Friday, 10 August 2012
A Marseilles restaurant owner was threatened and attacked at the beginning of the week because he did not want to observe Ramadan, it has been learned today from a source close to the inquiry, confirming information from the daily La Provence.

Aged 64-years-old, the restaurant-owner, a Frenchman of Egyptian origin not practising the Muslim religion, was approached on Monday by an individual walking around with a veiled woman. Several times the suspect demanded that the businessman, who operates in the Belsunce district (centre of Marseilles), to close his establishment for Ramadan, failing which he would undertake reprisals against him. One hour later, the individual returned and struck him a violent blow with his belt. Wounded by the metal part of the belt, the restaurant owner was transported to La Conception hospital.

The suspect, aged around 30 years, is being actively sought by the police who have seized video tapes which may have recorded the attack. The restaurant-owner, whom doctors said would be off work for a total of six days, has filed a complaint.
Source: Le Figaro


Anonymous said...

Muttawa in France. Sharia police.

- Already at a neighborhood near you?

Anonymous said...


Valls against the caïds
C dans l'air, France 5

Discussion by experts, with reports in between
The fight is between Interior Minister Manuel Valls (Spanish) and the caïds, the little warlords of "islamic territories" within France

The title in itself, draws up the picture


Robbery with kalashnikovs in Grenoble Friday morning. Hostage freed shortly after.

Anonymous said...

Waltzing with the caïds

Anonymous said...

Raufer, on the situation
(C dans l'air)

Criminal intelligence must be established, like existing intelligence on islamists.

Raufer is one expert who really is an expert in the field.

Anonymous said...

The religion of peace and tolerance strikes again.

Anonymous said...

Deen al-khara, la ilah full stop, get over it

Anonymous said...

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Bilal Akhtar said...

thanks for the post there are Muslims who don't caries about law and his life only carers Islam and Islamic rule i sullied them to follow Islamic law
quran in english

Anonymous said...

@ 13 August 2012
Another liar... THAT IS ISLAM!!

jacobmontereal said...

How sad that there are people like him.

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