Saturday, 11 August 2012

This is obviously the answer that the Guardian was hoping for in the poll it commissioned recently. But the British public failed to oblige. Although the answers in conquered London were a bit more pleasing to the Guardian scribes. What a brilliant idea! Let's find some invaders and then ask them if they think their invasion was:
a) good
b) bad
c) not sure

Coe has emphasised London's "home from home" welcome ever since London won the bid to host the Games in 2005, stressing the capital's tolerant, diverse nature. The public emphatically sides with Danny Boyle – whose opening ceremony celebrated symbols of diversity and declared "This is For Everyone!" – over the Conservative MP Aidan Burley, who infamously tweeted that his efforts were "multicultural crap".

By a two-to-one margin of 68% to 32%, respondents agree that modern Britain is stronger as a country of many cultures, support for multiculturalism that rises to 79% in London and 81% among the very youngest respondents, aged 18-24.

On the other hand, after being reminded of the success of minority ethnic Britons such as the Somali-born 10,000m champion, Mo Farah, voters remain inclined to doubt that most newcomers do anything positive for Britain.

By a narrow 53%-47% margin, the survey finds agreement for the suggestion that "More often than not immigrants … do not bring anything positive, and the likes of the Olympic-winning athletes are an exception".

Faith in the contribution of immigrants is much stronger in London, where 62% disagree with this statement, and a majority of respondents aged under 45 likewise disagree, but among pensioners there are particularly marked doubts about newcomers – with 64% of the over-65s describing the Olympians as "exceptions".

Attitudes harden further when the question switches to immigration in general. Only 32% of respondents say the Olympic successes make them "more positive (or less worried)" about it, against just 68% who disagree.

This time the refusal to allow the Olympics to alter attitudes is marked in every part of the country, including London, as well as across all age groups and regions.
Source: Guardian


daithikent said...

The Guardian pisses me off, white liberal bullshit embraced by minority cultures for their own end. Along with New Labour they trampled on the white working class, selling them out for their own perverse agenda. We live with the consequence of this crap in the oppression of England and her need to be free again

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