Saturday, 25 August 2012
Golden Dawn offices

Business premises owned by Golden Dawn MP

Business vehicle owned by Golden Dawn MP

The Athens Indymedia site contains a boastful claim of responsibility for two arson attacks recently conducted against Golden Dawn, one against the party's offices, another against business premises belonging to one of its MPs. While the international media has been full of stories about supposed racist attacks on immigrants in Greece, it has been strangely silent on the firebombing of the Golden Dawn-connected buildings. Of course, attacks on political parties are far more serious than attacks on individuals because they imperil democracy itself.
Those who sow terror must receive our hatred.

Alibis no longer sell…

There are no deluded voters of the Golden Dawn. Those who supported this party have done so consciously. They are nothing less than fascists.

Those who invest in the victim role, in order to gather ten more lousy leftist sympathizers in their miserable little organizations, only sow defeatism towards fascism.

As long as immigrants do not build self-organized structures for their self-defense against fascists and deplete their ‘guts’ in lousy macho disputes against each other and antisocial delinquency, they keep contributing to generalized social cannibalism.

The only ones who do not look for alibis anymore are the fascists themselves, who are overtly engaged in a murderous activity, under the cover of the state apparatuses and with an open or veiled support by the most rotten instincts of plebs, aka the fascist-minded lumpen petty-bourgeoisie.

As for us, we never looked for alibis. Our war against the Golden Dawn thugs is not some fashion in the context of their (alleged) ‘unexpected’ ascent to Power. We have been fighting them for years, in the streets, inside minds. We fight them because they are the most dreadful aspect, the long arm of our substantial enemies: Power and the Capital. And we never gave way to them.

– On August 12th, we torched the Golden Dawn’s offices on Filolaou Street in the district of Pangrati, Athens.

– On August 22nd, in the district of Peristeri, Athens, we turned a commercial store and vehicle to ashes; both belonged to a business owned by the neo-Nazi bully Efstathios Boukouras, who is a Golden Dawn MP for Corinth.


daithikent said...

Their silence screams the hypocrisy of these dogs. They insult GD and their mandate, they care little foe 'democracy' - so lets finish them off, for they shall not continue to ignore our voice

Anne said...

To the (often illegal) immigrants, these leftist groups supporting them are "useful idiots".

Anonymous said...

The media in Greece are owned by corrupted business magnates who have close links with the major political parties who governed and destroyed Greece in the last 30 years. So the media are influenced by Pasok/New democracy/left and are very biased and promote the multicultural agenda. They publish stories about supposed "racist" attacks against illegals and they try to put the blame on golden dawn. All the 'racist' attacks are between illegal immigrants. But when Muslims commit racist, sexist and violent attacks on Greek people the media are not publishing and covering these attacks. The Greek people no longer care what the media are saying. The Greek journalists are puppets of the system. Hundreds of Greek journalists were candidates in the last election with the pasok/New democracy parties. Golden dawn doesn't give a f@ck about the Greek media and Greek journalists.

Anonymous said...

What we are seeing from Greece now makes me think of

- What happened to the legacy of the ancient Greek culture in Greece long ago?
- What happened to the Egyptian culture about 1 400 years ago?
- And so on..

This makes me think that the only difference is that we are present watching as it happenes

Anonymous said...

Golden dawn doesn't give a f@ck about the Greek media and Greek journalists.

At least, that is something!

alas said...

This is good! I don't think for a second that GD will take this on the chin; they will retaliate. Let's hope it spirals out of control.

Anonymous said...


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