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Deprivation of livelihood for those who "think wrongly" is one of the standard techniques leftists use to exercise their control of the public sphere. Despite being a prize-winner author himself, and the editor of several others, Richard Millet now feels Establishment wrath for his homage to Anders Breivik.
...within the company, the dismay is palpable. You can feel it in Jean-Marie Laclavetine, also a writer and editor. "I experience a feeling of desolation, sadness, but not anger. It's not the first time that he publishes unacceptable things. He has written magnificent texts, he is sensitive and profound when he speaks of music or literature, but he becomes stupid when he speaks of politics. I have the impression he is not himself." ...He doesn't envisage going to demand his colleague's head from Antoine Gallimard, who remains responsible for the decision.

...The same consternation among some Gallimard authors. Tahar Ben Jelloun, for example, thinks that Richard Millet "is losing his head". For the Moroccan writer, it is for Millet's employer to judge the situation, but it is clear that this "Homage" "risks posing a problem in the reading committee". Like Jean-Marie Laclavetine, he says he is "chagrined" by this "strange and very troubling tendency".

Annie Ernaux is even more emphatic. Her view is that this text on Breivik represents "a politically dangerous act" and that its publication calls into question Richard Millet's presence on the reading committee. "His ideology, the positions he has adopted implicate the company", says the writer, before adding: "The question of a collective reaction is now posed for all Gallimard writers."
Source: Le Monde

According to the Le Monde article, earlier in the year "faithful to his past undertakings among Lebanese Falangists" Millet also published a pamphlet (Printemps syrien) [Syrian Spring] vigorously supporting the Assad regime in Syria.


daithikent said...

It's a common pattern, attack and deprive those who challenge that which strangles free speech and difference. Smash this control, smash the state, may it be annihilated in the next decade. The hypocrisy of these dogs is shocking, how long ago was it that THEY supported the lawful Gov of Syria? Freedom to Syria, to difference and Glory to Holy Christian Europe

Anonymous said...

'Deprivation of livelihood for those who think wrongly' is a very unfortunate statement, and it signals the limitations of your worldview.
Breivik's acts were utterly repugnant, disgusting. Unless you seek a right wing type revolution in accordance with his aims, any decent human being would not separate out his actions and ideas.
Or is this blog just a fig leaf for ultra right wing ideology?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

So, in short, you think people should be deprived of their livelihood when they express unapproved thoughts even though their thoughts have nothing to do with their job function and they are performing their job function well?

I agree with most of what I read in Breivik's manifesto. I want the European Genocide, and the islamisation of Europe, to be made to stop by whatever means. I'd prefer to see it done through Counterjihad parties taking power at the ballot box. But if they make that impossible by criminalising free speech and banning political parties, it will have to be done in some other way.

I don't see any fig leaf here.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..


Take heed.

Islamistation of Europe would be far far worse then if the Nazis had won.

The Nazis would eventually have died out, and Western principles re-asserted themselves. But once Islam takes over, there is no come back. Its a Dark age worse then anything. No music, no literature, no art, no freedom, nothing but Islam and the koran. Nazis would not have stopped music, or literature, or science or art. As Churchill and others have written -Islam and the Nazis have much in common. However, Nazism was not a religion. It is not passed down by birth, and therefore is limited in time and space. I can think of only two countries that have recovered from Islamic colonisation - Spain and India.

If free debate on the Islamisation of Europe is not allowed, then the consequence is either the death of Europe, or a civil war. This civil war will be far worse then Bosnia, with millions dead, and the rest, uprooted and ethnically cleansed. In the bitter hatreds sown in a civil war, the victor will either drive out the defeated, or force the defeated to dhimmitude. The other possibility is partition of Europe. This is generally the outcome after a civil war in which Muslims are involved..

Note, that there was no one talking of the barbarity of Islam, as long as Muslims were in Islamic countries. We respected Islam and Muslims. We had Muslim friends in Islamic countries, and we even visited Islamic countries to enjoy their very different culture. If we had any misgivings on Islam, goo manners dictated that kept it to ourselves.

But massive immigration of Muslims to the West, has changed all that. Once good neighbours, are now enemies to the death, not just here, but all over the world. There is now open derision and contempt for Islamic culture, and not just in blogs but in respected print media. Muslims, once respectful of Western culture, are now openly hostile to it, as they naturally revert to their own side. Has this been good for peace on the planet?

The best thing that can happen now is a free and unfettered debate, and to explain, that for the sake of peace on the planet, it is best that cultures hostile to each other, live apart in their own space, and be good neighbours.

I want peace, but not at the cost of dhimmitude and slavery.

Anonymous said...

It can hardly be said any clearer than this, DP111, and what you just said could be used as a blueprint any time to be handed out to all those who still haven't a clue of what all the fuss is about.

In a way it is like 2 + 2. Before you know the answer, you cannot imagine what it is. Once you know, you don't have to consider it. You just know.

Once you have understood the maths of islam, you no longer wonder. You just know.

I'm willing to give them one point, though. It's zero. Nill. But the mathematic symbol was still invented by the Indians!

Anonymous said...


Thanks anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Norwegian uniform
hijab is being allowed

After no public discussion, whatsoever, we get to know today that someone has permitted hijab to be worn with the military uniform

From discussions, you can see that the Norwegians are feel insulted with this provocation and are severely protesting against the insanity of it.

One comment, from a muslim who is opposed to the hijab with the uniform expresses, however, her true identity, arguing

"I do agree with you. Myself, I was born in Norway and am a muslim, but this has nothing to do with hijab, etc.. The military or the police cannot accept this!!! It is not right! Even in
Turkey, where I am from..."<...>

Anonymous said...

One year for inciting to murder Norwegians
Mullah Krekar aka Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad

Anonymous said...

Two paki gangs in Oslo have sealed a secret peace treaty with a "
prayer" while as for a third gang the hunt is still up

Several of the individuals now have children at kindergarten age, constantly fearing for revenge, so now they thought it was about time to go for peace, which was sealed with a muslim prayer last Friday, according to Dagbladet.

Anonymous said...

Hey... some of these gang members very likely have met Breivik over the years, at the time he was tagging with them, or during school.

So, what to think about this peace treaty?

In 2003, Breivik says he was trained by Shahid Rasool, leader of one or two of the gangs in question, about the peace treaty, at Muai Thai, thai boxing, which is illegal in Norway, so they had to go abroad for the practise.


A now minister, Inga Marte Thorkildsen, had a step-brother who was killed by a paki at a Copenhagen bar in 2008. He had a glass of beer thrown at him, which killed him. This brother was very non-violent, and the sister continues his non-violent fight after his death.

As there are clans arriving all over Europe, it would not be unlikely that this paki would be from the same clan as the gangs in Norway.

This red politician some years ago "proved" that Oslo was safe for young women by riding her bike home at nights, and now has been fronting an association which works against "violence in close relations".

Anonymous said...

Pride, prejudice and consequences

Norwegian who grew up in Africa talks about Europeans in today's Europe

"When pride in one’s own traditional values are continuously suppressed and spurned, the result may be that Europeans feel discriminated against in their own culture. This becomes a “racism against white’s” which in turn creates a growing environment of displeasure with “non-Western foreigners”."

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