believe that Breivik will be hailed by a vast majority of non-muslims as a hero that bravely struck at the root of the problem.

So, I praise Breivik.

Not that I would do the same thing, mind you. But because in the future these sorts of actions must happen again and again for non-muslim societies to survive.

I will make this prediction as well. When muslims in Europe become violently militant agitating for islamic rule and the ruling class instructs the police and army to protect the muslims from the obviously pissed off non-muslims, expect to see wide spread attacks against the non-muslim collaborators.

*note, I am only making a prediction, I have no knowledge or plans.. I'm just saying what I think will happen in 21 years.


Anonymous said...

Gabriella in Egypt

- I fell in love with a boy, and the country! It just said 'click'. Now we are together, and I'm moving here for the next year.

Family in Sweden still worried(...)

daithikent said...

I've always assumed that the Police & others are watching anyway. Big Brother et al. I'm sure we are known! And I do admire the beard, is it 'homage' to our Christian faith and to Holy scriptures I wonder?

Anonymous said...

"I'm watching this page and straight to the police if anyone posts anything praising Breivik
Muslims get arrested all the time for praising terrorists you bunch of blind gimps" Well you just go right ahead & do that --I'm in the U.S. & our freedom of speech hasn't been taken away like in the U.K.. Breivik simply came to the conclusion that more & more ppl. are arriving at --that the far Left are intent on destroying Western culture by any means possible. Desperate men do desperate things. As the economic situation continues to erode I fear that this kind of thing will happen more often. Far Left policies are exactly what caused the backlash that gave rise to Hitler.

Anonymous said...

Tell that to the millions of Muslims who idolize Hitler.

Your views died with Che Guevara, Skippy.

You can go to the police all you want, and each of you can then kiss my ass. I live in a country that still has free speech.

Anonymous said...

I almost forgot: Heil Breivik! :-)

Anonymous said...

No, Arafat was a nationalist. That was his whole point.

Anonymous said...

Come and get me, yah dirty thought-coppers!

Ooh, I'm sooooo terrified.

NOT. Hahahahahahaha

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