Sunday, 5 August 2012
A 20-year-old woman who went to the police station in the 8th arrondissement on Wednesday, to bring additional information in relation to a complaint she filed a few days earlier in Mâcon, left with a summons to appear in front of a court in September. The complainant had been direted to reception to be registered then she had been invited to wait her turn. She then became enraged, finding it unbearable that she was not allowed to go in front of everyone and started to scream before rapidly leaving the premises: "I love Mohamed Merah. He did well to do what he did. I embrace him because of what he did. You won't hear me because I'm not French."

A few minutes later, the young woman passed again in front of the police station and was arrested in the street.


Maria José said...

Greece: Major raids against immigrants

The raids’ objective is ‘to send back the immigrants to their native countries, to close the borders, and to again make Athens a rule-of-law metropolis with quality of life’, declared the police. It is a matter of ‘national survival’.

daithikent said...

she should 'embrace' him in hell

Anonymous said...


You won't hear me because I'm not French."


daithikent said...

DP111 - you reminded me of Dr Who & the Daleks - EXTERMINATE. EXTERMINATE. I often wonder why people stay in countries that they have no time for - it can't be good for their own mental health!

Anonymous said...

They stay because they are thieves stealing the wellfare money, their conscienses are eating them up and they end up insane just like the criminal rapist pedo false prophet and massmurderer Muhammad.

They know they will burn makes them even wackier.

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