Tuesday, 18 September 2012
In 2011 the Basel city police were called out to a case of domestic violence every day. In 310 cases the police officers determined that offences had taken place. The majority of the victims were women who had been threatened, forced, choked or beaten by their husbands or partners.

For the first time the police are expressing themselves on a system problem in the domestic violence sphere: of the 310 registered cases 63 of the perpetrators were foreigners. And even among the victims, 56 per cent were of foreign background. The number of foreigners in the Basel resident population is 32 per cent. Peter Gill, spokesman for the Basel city prosecutor's office, mentions one decisive reason: "In these cultures, violence within the family is seen differently."

The topic of domestic violence has a high priority with the police and the state prosecutor's office. Since 2007 the police had had to official intervene when they have knowledge of domestic violence, including when a third party has filed the complaint. Especially with women from a foreign background, this is constantly the case. "We note that women who do not come from our culture have a higher threshold for informing the police. This is seen as betrayal by the family or clan," says Peter Gill. "When they do it, they have a long history of suffering behind them, with serious infringements." Often the dominant husbands have not allowed them to integrate into Basel. "For that reason, many of them don't know who to turn to," says Gill.

...Zurich canton published a major study on domestic violence at the beginning of April. It is the most comprehensive, Switzerland-wide work on the topic. 2,800 cases were analysed. The result: here, too, the share of foreigners is disproportionately high at 57 per cent.

The academic and renowned Zurich forensic psychiatrist Frank Urbaniok came in his study to the following conclusions:­

More than half of the perpetrators are married, almost two thirds are fathers.

Muslims and people of no faith are strongly overrepresented.

...More than 70 per cent of the perpetrators already have criminal records.

Source: Berner Zeitung Via: PI

The article also features an interview with the psychiatrist who conducted the study in which he comes up with one of the best descriptions of Islam I've come across: a "delinquency-promoting ideology". (Although he mentions only "other cultures" without referencing Islam specifically, it's obvious what he has in mind.)

Mr Urbaniok, according to your study foreigners are violent towards their partners almost four times as often as Swiss. You speak of a highly-significant statistical connection between foreigners and domestic violence. How do you interpret the result of your study?

It is actually the case that perpetrators with an immigrant background are massively overrpresented in domestic violence, as they are in murder. As to the causes, there are various possible explanations and different opinions. But I consider one factor to be decisive: cultural background. In certain cultures there is a different conception of family roles. Here it is often seen as legitimate when the man completely dominates the woman. When that is the basis for the crime of violence, we call it a delinquency-promoting ideology.

Could you be more specific about which cultures the violent men come from?

The study shows that the foreign perpetrators are not from EU countries. The most significantly overrepresented are men from the Balkans, Turkey and Africa.

All countries in which the Muslim faith is represented, if not actually practised by a majority of the people. Does religion play a decisive role in domestic violence?

In our study, we also asked about the religion of the perpetrators. And here it is clear: the groups of those with no faith and Muslims are predominant, the numbers are to be understood in relation to the entire population. However we are cautious in interpreting this finding. On the one hand, those of no faith are an unclear group. It also includes people whose religion we have no information about. On the other hands although the Muslim faith is over-represented, this may simply be due to the dominance of specific countries of origin.


Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Senior radiographer 'repeatedly groped junior hospital colleague's bottom and told her she should be his second wife'


Looks like a Sudanese or Somali Muslim.

It is always a good idea to ascertain what is the condition of the nation that immigrants hail from. A nation is what its people make of it. If the nation is a basket case, with continuous murders and massacres, then that is what immigrants from that nation will do when they arrive here.

Anonymous said...

Unlike us, the Swiss have a system that allows them to make the laws and appropriate penalties, without reference to the normal traitorous politicians.

Its time they used that system before they are outvoted by Muslims.


gusDon said...

Seeing Mohammad cartoons will indeed be appropriate when viewing the contents of the article, but may not be accepted by Islam people. The two sides do not understand each other culture, everything is always confusing.

On the other hand the majority of immigrants coming of Islam is also troublesome country that receives them, there is a clash of cultures.

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