Saturday, 18 August 2012

If, like us, you think that the real danger is the increase in racism, Islamophobia and discrimination, join us.

This is a promo film for a pro-burka event to be held in Rennes, France, on 29 September 2012. Everyone is asked to come to the event wearing some kind of mask or head covering.


Anonymous said...

VERY GRAPHIC VIDEO: Tunisian Islamists behead convert to Christianity for apostasy


Anonymous said...

Its just the burqa now, but beheadings are coming to Europe. I wonder which country will lead the way? Sweden, France, Spain or the UK.

Anonymous said...

Jolly triumphal smile on her face as she watches infidels scurry. If only chasing them out of Europe were as easy.. The add is a wet islamist dream.



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