Tuesday, 14 August 2012

It would be interesting to know how the human rights fans within the counterjihad movement see the Arab Spring in light of their human rights idealism. Because I am a pragmatist, not an idealist, this is not a problem for me. My take on the Arab Spring, more properly called the Jihad Spring, is as follows. I support the dictators. I support them wholeheartedly as they brutalise and massacre their own people. If I was a government, I would give them weapons and ammunition so they could kill even more of their own people even more atrociously. My view generally is that the fewer Muslims there are in the world the better off the world is. But since the Arab Spring rebels are clearly jihadists, their deaths are clearly even more welcome. In addition to the killing, I have no problem whatsoever with the abandonment of due process or the use of non-lethal methods such as torture.

It’s not that I admire ruthless dictators like Gaddafi, Assad or Mubarak. Far from it. I recognise that their savagery is of a piece with that of their people. But I recognise the Jihad as the greater threat and therefore embrace the dictators as the lesser of two evils.

Within the anti-Islam movement we can see a general scepticism with regards to the Arab Spring. While mainstream journalists were heralding the dawn of a new era of enlightenment at the heart of the Arabian darkness, we already knew how it was going to turn out. Evil is so deeply ingrained in Islam that, very simply, if you give Muslims freedom, they will use it to do evil things. The best option for such people is a harsh, authoritarian government which will restrain their baser impulses while gradually nudging them towards some less barbaric system of ethics that might eventually render them fit for democracy decades, generations or even centuries from now.

Again, none of this is a problem for me because I am a pragmatist not an idealist. Nor am I a universalist. I don’t think there is some one-size-fits-all moral solution that is appropriate for all the peoples of the world. Democracy may be appropriate for civilised Europeans, but not savage Muslims. Nor am I burdened by some quasi-religious sense that all life is precious. I think there is plenty of human life whose absence would be a boon to the world.

Could support for human rights be squared with this harshly pragmatic take on the Arab Spring? I don’t see how. If you believe in the ideology of human rights, presumably you believe that all human life has value and that there are minimum moral thresholds that must never be crossed. Even if you somehow managed to intellectually juggle your understanding of human rights to the point where you could oppose democracy in the Arab lands (“they’re not ready for it yet…” or some similar spiel), you would have to recoil at the brutal methods being used by the dictators to try and hold on to power.

Will the human rights fans now therefore admit that, if they want to be intellectually consistent, they must support the “democratic flowering” of the Arab Spring? And if they can’t do that because they recognise that this “democratic flowering” is going to result in the enthronement of jihad-friendly governments and the oppression or expulsion of everyone who isn’t a Muslim, will they therefore admit that the ideology of human rights is flawed and should be abandoned by anyone interested in resisting the global spread of Islam?


alas said...

when you say the violence is a good thing, don't forget about the refugees it causes who are flooding into Greece and then the rest of Europe. That is surely far worse for us.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

We don't have to let those refugees in. If we do, it's because of our weak governments. In any case, once the jihadists have consolidated their power, their will be plenty of refugees anyway, as Christians flee the new sharia state.

Anonymous said...

Well said!

How can human rights fetishists bleat on about morality and the sanctity of human life when they're often atheists? It seems irrational to the extreme, like me fasting for Ramadan when I'm not a muslim.

Really, these people who have 7 children on average ought to be sterilised as a prerequisite to being offered asylum here.

Do the pro immigrant morons not realise that democracy and laws are not eternal and with a big enough bloc are easily changed?

Anonymous said...

We don't have to let those refugees in

- What is more, they are more likely than not, not the real refugees. It is however a malign way to shove more muslims into Europe naming them "refugees", since that fits perfectly with the European systems.

- And how many Christian refugees have we seen yet?

Anonymous said...

Seven children

- And the Right to upper class housing on taxpayers' funding "because she is human", thinks jobless mother of seven Manal Mahmoud

"'I deserve to live in a nice house and get benefits. I deserve this house because I am human. In this country, it is our right to live here. It is important for my kids to have space to play,' she said."


Anonymous said...

PS One of Manal Mahmoud's sons is seen "playing" outside the gate of the house

Anonymous said...


