Sunday, 23 September 2012

Police fired tear gas at a thousand angry Pakis to stop them reaching the American embassy while protesting against the film Innocence of Muslims.

Hundreds of Muslim protesters staged a rally in central Athens on Sunday to protest against a film made in California which mocks Islam's Prophet Mohammad, the first such demonstration in Greece.

The protesters chanted «All we have is Mohammad» and held banners reading «We demand an immediate punishment for those who tried to mock our Prophet Mohammad» as they prepared to march to the US Embassy.

There were brief moments of tension when some demonstrators hurled bottles at police, who responded with teargas.

Police shut down the Megaron metro station and were considering blocking the march, which began in Omonia Square, before it reached the heavily guarded embassy to prevent possible violence, police officials said. Greece is home to hundreds of thousands of Muslims.
Source: Ekathimerini

Two Pakis were stabbed close to the event.

Two Pakistani immigrants were in hospital late Saturday after being stabbed on the margins of an anti-racism rally on the outskirts of Athens, police said.

One of them was said to be in a serious condition.

The attack, in the western suburb of Metamorfossi, came after the end of the demonstration, in which about 300 people were protesting racist violence.

A motorbike and a car stopped in front of the men and a group of people got out and attacked them with knives. A third Pakistani immigrant with them at the time escaped unhurt, said police.

This is what the SE time calls a peaceful protest: Film protests are peaceful in Serbia, Greece, Turkey


Anne said...

Should do wonders to improve their popularity in Greece.

Although the Greeks are kind of paranoid. Would Golden Dawn approve of them attacking the US Embassy? That's the trouble with unthinking thuggish types. We need intelligent people in the movement against Islam.

1389AD said...

Lesson from Australia: Stand up to Muslims and they back down

Anonymous said...

I feel hopeless thinking how bad Greece has become. In the 90's we only knew about Muslims from tv. It was very peaceful then and people didn't even lock their doors. Now forget about it. Now there are 2.000.000 Muslims everywhere in Greece and Athens looks like an third world islamist colony. As a child in the early 90's, I would never had thought that my country would end up so f*cked up. Is there any hope left? I don't think so. It's over for the white people and the west. I visited Australia last month and became disappointed about how many Muslims, Africans and other third worlders they have imported there. Of course things aren't as bad as greece, but now there are many suburbs in Australian cities that are definitely part of third world with high crime rates.(don't) Visit dandenong in Melbourne or lakemba in Sydney.

Anonymous said...

Should have used flame throwers

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

God going the west will progress with immigration from muslim countries. Big business raping , looting,suicide bombing and corruption. Keep up and fullfil your dreams of a better future. Muslims are the best people on the plannet.

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