Tuesday, 21 August 2012
The First Minister Carwyn said:

"Eid al-Fitr, known as the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast, marks the start of a three-day feast and is a time of celebration for Muslims.

"We can all be proud that Wales is a nation with a strong record of embracing different cultures and communities where we live in peace together.

"I would like to send my warmest wishes to Muslims in Wales and across the world who will be coming together to mark the end of a month of fasting and prayer.

"I would like to wish all who are celebrating, 'Eid Mubarak'."


Anonymous said...

Saudi Arabia finances radical Islamic schools in Belgium.


Phill said...

Eid al-Fitr,is a festival celebrating the attempted human sacrifice by Abraham of his son. In homour of this, muslims sacrifice animals.

So, when the Welsh minister is paying respects to the Islamic tradition of Eid, he is condoning the inhumane butchery of millions of animals, killed without stunning, they just have thier throats slit.

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