Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I wrote last year about the formation of Catalunya Omnium, a Muslim political party in Catalonia. Today it was confirmed that it will stand in the next Catalan elections.

Josep Anglada, leader of the Plataforma per Catalunya (PxC), said:
“It is a step further in the islamist strategy of penetration into the institutions and accumulation of political power”, which in his judgement “marks a qualitative leap with regard to their objectives as well as the feeling of power which is spreading among the Muslim invaders”.

“Its entry into the Catalan parliament would be an authentic cataclysm for the convivencia and stability of our country”, warned Anglada, for whom “Ómnium Catalunya is the ethnic party of the invaders”.
Source: Alerta Digital


daithikent said...

Freedom for Catalonia - and I don't just mean Madrid!

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