Wednesday, 15 August 2012

This is excellent and powerfully evocative. I would like to see this taken up across Europe. The iconography makes a strong visual impression and the masks offer some protection against state persecution.

Note the hysterical bias of the CNN report. What harm are they doing? Walking through some streets expressing the view that there is such a thing as the German people (as distinct from the citizenry of the Federal Republic of Germany) and that it has the right to life. How is that a threat to anyone? But the moral totalitarianism of the multicultists is such that they find the mere expression of alternative ideas intolerable.

See Daily Mail report here.

The website of the Immortals is here.

I translated this from it:

THE IMMORTALS are young Germans, who assemble in public places countrywide to draw attention to the shameful work of the democrats.

All the scandalous, laughable, painful and senseless acts of the democrats that we experience and feel each day have one thing in common: in their totality they lead to the death of the German people. 

The statistics alone prove it. For example, German women have 1.3 children on average. As a child is created by a man and a woman, two Germans leave behind 1.3 Germans on average - which means that our people is reduced by around one third in every generation. 

That may be, if you go only by ID papers. We are not however "unchanged", as these "Germans" include more than 16 million people with at least one parent belonging to a foreign people. 


entmister said...

Well, what they are doing is already enough to trigger massive police operations in germany. Their demonstrations were not officially permitted and it is forbidden to cover up your face as a demonstrator. Okay, leftwing extremist regularly also do this "crime" and nothing happens, but when it comes to nationalist the police acts very different. Last year they arrested several of the demonstrators in order to get their names. This summer a federal prosecutor ordered the police to raid the homes of these people, just because they had demonstrated illegally. The police seized computers and "weapons" like the white masks and baseball bats.

Anonymous said...

Madonna in Oslo
- Pointing with a "machine gun" at the public

Despite efforts from friends and relatives of the 22 July-victims, Madonna used copies of AK47s on stage in Oslo Wednesday night.

Anonymous said...

Pure fascism, nothing else. Seen that before, some 80 years ago.
Never forget.

alas said...

wow there's a lot of them! Very heartening to see that not only do so many people agree with our cause but also that they are willing to take to the streets with all the negative effects this brings. I think it is safe to say for every one person you see here, there are dozens who would similarly attend if they had the chance.

Anonymous said...

Didn't some German traitor say it would be better to mix the Germans with foreigners in order to breed out the inherent German violence (in his words)?

I think that's monstrous, especially considering all Germany has given to the world

Vince said...

Firstly I think this group is based on the immortals from the film 300. They had masks too. I don't think it's based on the fact that in the film they were Persian, but obviously one they were legendary (deemed immortal) and two the covering of Ones face.

I have always maintained that the mainstream could sort things out if they tried. Unfortunately judging by the uk edl, Greece golden Dawn, Germany immortals, and the growing groups of similar nature in other countries, means people are fed up of the mainstream and are taking to the streets. I'm not saying all of the above are ideologically homogenous, but all have taken that step to hit in the streets.

I fear we will sleep walk into a Bosnia/ Lebanon style conflict in the future. Although it's a real shame and could have been avoided, in retrospect humanity has been warring with itself since the Dawn of time, whether it be on ideology, wealth land or just dominance.

When I look at how crap my life is at times, the economic prison I've found myself in lack of financial independence as an low paid graduate, and the fact that I've been blessed with a number of health problems, i tend to reflect on philosophy and life.

Perhaps at this stage we should not try to avoid what is ultimately the inevitable in one of the many flaws in human nature. Perhaps the best thing is to accept it, realise what we don't stand for even If we aren't too sure of what we do stand for. Maybe it's time to let go of the fear we hold, the fear that the relatively peaceful existence we have known Since post ww2 inevitably has to come to an end eventually.

Now I'm not saying go out and arm yourselves with clubs and bats, as no doubt most of us will be dead before it happens. But as we learned from Neville chamberlain, the fear of conflict and the pacification of bigots (from whoever it may be) will only lead to further bloodshed.

We are doomed to repeat our mistakes, or perhaps we just cannot escape our nature???

