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Here are some extracts Riposte Laïque conducted with Front National politican Patrick Binder. He describes endemic civil disorder in the city of Mulhouse that is completely screened out by the Soviet-like media.
Riposte Laïque : The events in Amiens have attracted attention, through the violence of the confrontations, and the number of police officers wounded by bullets. But, according to you, in Mulhouse, a city where you are a local councillor, things have been occurring for several weeks that are just as serious. Could you explain to us the reality of the situation?

Patrick Binder : What I describe as urban guerrilla warfare start in Mulhouse on 30 July following a police check in one of four high-risk districts in Mulhouse. The rage of the gangs lasted to the 6 August inclusive, then episodically in one district then another till the 17 August. Result: numerous fires in waste bins and more than 55 vehicles destroyed (I remind you that voluntarily setting fire to a car is a criminal act), destruction of the entrance to a school (€150,000 in damage for the General Council, that is to say for all the taxpayers of Alsace!), destruction of tramway ticket dispensers, destruction of street furniture, of a police vehicle by throwing a Molotov cocktail. Without counting the 10 law enforcement agents wounded during the confrontations. People need to know that in Mulhouse, it’s New Year’s Eve throughout almost the entire year. [Note: New Year’s Eve has become a traditional time for Muslim disorder and rioting in France.] There is not a week without car burnings; attacks on the police patrols or firemen are organised regularly, inhabitants of the districts are subjected to the law of the gangs on a daily basis. These offences and crimes perpetrated in the districts Bourtzwiller, Wolf-Wagner, Drouot and Coteaux are done by "Français de papiers" [ID card French], French people of foreign origin whose names are never published! In Mulhouse, these events have been going on for 20 years and get continuously worse and have spread to almost the entire city and the surrounding districts. The phenomenon of delinquency shifts along with certain populations!

Riposte Laïque : But how do you explain the discretion of the national media on what look like acts of civil war?

Patrick Binder : We got the answer on 15 August when my wife visited the scene of an atrocious crime against a 75-year-old woman in a district of Mulhouse. She met journalists from RTL and Europe1 and took the opportunity to ask them why they were not covering the serious events that had been taking place in our city since the end of July. Their reply: “Our editors don’t want to cover these events during the summer period so as not to inflame spirits any more”. It’s very clear. It’s about hiding the truth from Mulhousians, Alsatians, French. I concluded from that that there is a real political, media, judicial complicity. The mayor of Mulhouse not wanting diffusion of serious events so as not to stir up competition between different gangs in the city. Because it concerns district-based gangs who are rivals and cause damage just from a spirit of trying to outdo one another on a territorial basis.

Riposte Laïque : Would you agree with the formulation of Alain Rubin, who, in an article for Riposte laïque, speaks of “footsoldiers of an islamist counter-revolution in France”?

Patrick Binder : Entirely. I am on the ground every day and I have even experienced directly the events of an entire night by following the police and the firemen on the ground. I’ve seen up close the HATRED these people have for the forces of order, the firemen… in fact everything that represents France. Often very young, I have been able to see how much they hate our culture. The many graffiti tags on dozens of buildings in the districts convey their thoughts, their refusal to integrate, their rejection of our decadent model of society which the supposed elites of the UMPS [contemptuous conflation of the initials of France’s two main political parties of right and left, the UMP and the PS, implying that they are both part of the same establishment] propose to them.

The many graffiti tags found in the district prove the HATE these individuals have with regard to France, the institutions,…. : “It’s war” – “Fuck the CRS” [riot police] – “Fuck the Fascists" – “Death to the pigs” – “We’ll kill you dirty cops” – "Death to informer" – “Fuck Sarko, Vive Hollande” – “Fuck France bunch of bitches” – “Fuck the Bac, Fuck France”……

I am convinced that if these problems were Christian we would not have had these problems. In Islam there is no place for secularism!!!

Riposte Laïque : Although the violence didn’t start on the evening of 6 May, do you feel that, in Mulhouse, the victory of François Hollande and his allies has changed the situation, and that since then, there has been a radicalisation? How do you explain it?

