Saturday, 18 August 2012
"This year, as you may have noticed, the Holy Month of Ramadan coincided with the London Olympics.

The feats of Team GB, the smooth running of the Games themselves and the spirit of the British public have been witnessed the world over.

The contributions of Muslims in the United Kingdom to London 2012 were striking, from medal-winning athletes like Mo Farah and Mohammad Sbihi, to the many volunteers and supporters who made the atmosphere so welcoming and friendly.

And, what has made me, personally really proud...

Even more than the medals, or the Olympic Park, or the ceremonies...

Has been the sight of a diverse and tolerant Britain:

Modern Britain, in all its glory, home to every faith, every colour, every background...

Opening its arms to the rest of the world and coming together to make these Games such a success.

That seems to me to have been a very fitting setting for Eid ul-Fitr...

A time when Muslims celebrate unity, community, friendship.

Those are the values liberals hold dearly...

Values we should all do our utmost to defend, at all times.

So I'd like to send all Muslims my very best wishes for the festival...

I hope you enjoy the holiday, and I wish you all a sincere Eid saeed."


Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote

Quote:Has been the sight of a diverse and tolerant Britain

As I said, "Tolerance" is the paradigm in the UK - Tolerance of the Intolerant, will eventually lead to the extinction of the Tolerant.

Anonymous said...

Ramadan 2012 Death Count (day 30) - 3,402

Ramadan 2011 Death Count: 2,042 ( 52.5%)

Ramadan 2010 Death Count: 1,339 ( 6.3%)

Ramadan 2009 Death Count: 1,260

Happy Ramadan.

Thank God its over.

alas said...

Oh yes how proud he must have felt! Soon white people will be extinct. Good job Clegg I hope you feel proud you traitorous liberal bastard.

Anonymous said...

What's Mo Farah's religion got to do with his athletics? Nothing.

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