Sunday, 12 August 2012
Critics such as the blogger Sofiane Chourabi now detected a creeping islamisation in Tunesia. Reports of harassment and insults of lightly clad tourists are increasing. The Tunisian Mohammed O. goes even further. He says to Die Welt: "About 10,000 Salafists have infiltrated Tunisia like a mafia organisation. Half of them come from Tunisian jails, the other half from abroad, mainly the USA and Europe. You can recognise them easily from their 20 cm-long beards. And what they want is not our Islam. It's a catastrophe."

They would always come in groups, had lots of money and weapons. Judges and policemen would be threatened. Ennahda is promoting this terror, so it can present itself as a milder alternative. It is a "wolf in sheep's clothing".
Source: Die Welt Via: PI


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