Patrick Binder : The inhabitants of different districts confirm to me that since 6 May, the gangs are acting more and more openly. Very few individuals have been arrested and convicted. In any case I think that filling up the prisons doesn’t serve any purpose. They cost us in damage then in the costs of detention (70% of the prison population in Mulhouse is of immigrant origin).

...Riposte Laïque : Are you not afraid that, infuriated by the impotence of the public authorities, and the inertia of the local government, citizens, in the end, will organise themselves, with all the risks that such situations involve?

Patrick Binder : I’ve often asked myself the question: should we ourselves organise self-defence militias to protect our families and our property, faced with the failure of the politicians in Mulhouse? If this type of urban guerrilla warfare broke out tomorrow in 200 districts in the country, the forces of order would need the help of the population. So there is an urgent need to create a region-based National Guard.

Riposte Laïque : The majority of the delinquents are of immigrant origin, but many of them have French nationality. What solutions would you propose if you were in power?

Patrick Binder : Stripping French nationality from all individuals convicted as well as their families, seizing their possessions to pay for the damages and expulsion of all members of their families from the national territory.

Today there is an overdose. We need to stop immigration. In Mulhouse, there are at least 110 nationalities! The French body politic is incapable of integrating so much diversity. Continuing down this path is criminal. For that reason the elected politicians who have participated in the destruction of our society must be judged themselves. They have to be held to account.

We need to review the Code of Nationality fundamentally. French nationality should be either inherited or merited, the rest is just wind….
Source: Riposte Laïque


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great politician with a will to do. As opposed to a will to power for the power.

A preview into 2034
"This is the composition of the 25 regional councils as of 2034:"

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately guys like this will continue to be ignored until it's too late. The ruling elite won't do anything until the immigrants are breaking down their front doors and by then it'll be civil war throughout Europe.

If this is diversity, I don't want it. Fuck diversity.

Papermoon said...

Why is it, that the same goes for every other country in Europe( though not as bad as in France )? How on earth could they create this nightmare and what the hell were they thinking?

Papermoon said...

Why is it, that the same goes for every other country in Europe( though not as bad as in France )? How on earth could they create this nightmare and what the hell were they thinking?

Anonymous said...

I've seen the future of Europe, and I don't like it.

Burning churhes, converted cathedrals, muezzin calls 5 times a day, and Black Daleks everywhere.

JimmyCrackCorn said...

Europe needs to wake up! They despise everyone who doesn't subscribe to their beliefs. So much for the religion of peace. Before to long, Europeans will be stoned for practicing freedom of thought or religion.

Anonymous said...

Wake up folks ..This is a concerted plan to disrupt our world to benefit islamists aims there is more than appears .and those incidents are not only "incidents"
Look at this series and learn

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Muslims hate just about everything, not just France. They live in a culture of hate under hateful leaders in hateful societies. France is just a convenient punching-clown that won't hit back, which is their favorite kind of opponent. They would behave exactly the same in their own countries if they weren't terrified of the police and jails there.

There is a saying in the Middle East: "If a man is not afraid of you, you will do what he says."

I also read something about how dysfunctional hospitals and other institutions in Iraq became after the fall of Saddam: workers started to sleep on the job, go home early, and otherwise become lackadaisical in their duties. According to an Iraqi doctor, this change came about because "Under Saddam, they were terrified of their supervisors. Under democracy, they realized they could relax and goof off."

It is their culture. The only way to get them to "behave" is through violence and fear. Not a coincidence that violence and fear are what they have brought to us in our countries.

Anonymous said...

isto não tem nada a ver com religião,mas sim com raça.estas pessoas são em sua maioria mestiços de 3 raças com tendência a violência e desordem social;negroide,armenoide e africano "branco".

pessoas com estas características raciais sempre causam problemas em sociedades permissivas.isto nada tem a ver com religião

Dave said...

When you blame Muslims you are blaming a shitty stick for it being pushed into your face. Muslims are the weapon. By Jews have a hold of the stick. In every western country we have third world immigration. In each case, Jewish money has opened the door

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