Sunday, 19 August 2012
HaHa! Got this dhimmi fooled!
The Daily Mail has an article today in which it traces the family history of Mohammed Farah, interviewing his brother in Somalia. Although the Mail doesn't emphasise the fact, presumably because Farah is now supposedly a British hero, it becomes obvious that his family are just another gang of asylum fraudsters.

For Mo and Hassan’s parents the disintegration of their country after 1990 meant harsh and agonising decisions. Hassan recalled: ‘We were small and there was shooting and killing every day near our home. We knew our father was going back to England to try to make a family home for us there, and our mother was taking our brothers back to her home village in the north.

‘Everyone’s family was in turmoil during that time. There were refugee camps outside the city, people living in tents. Others were desperate to get out, and although we were very young we knew it was a time when families were making painful decisions.
‘They sent us, and our older sister Ifrah, to live in Djibouti with our grandmother so that we could have a peaceful childhood. For Mo and me, it was enough that we were staying together.’
Source: Daily Mail

So they could leave Mogadishu and go to the north where it was safe? Why was there any need to claim asylum then? Obviously, there wasn't. It was an economic decision.

Then the fraudster family split up for economic reasons.
The boys’ mother had settled back into her rural home, a tiny village in the remote desert area between Hargeisa town and the Ethiopian border. There, she received news from her husband in England that, as an asylum seeker, he could bring their children over to join him.

But crucially, he told her he could take only three – as many as he could afford to support.

Hassan and Mo were told that only one of them could go with their older brothers Liban and Omar.

‘They found a way to soften it, to make it seem as if it would be all right,’ Hassan says, with no apparent bitterness. ‘My grandmother told us that Mo would be going, getting on a train to Addis Ababa then on a plane to England.

If the lives of children were genuinely threatened in Somalia, what father would take only some of his children but not all to safety? Apart from the fact that the taxpayer provides subsistence for asylum seekers, any father would scrimp and save and find money somehow to save his children from threatening death. But of course there was no threatening death. The Farahs were a gang of fraudsters, pure and simple.


Anonymous said...

farah looks like a monkey or fleshless insect with his big googly eyes, forehead and small jaw.

can't someone photoshop mandibles on him?

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Mohammed Farah came to the UK, then got the state to take care of his family, like 90% of his fellow Somalis, who are all on Benefits. He then got the state to pay for his expensive training. Not content with that, he moved himself and his family to Oregon, as the training facilities were better in the US.

The question I would like answered is, who has funded his training, and his family's expenses in the USA?

Anonymous said...

Well they're almost all like that.

Check this swedish site about fraudsters (use some translate service and you will get the most of it) it's seriously weak ass lies these third worlders bring.

Mostly commies and libs sitting deciding these third world liars get to stay.

Si vis pacem para bellum
No Surrender!

Arshan Umer said...

you are afraid of Islam

Anonymous said...

the dad was not afraid of threatened death of his children, he simply wanted as many of them as possible to have a better life. Obviously the living standard in britain was much higher than in the north of somalia. all children deserve the best, and the father did the best he could.

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