Saturday, 25 August 2012

ATHENS, Greece - Greek police say up to 3,000 people have participated in a peaceful demonstration by immigrant groups in Athens to protest racist attacks in the crisis-struck country.

Protesters, most of who were from Pakistan, marched to Parliament shouting slogans and brandishing banners.

Friday's march was held to protest increasing racist attacks and alleged cases of police brutality against immigrants.

Greece is the main entry point for illegal immigrants seeking a better life in the European Union. The massive influx coincided with a spike in crime, and contributed to the sharp rise of the extreme-right, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn group that won 18 of Parliament's 300 seats in June's national elections.

Golden Dawn supporters have been repeatedly accused of violent attacks on immigrants, which the group says it does not condone.
Source: Montreal Gazette

Presumably these videos show the demonstration described in the article. If so, however, it's clear that it goes a bit beyond a protest against racist attacks. The videos, which must have been uploaded by one of the participants in the protest, talk about insults to Muslims and one of the placards reads (in English) something illegible then "who attacked mosques and insulted prophet and Koran".

But of course mainstream journos wouldn't want us to get a bad impression of their pet Muslims so it's simpler just to let us think it's all about "racist attacks".

It is shocking to see the way these Pakis transform Athens, one of the cradles of European civilisation, making it look like Peshawar as they stomp angrily through its streets shouting "Allahu Akhbar".

UPDATE: Photos added from Russia Today. Note the references to the so-called prophet and islamophobia, so for the Pakis this is about far more than just attacks on immigrants, but somehow the news reports manage to leave all that out.


Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

A protest against racism? So why all the "Allah Akhbar" - the war cry of Islam?

These Pakistanis in Greece, are the product of Greeks electing socialist parties to power, who promised Greeks jam and jam, while importing the next generation of socialist voters. Ditto here in Britain, and the the rest of the West, from US/Canada to Australia and NZ. The jam has turned to shiite, as their PM goes to Germany to beg for money.

I see nothing has been done to disrupt this peaceful demonstration. The media and the authorities will take this as positive. However, Muslims will see this as a sign of weakness, and follow it up with real demonstrations of power - bombs. Its the usual tactic.

Anonymous said...

If the hearts and minds of the youth are won then it serves as an inoculation against the leftist disease.

Kids aren't dumb, a lot of Greek kids can see the awful contributions and self imposed apartheid the immigrants live in. Xrysi avgi has a very active youth wing too, so hopefully the battle will be won in Greece.

If we had had a Breivik in Greece I honestly believe it would have hurt the counter-jihad efforts.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

In the Richard Millet essay about Breivik I quoted recently, he notes that gun massacres within Europe occur almost exclusively in the northern half of the continent.

Anonymous said...

Strange, is it the lack of sunlight that causes their humanity to wilt in the north? I know Finland and Germany are popular for mass gun murders.

Of course, you never hear about leftist shooters in any great depth, they just disappear from the media like the recent homophile who tried to shoot up a conservative pro-life org and that other guy who shot a republican representative in America.

And who actually remembers baader meinhoff? Or Carlos the Jackal?

Where is the Millet essay? I read this blog regularly but I must have missed that.

Anonymous said...

Greece is being destroyed by all these pakis Islamic colonists. They have transformed one of the safest cities of the world to a Pakistani Islamic shithole. Everywhere in Greece there are pakis stealing, murdering, selling counterfeit goods on the streets, and occasionally violently protesting for supposed desecration of their shitty religion. 2 weeks ago a paki illegal immigrant who was illegally employed in a hotel in the Greek island of paros, attacked and raped a 15 year old Greek girl and then threw a large stone in her head. The girl is now in a coma, and tha paki gave a fake birth date so he could go to a youth prison. The international media have not publish this story but they publish 'reports' from NGOs about supposed racist attacks against pakis.

Anonymous said...

Get them out of Greece while you still can. Their culture is the worst - especially for women. There are too many of them in my country to do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

You should note that in all western countries a single group has promoted third world immigration. That group won't allow a single third world immigrant in their country, where you get a three year jail term for turning up illegally, outgroups can't marry their people (by law), and violent protests against immigrants kill and destroy without bothering the media.

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