I just see you already had that "because I'm human" mother of seven on your IOS


Anonymous said...


Knights Templar

Breivik told the court about his ideas, and informed that there are several cells of the Knights Templar in Norway

Two psychiatrists decided they don't exist, and so agreed the media and the rest

Only problem...
Now a mail has been sent to several Norwegian politicians presenting demands and showing drawings indicating politicians might be killed

The sender presents himself as Cell No 2

Breivik's lawyer, Lippestad, thinks it will be necessary to look into
the matter

Anonymous said...

Brutus writes:

It's not automatically right to look down upon large families with several or many children. There are Christians and Jews who also have large families - and who generally cause no problems for their neighbours or other people!!!

The biggest problem by far is ISLAM!!! Islam is the real problem!!!! Moslems DON'T believe in the equality of people; they don't love their neighbours as themselves (FAR from it - for them, entitlement at the hands of "infidels", who they're trained from conception to despise, hate and exterminate, is their "right"!!!!); they don't even know or believe in ANY love whatsoever of the type where you actually wish the best for your fellow-man, animal, &c.

Islam is a men-oriented, utterly-drab, uninspired (as far as ANYTHING positive goes!!) cult of HATE, DEATH and CONTEMPT that glories in EVIL against anything and anybody "un-Islamic"!!!!! They hate animals (BOTH "halal" AND "haram" - with regards to the 'halal', look at how they slaughter animals for human consumption; and as to 'haram', watch their persecution of dogs and pigs - and of ALL life, period!!! Moslems are the worst possible kind of Untermenschen who hate everything loving, soft, aspiring to TRUE nobility of mind or soul (note their HATRED of art, science, music, even medicine!!!) - all they're allowed is martial arts and WAR!!!! Even in sex, the MALE gets all the fun and the women are utterly unequal to men, mere domestic animals and breeding machines!!!

It's MOSLEMS that are the problem, PERIOD!!!!! THEY positively - ALL of them, unless they can prove that they're no longer real Moslems (according to extremely stern criteria which very few of them can hope to pass!!!), MUST be arrested, disenfranchised of ANY AND ALL Western citizenship, and DEPORTED back to where they came from!!!!! [The exact same thing needs to be applied to Western leftists, only that in THEIR case their destination should be North Korea or Laos.]

Converts to Islam of Western stock must be treated exactly the same way, and wherever any Moslem's ethnic origin can't be confirmed (together with the converts!!), they must be deported as follows: to Iran if Shi'a, Saudi Arabia otherwise!!!!

Also, the sooner this happens the better - we may very well ANYWAY face civil war both due to them and their Communist allies (many of whom happen to be our actual 'leaders' in politics, civil-service, trade-unions, big-businesses, academe, &c.); however, the longer we delay, the more likely that we'll lose and end up being oppressed - even exterminated!!! - just as if we were in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, North Korea et al!!!

Anonymous said...


It's also necessary that - as soon as the Moslems are expelled 'en masse' from the West (by whatever means!!!) that Western countries be on the lookout for any Moslem "refugees": if any try to get in, they must ALL be executed on the spot!!!

[No less necessary is that ALL Westerners flee Islamic countries upon pain of being otherwise considered Moslem traitors themselves!!!]

Furthermore, any and ALL commerce between the West and "dar al-Islam" MUST UTTERLY CEASE!!!! NO OIL, NO coconuts, dates, cocoa or other exotic fruits should allowed from Moslem countries. The embargo MUST be quite complete. Furthermore, upon commission of ANY terrorist acts by Moslems of ANY SORT whatsoever, the West ought to retaliate massively using any and ALL means of revenge including chemical, bacteriological and nuclear in addition to conventional weapons!!

With those DEVILS, only the STERNEST POSSIBLE FORCE - the ONLY thing they understand!!! - CAN DO ANY good whatsoever!!!

daithikent said...

Go Syria, Go Assad. He knows the psyche of these people. Why be a pussy? These terrorists dogs would rip him or anyone apart, something that the likes of Clinton, hague are deserving of. Terrorist supporting scum that they are.

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