Monday, 24 September 2012

This is new.
By Katerina Nikolas

As Islamists rioted on the streets of Athens on Sunday afternoon in protest against the film "Innocence of Muslims", Muslim prisoners in Korydallos Prison, Athens, went on the rampage.

Muslim prison inmates in Korydallos Prison showed solidarity with their fellow Islamists rioting on the streets of Athens, by staging their own prison riot.

To Vima reported the riot broke out on the wings which held mainly foreign prisoners during Sunday afternoon: by the evening the situation was uncontrollable.

According to Proto Thema Muslim prisoners burned improvised American flags, set fire to mattresses and clothes, and threw stones. Prison officials had to seek assistance from riot police using teargas to bring the riot under control.

Riot police also had to resort to teargas to control rioting Muslims in central Athens that vandalized shops and cars as they rampaged in protest over perceived insults against the Prophet Mohammed. Rioters were prevented from storming the U.S. Embassy due to the diligence of the Greek police.
Source: Digital Journal

Meanwhile, following the street riots, it seems even other Muslims are trying to distance themselves from Pakis.


Anonymous said...

90% of Muslims in Greece are pakis and Bangladeshis

Anonymous said...

Islam is done for. What we are witnessing are the dying throes of an ideology that is unfit for the 21st century. Far from empowering Islam. 9/11 has been a total disaster for it.

We must not be disheartened by the current riots, but continue to take the "light of freedom, democracy, and equality for men and women" to Islamic lands. This is a noble cause, and even if we fail entirely, we cannot be blamed for not trying.


Anonymous said...

Films on Muhammad would be the Last Nail on the Coffin of Islam

Islam survives only by maintaining a noble and sacred aura surrounding Muhammad's person and character, which Muslims do via unbridled lying and deception to hide the truths of Muhammad's life and even by terror. When the sacred aura is dismantled through true depiction of Muhammad life in movies, Islam implodes with it... And the countdown to that has started....




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