Wednesday, 1 August 2012


daithikent said...

f.uckin excellent. I really do like the support given by GD to those Greeks who have lost so much and their empowerment of Greek youth. Red, black & empathy, well impressive

Anonymous said...

Golden Dawn really is popular with the youth, sort of 14-19, in a few years, barring some completely idiotic miscalculation on their part, they should gain more and more power in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Greece is a land of tax dodgers, and lazy people, greek is heading to bankrupty and total destruction due to its own peoples fault not others, golden dawn are just a gang of holocaust denier, neo nazis, who look more like turks than ancient Greeks.

Anonymous said...

Answer to 3 August 2012 14:21 comment:

You are obviously turkish or leftie or something, aren't you? You know nothing about Greece. The average Greek works 44 hours every week and the average German 41. You call it laziness? And something else, a Greek patriot can never be neo-nazi, ok?

benstein said...

"who look more like turks than ancient Greeks."

is true!

Anne said...

Anon 1 Aug 22:47 is wrong. The Greeks are victims of corrupt rulers, who have lined the pockets of their friends. If you are not a friend, you must work like anywhere else. Are they Holocaust deniers? That would be a pity, it would be better to have someone like Geert Wilders, but apparently a Greek version of him does not exist. In the meantime people are in desperate shape, unemployment very high, nearly 10% immigrants, many illegal, most Muslim. I can see why this party would have appeal. They need to fence that border. The EU should help with that, but of course they don't.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Not sure if they are holocaust deniers or how they feel about Jews. I saw one of them scoffing at that description of them in the mainstream media so maybe not. But it's hard to be sure. The problem is mainstream English-language reporting of Golden Dawn can't be trusted so unless you speak Greek, there's no way to tell.

Anonymous said...

What did the ancient Greeks look like you morons? You uneducated fools calling them Turks. Real Turks have slanted eyes you idiots. Many of today's Turks resemble Greeks. Greeks were always a Mediterranean people so therefore always had olive color skin. Educate yourselves you stupid Jew Benstein before you insult Greeks.

Anonymous said...

Not all Greeks are White Europeans, only the European descended Greeks are white.

Modern-day Greeks are not the same people as the Ancient Greeks, by any means. They have heavy non-white Middle Eastern admixture from the influx of Pontian refugees in addition to being mixed with other assorted groups.

The bulk of Modern-day greeks are amalgam of Greek Orthodox Christians of various ethnicities. Even the founders of the Greek Independence movement were by and large Albanian Orthodox Christians (Albanians, of course have heavy e3b and j2 middle eastern admixture, and hence are not true white people, perhaps borderline white at best). So, basically the bulk of modern-day Greeks are a mixture of Albanian Orthodox Christians, Pontian Middle Eastern Anatolians, Vlachs, Macedonians, Slavs and the native European Greeks. The Macedonians tend to lack the Middle Eastern element found in the modern-day Greek population and hence are overall more European-looking. The proof is in the DNA. Greeks are genetically closer to Turkish people than to any European ethnic group including Bulgarians and Macedonians and Southern Slavs like Croats, Bosniaks and Serbians.

Pontians are not white people. They are Middle Easterners who happen to be genetically related to Northern Semitics. Anatolia was not originally European as the Anatolians as a collective originally spoke their own respective languages and maintained their own respective cultures. By race and DNA, they were mainly a mixture of various Middle Eastern groups albeit with some Indo-European input. The Anatolian people were known to include the Phrygians, Lydians, Galatians, etc. After Alexander's conquest citizens of Anatolian territory were forced to speak Greek. Many later on spoke Latin as well during Roman rule and were partially Romanized.

In reality, the 'Anatolians' are neither Turks nor Greeks. They are just a craven race of Middle Easterners who simply claim the respective nationalities of their conquerors, whoever they may be.

Hence you see Pontians (Hellenized Fake Greek Anatolian Middle Easterners) and Turkish(Turkified fake Turk Anatolian Middle Easterners) more closely resemble each other than actual Asiatic Turco-Mongols or WHITE Europeans.

Cypriots are just Hellenized Middle Eastern eteocypriots, and hence they tend to resemble Arab Lebanese/Palestinians. They are absolutely not white.

White is not simply a complexion it is also a genetic component (the specific European subclades of R1a and R1b) and a particular phenotype.

Real White Mediterraneans simply resemble dark Nords like Spanairds. They have dark complexions just like Southern Italians and Greeks do, however their features(straight and pointy European noses instead of hooked Middle Eastern style noses, Sharp eyebrows instead of the Middle Eastern type, etc.) far more closely resemble Europeans than the later groups. A lot of Dark British/Irish people resemble Spaniards for a reason. So, Spaniards are white. In the same fashion many Darker Germanics resemble Southern French/Northern Italians/Romans and hence the later groups are also white. There are Arabs with lighter hair/eye colors as well, but they have distinct facial features from Europeans. They look more like Mestizos.

Granted a minority of Portuguese/Spaniards also have non-white middle eastern admixture, it is proportionally much less relative to Southern Italians and Greeks. During the Roman Empire, the Romans mixed with their subjects both directly in their colonies and in their homeland. The Romans imported slaves from the Levantine region and Egypt, many of whom were eventually emancipated and thus mixed with the local population. Tacitus was warning against this type of racial mixing. The North of Italy on the other hand received much more limited immigration as it was a more unstable region that was routinely sacked by the Germanics. So, ironically the Germanic 'barbarians' actually indirectly preserved the racial integrity of the White Northern Italians.

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