Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I haven't watched any of the Olympics because I couldn't care less about it. So it was only when reading David Starkey's year-on reflections on the riots that I learned Doreen Lawrence had appeared at the opening ceremony of the Olympics and had even carried the Olympic flame. Why was she allowed to do this? As the quote below makes clear, the woman is an anti-British racist and should therefore not be allowed to represent Britain.
I felt Britain didn’t deserve to have his body. They took his life, so they didn’t deserve it.
Source: Mirror

She generalises from the people who killed her son to the entire British population. This is outrageous and intolerable racism.

Recall that Doreen Lawrence was primarily responsible for her son's death. Even the friend who was with him admitted that. Because she was in the habit of imposing a curfew on her children, her son would have been locked out all night if he hadn't been home by a certain time. That's why he and his friend were taking a shortcut through an area they knew to be dangerous. The woman is haunted by guilt about the fact that she effectively killed her own son. She tries to expiate that guilt by projecting it on to the British people. And the deranged multicult establishment is happy to recruit her to its cause.

Although Starkey makes some good points in his article, he caves in to political correctness and turns ridiculous at the end by suggesting that Doreen Lawrence lead a campaign to reform "black culture".
Only one person is of the necessary stature: Doreen Lawrence. Imagine if she turned her passion, energy, political skills, organisational drive and burning sense of moral righteousness into tackling head-on the destructive swamp of black street culture. She has already appeared, clothed in white, in the Olympic pantheon of greats; if she took on this task she would become great indeed.
Source: Telegraph

Sure, Starkey. But I'm sure you can get back on the BBC now.


alas said...

Why can't Starkey and the others like him just come out and say they don't want to become a minority in their own countries rather than talk nonsense about the culture and the dialects people speak in. Spit it out man we all know what you mean and mostly agree with you as well. Can we get ONE brave, public, intellectual figure, please.

Maria José said...

Cheradenine, ¿has visto estas noticias sobre los inmigrantes ilegales en España?

El PP (GOBIERNO DE ESPAÑA) afirma que España debe dejar de ser un país "paraíso" de la inmigración ilegal

A juicio de Hernando, los 'sin papeles' deben volver a sus países.


IU (COMUNISTAS) ve un "escándalo" limitar la Sanidad a inmigrantes sin papeles y califica al Gobierno de "racista y prepotente"


PSOE (SOCIALISTAS) "absolutamente en contra" de cobrar a los inmigrantes ilegales por la sanidad


Anonymous said...

Maria José y Cheradenine

I think it is wonderful that MJ is writing this in Spanish, even though not all readers are reading Spanish. This makes it easier for MJ to contribute, and it opens up for other Spanish-speaking readers to visit and follow your blog, CZ.

Regarding those "sin papeles" without papers, it is the same all over Europe. They are being used as a tool to put pressure on each single European government at the cost of the peoples respectively.

Anything to weaken the European economy.

Anonymous said...

well because the tribal games are run by satanist leftist moonbats, thats why.

Anonymous said...

just a minor common sense. she is black. therefore she got black education which is not applicable to enlighting this civilized world ( ex. africa full of minor? violence)and she's trying to pull the world in to the pit of chaos and havoc, or total darkness. hope she was born white. - jew 4:12

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

@Maria José Yes, I linked to a story about it in the Iostream.

daithikent said...

She needs to retire from public life. And yes, she projects her anger still at the country that isn't good enough for her son to buried in. And 'Macpherson' has done a lot of harm to Policing, it has empowered the criminal while leaving the Police weaker

Anonymous said...

She's anti-British> That means she's an enemy in that country. Why the British would allow an ENEMY to have this honor tells me that Britain no longer has any backbone left to defend it'self. In 10 years, the English will be massacred by the enemies they let infiltrate thier own country. The koran states that infidels are anyone be it baby or old folks, if you are not islamist, you will be killed and murdered. That is thier goal.

John Bonham said...

You Brits have it worse than us Americans when it comes to libtards and their negro loving behavior.. Some of you should stand up to this.. They are treated better than you all day long and it's sad.

Anonymous said...

Afraid I have to agree with you John,Over the years and I go back a long way..I have seen the brits brain washed by the media,the education system and that word racism,to the extent that you feel as though you do not belong anymore..If you feel as though you do not belong.You dont care,so things get worse..I have to say with respect that you guys ain't seen nothing yet..It seems that your president is learning from our traitor Tony Blair and his hench men..All that we hold dear,and that sense of belonging to our homeland has gone in favour of some of the vilest ethnics from some of the worlds worse shyte holes who arrive here with their begging bowls.Guys if its not happening in the states right now.It saddens me to say it will..

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