Tuesday, 7 August 2012

On Sunday night around 20 Chechens entered the Houthalen-Helchteren centre for asylum seekers, in the province of Limbourg. They attacked around 100 Afghans.

A general brawl followed, in the course of which several persons were wounded, including employees of the centre, as reported in the Tuesday editions of "Het Belang van Limburg", "Gazet van Antwerpen" and "Het Laatste Nieuws". The incidents occurred around 00:30 am. "It was clearly an organised assault," explained Kenneth Arkesteyn, a manager in the centre.

The local police called for reinforcements from neighbouring police zones.

The attackers managed to flee and it was not possible to arrest any of them. The reasons for the attack remain so far unclear.
Source: DHNet.be H/T: Anonymous


Anonymous said...

Girls beaten by Moroccans for refusing to give them a cigarette. Media admits "immigrant youth" have turned area into no-go area.



Anonymous said...

This is big sham for afghan if they do not take revenge from them and the afghan guys should come up with plan to kill or capture Chechens it would be very nice .

Baloch said...

Belgium must learn something from France where Muslims wear full veil to cover their face completely and UK where Muslims are becoming a majority some areas teasing their neighbors to leave to accommodate more fellow Muslims.
Belgium should deport all Muslim namely from Pakistan,Afghanistan,Chechans and Iran to their respective countries.Otherwise,Belgium free society will be in danger.

Anonymous said...

Europeans just regret later. i wish not so. Europeans must be awaken. jew 4:12 _

Robert said...

Belgium deserves all she gets as does the entire West. There is a penalty for playing host to a societal cancer like Islam. When the West has been buggered enough by Muslims they will turn in an instant and Islam will be expelled from our midst. It will take awhile yet and the Muslims will not fail to sow the wind in the interim that will feed the wrath of the coming whirl wind.

Anonymous said...

To hate someone just because of his/her race, religion or nationality is a pretty rediculous thing and all educated and enlighted humans should condemn these hate mongers.

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