Thursday, 9 August 2012

Last year I made a few posts about a book I had read in German that I thought was tremendously important. The book - "Goodbye Mohammed" by Norbert G. Pressburg - cast doubt on the traditional historical account of Islam's origins. This version of history has, in many cases, simply been accepted uncritically by western scholars. Pressburg's reading, based on in-depth academic scholarship which is often only available in German, casts doubts on Mohammed's existence, suggests Islam may have started out as a deviant branch of Christianity that rejected the divinity of Jesus and questions whether major historical events long accepted by both Muslim and non-Muslim scholars alike - such as the battle of Yarmuk in which the Mohammedans supposedly defeated a large Byzantine army - ever took place. The revolutionary upshot of Pressburg's analysis is the conclusion that Islam may have been "invented" in the early 9th century AD, not the 7th century, as the Muslims claim.

The original posts I made about Pressburg's book can be found here, here, here, here and here. Since then, Robert Spencer has published "Did Muhammad Exist?" which explores some of the same ideas and has popularised them within the Counterjihad movement. The new English version of Pressburg's book is called "What the Modern Martyr Should Know: Seventy-Two Grapes and Not a Single Virgin: The New Picture of Islam", available here from Amazon UK and Amazon US. No Kindle version yet, apparently.


Maria José said...

Pakistani Admits Brutal Assault of Teen Girl on Greek Island

Pakistani national arrested for rape of teen on Greek island

Paros suspect remanded in young offenders' prison

Greece: Police vehicle carrying Pakistani man attacked

Anonymous said...

Outdoing Alexander The Great

A biography claims that Muhammed set his mind to outdo Alexander The Great, so he made his goal to conquer the whole world, the caliphate.

With such a goal he was sure to get his 15 minutes of fame.

I think this may explain why it was so crucial to tolerate absolutely no desertion, which is why desertion (apostasy) must be punished by death, which in turn partly could explain that inner struggle for the soldiers.

Did they take opium at the time? Can this explain how they could buy that "72 virgins" motivation?

Seems it is forbidden, probably decided by some "scholars".

("Tattoos are also forbidden as it permanently disfigures the body while causing immense and unnecessary pain during the tattooing process."

- Which brings to mind mutiliting the sex of both girls and boys. What could disfigure the body more than cutting in those fundamental places, besides the immense and unnecessary pain during the cutting process?)

Maria José said...

Radical Islam raises tension in Russia's Tatarstan

There are signs that radical Islam has taken root in Russia's prosperous republic of Tatarstan, east of Moscow, after attacks which left one Muslim leader dead and another severely injured last month.

Russian police have detained seven suspects, officials say. But local security sources told the BBC that more than 100 people had been questioned and according to some Tatar Muslim groups, the number of detainees is as high as 500.

Russian Muslim 'catacomb sect' faces cruelty charges

Four members of a Muslim sect in the Russian region of Tatarstan have been charged with cruelty against children for allegedly keeping them underground.

The sect's elderly leader, Faizrakhman Sattarov, had reportedly wanted to build his own Islamic caliphate beneath the ground.

Prosecutors said some of the children had lived there for more than a decade.

jasmine said...

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