Monday, 6 August 2012

Marrakesh? Casablanca? Scroll down for the answer.



Anonymous said...

Marseilles needs to be cleansed like the Germans did in 1943.

alas said...

the sad fact is that I did not think this looked like either of the cities you suggested when I first saw it but to me several European cities jumped out as being possible suspects, Marseilles one amongst many.

Maria José said...

Cheradenine, mira lo que ha hecho un médico palestino en Alemania

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I already wrote about that a couple of weeks ago here.

daithikent said...

A couple of years ago my dad and his gf docked his boat in Marseilles. It was attacked and vandalised, with 'BP' sprayed over it. I thought it was related to the BP oil spill in the Americas(?). No, 'British Pigs" was what it was about. Apparently the Police were useless - not interested. Dad sailed backed to Blighty as soon as poss. It seems like a shit hole

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