Friday, 17 August 2012
The statement that Islam is the one true religion is found ever more often. 62 per cent of the Turks in Germany say that they prefer to be only with Turks. Almost half (46 per cent) say that they would like there to be more Muslims than Christians in Germany.

These are the results of a new representative study of the opinion research institute Info GmbH, for which 1011 migrants from Turkey were questioned by telephone. [The definition of migrant will include second-generation immigrants.] The 300-page study “German-Turkish life and value worlds” was published in Berlin on Friday morning.

Proportion of strictly religious increasing

"The results speak clearly for an increasing role of the Islamic religion in the value system of the Turks in Germany", says managing director Holger Liljeberg. 37 per cent of those asked are strictly religious, only 9 per cent describe themselves as “not religious”. The proportion of those who are strictly religious has increased since 2010. 44 per cent pray at least once per day; 34 per cent even perform all five prescribed prayers per day.

Surprisingly, the highest proportion of at least quite religious is found in the youngest age group. “Especially in religious aspects, the youngest generation shows itself to have somewhat more radical views than the older,” says Liljeberg. The older Turks have mainly immigrated themselves and are therefore characteristed politically by securalism and Kemalism.

Young people with a Turkish immigrant background are especially in favour of the free distribution of Korans in the German language, a campaign of radical Islamic Salafists in German pedestrian zones. 63 per cent of the 15-29-years-olds think the “Read!” campaign is very good or quite good. However almost 70 per cent of older Turks speak out against it.

Prejudices towards atheists and Jews

In direct comparison Germany is judged superior to Turkey with regards to social welfare, living standards, education and laws, while Turkey is considered to be more liveable, more attractive, generously tolerant and sympathetic. The proportion of those who want to “return” to Turkey sometime increases to 45 per cent.

"The social insurance systems prevent a major wave of emigration", says Liljeberg. "This could change with another business upswing in Turkey."

The director of the study considers the increase in religious prejudices worrying. 46 per cent of the immigrants questioned agreed with the statement “I would like there to be more Muslims than Christians living in Germany”. In 2010 it was only 33 per cent. 25 per cent of the opinion that atheists are inferior people. 18 per cent consider Jews inferior.
Source: Die Welt Via: PI


Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote

Quote Almost half (46 per cent) say that they would like there to be more Muslims than Christians in Germany.

If one factors in that many Muslims will be lying to prevent the German Kuffar from taking punitive measures, increase the [proportion to 92%.

This figure is far more accurate when one considers what happened in all the Arab Spring countries. We were assured that liberal and moderate Muslims were a majority, and that the Muslim Brotherhood would not be elected to power. Well, the so-called moderate Muslims all voted for sharia and the MB.

Anonymous said...

Local AQ group demands sharia state within Oslo
Threatens with local 9/11, or bigger 22 July

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends,

We have translated your article into Durch and will be published on Sunday August 19 at the popular Flemish blog :

Most sincere thanks and please continue the good work.

Ray van Angeltjes

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