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Every attempt to build a modern day Babel, has ended in catastrophe.

daithikent said...

very impressive, there is something pretty amazing about the 'flame'. We have flame's from Jerusalem, a flame that unites people. Maybe when England is free again a holy flame will will confirm all that is good. Those masks I feel also compliment the fact that the majority culture is caucasian, is here and is one and will not be oppressed by traitors

Anonymous said...

Anytime change happens too quickly by outsiders, the locals feel culturally invaded. The unchecked growth of third world countries is fueling the fire. Why are Muslims migrating to Europe and Western nations they so despise? Is it to assimilate or to economically prosper and expand Islam? Why aren't immigrants from Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq moving to Middle Eastern countries? Because many Muslim countries are repressive dictatorships. Europeans and North Americans have a right to preserve their culture and hard earned freedoms. Cultural invasion needs to be examine and explored on a deeper level. Overpopulation will continue to encourage illegal migration and cultural clashes.

Danny B said...

I think it's excellent the right wing is mobilising in this fashion Unlike the left wing smashing up shops causing millions of pound in damage
Absolutely sick and tired of these left wing lies,the population had no say to immigration it was forced upon us so much so that there are ghettos in cities and towns
I have lived in these areas in the UK and they are ses pits there is no respect for our cultural values so much so some area can't put up Christmas trees absolulty obserd
Why should we have to subsidise these foreign people that are entering our countries in mass i'll tell you why a liberal left wing government who puts minorities 1st instead of there own people
The word racism has robbed countries of national pride and nationalism
Why do we have to be on the left surely that's fascism isn't it
Any demonstration by the right to be quashed by left wing groups and governments but yet they preach in the freedom of speech fucking Hippocrates it's our right as nationalists to make our voice heard its our country and our people
3rd world people create 3rd world problems do people honestly believe on the left wing that these immigrants will not bring there distorted values to our country and their problems
Enough is enough why should we accept the left wing way of life!! It's crumbled borders!! Stripped nations and peoples of their identity!!! It's the modern USSR

ChazzTheSpazz said...

Unfortunately, any show of national pride or awareness is labeled as 'neo-nazism'... just look up anything from Western news about Immortals - they're called Neo-Nazi's to immediately reference a negative image to the viewers and discount the movement so it will not gain popularity. I agree with Danny B... Leftists will ruin Germany and the rest of Europe... same way America is falling apart because of 'multi kulti'. People will not stand up the native citizens of Deutschland or other nations against foreigners for fear of being labeled as racists by the world community - in Deutschland, we always have to be afraid of being seen as Nazi' many years and all that Germany has done to make up for crimes committed, and no one will let them live it down, or let us show any national pride outside of the confines of a footbal match.

ChazzTheSpazz said...

Unfortunately any national movement in Germany will automatically be labeled as 'neo-nazi's'... just look at any western media outlet... to them, Germany doesn't have the right to have national pride or awareness - they're still guilty for the sins of decades ago. they don't call themselves nazis - no one is talking about killing and resurrecting death camps - come on...use your common sense, all they are doing is walking in the street. by calling movements like the immortals 'neo-nazis', they are automatically discredited and cannot gain followers. Sadly, majority of world populations will follow what is mainstream, because everyone is too afraid of being called racists in the world community. This isn't an issue of racism in my opinion - it's about the degradation of multiple nations due to multi kulti - a hypertolerance for muslims and arabs will be the end of Germany and Europe - thousands of years of history, culture, people - handed to foreigners, by the Democratic liberals, to be trashed.

S Sas said...

Any national movement anywhere is automatically labeled as 'neo-nazi'. Anything that does not go with the established agenda is automatically labeled in negative terms.

S Sas said...

I dare to say that this may be the origen on the use of the word immortal.
From the book: To Die for Germany: Heroes in the Nazi Pantheon by Jay Baird he speaks of keeping the Schlagather legend alive:
At a Hitler Youth rally at the Dusseldorf National Memorial on Schlagater Day 1934, Baldur von Schirach said: As you look at this grand monument, remember that today the cross of Schlageter towers not only over us, but it cast its shadow over all of Germany and this symbol of strength, of spirit, of dedication and sacrifice received its heroic incarnation in Schlageter. He went to his death answering only the call to duty. Here on this spot the dark earth drank his red blood and he was struck down with that cry on his lips which is our call to destiny today: “Oh, you my Germany! Schlageter had joined the Immortals.

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