Monday, 27 August 2012


Anonymous said...

The violence! And the total stupidity. The total lack of civilized behaviour. It speaks for itself.

- Uh..seatbelts? You were just waiting for someone to fall under the car.

Besides, they know that the police will not even try to make any control. What would happen to any French driver who would attempt the same?

southwood said...

Uncivilized. Savage, even.

daithikent said...

The noise, the chaos, they need to be silenced

Anonymous said...

This is happening all over Europe and Scandinavia because of their silly suicidal embrace of political correctness and multiculturalism. Now they are overwhelmed by brutish savages who out-birth the natives 8 to 1. Say goodbye to your freedom. Say hello to dhimmitude, suffering and hell

Anonymous said...

its not the religion, its the people who practice it in totally extreme ways that probably goes against their religious beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Well, yeah, it is the religion--when they are trying to make a show of force. In Muslim countries they celebrate in their own villages, and they do not have the luxury vehicles (lack of welfare I suppose). In Israel they celebrate with unbelievable fireworks displays (and the requisite guns being fired), party and feasting all night. You don't see the stuff in this video~partly for lack of luxury cars, and partly because the police won't tolerate it. What you see in the video is a Show of Force.

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