Friday, 24 August 2012

Members of extreme-right party Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn) clashed with riot policeon over the transfer of 250-400 illegal immigrants to an army camp. The incidents started on Thursday morning when police vehicles transported detained illegal immigrants to the army camp of the 6th Infantry Regiment near Corinth, in Northern Peloponnese.

Residents of the area supported by members of Chrysi Avgi led by MP Eystathios Boukouras tried to prohibit the immigrants transfer and clashed with riot police forces, Greek media reported.

Police managed to transfer some 250 immigrants in the camp. The immigrants have been transferred there after being detained in several areas of downtown Athens. They are supposed to remain there, until authorities check their papers and deport them back to their home countries.

Transferring immigrants to army camps outside Greek capital Athens has often met with opposition of the locals.

In Corinth, the mayor and the city council consider to stop the garbage collection as “retaliation”. In the morning they cut the water supply to the camp, also to the soldiers part. Apparently a prosecutor is investigating.

The Trade Association of the city also opposed the immigrants trasnfer and the Chairman of Corinth Chamber of Commerce said that “it was a mistake to locate immigrants into an army camp”.

Chrysi Avgi issued also a statement, describing as a “criminal action” to convert facilities of the Greek Army into “tourism centres for illegal immigrants”.
Source: Keep Talking Greece

Golden Dawn members armed with sticks wrapped with Greek flags

Golden Dawn MP tries to block vehicle carrying illegals

Greece's Minister of Public Order has announced a special police department is to be established to deal with racist violence. Its creation is in response to complaints by human rights organizations that racist attacks in Greece are on the rise.

Human Rights Watch (HMW) recently issued a report claiming that xenophobic violence is on the rise in Greece and attacks against foreign migrants are often ignored by the Greek police. HRW called on the Greek government to create a plan to combat racism, including special police training. In response to this Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias has announced a special department within the Directorate of State Security Police is to be established, to deal with the "phenomena of racist violence." (To Vima)

The concerted effort to deal with racist attacks will run in conjunction with the continuation of operation "Xenios Zeus" which aims to tackle the pressing issue of illegal immigration. Dendias expressed his committment to continue with the drive against illegal immigration whilst stating the government has the political will to address racism.

In conjunction with Operation "Xenios Zeus" the government sent an additional 1,800 guards to patrol the Evros border where approximately 300 illegals enter into Greece on a daily basis. Since the guards were established numbers of illegal entrants have fallen, though there has been an increase in people trafficking to the Greek islands from Turkey.

Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris said Greece has become the "garbage dump of Europe" in relation to illegal immigration. Xpyshavgi cites what it terms "ideological propaganda terrorizing" those opposed to immigration, referring to the continual claims that all attacks against migrants are racist whilst migrant attacks against Greeks continue unaddressed.

Ekathimerini reported that the Pakastini community in Greece is due to stage a protest against racist violence in Athens on Friday. On Sunday the Muslim population of Athens was given permission to use the Olympic stadium to conduct special EID prayers. The occasion passed without any violence, though the Pakastini community had objected in advance to Greek citizens, or any members of Golden Dawn, being present in the vicinity.

HMW is concerned about the rise of Golden Dawn in Greece. The far-right party gained seven percent of the vote in June elections and is now represented by 18 members of parliament. It is apparent that in the face of rising crime support for the party has increased since the election. Golden Dawn categorically denies that it is behind any of the attacks against migrants; indeed many attacks that have been described as racist are later shown to have been committed within ethnic migrant groups.

Golden Dawn also highlights the crime and racism perpetrated towards Greeks by migrants which rarely achieve press attention. The party reiterated its committment today towards criminals being dealth with through the justice system, as it stressed that there is racism in Greece, but it is against the Greeks.

Mr Dendias did not give figures regarding the number of officers who will be deployed into the new special department to deal with racist violence.
Source: Digital Journal

Angry Pakis in Greece

Meanwhile, Pakis have staged a protest in Greece.
The Pakistani Community of Greece, the Union of Migrant Workers and the United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat movement will hold a rally in Omonia Square, central Athens, on Friday at 6 p.m. to protest against the recent rise in racist attacks and the failure of authorities to combat such incidents.

“If you are poor or a migrant, there is no law to protect you,” Ijaz Ahmed, a Pakistani worker who has lived in Greece for 13 years, told journalists on Tuesday.

He alleged that when he called the police to his house after a robbery, he was attacked by officers who told him to return to Pakistan.

Other migrants also told stories of police abuse or indifference.

Petros Constantinou, an Athens municipal councilor and member of the ANTARSYA anti-capitalist party, accused authorities of essentially “strengthening the work of motorcycle-riding Golden Dawn gangs, who act with impunity through daily attacks on migrants.”
Source: Ekathimerini


alas said...

Firstly, golden dawn seem to be wrong here not allowing illegals to be processed in army camps. It seems a bit NIMBYish to me. They may prefer to just kick them all out in one fowl swoop (as do I) but they should be more realistic. Secondly, is it just me or has anyone else noticed the amount of hits on this blog has been rising a lot more than even a few months ago?

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Quote: The Pakistani Community of Greece, the Union of Migrant Workers and the United Against Racism and the Fascist Threat movement will hold a rally in Omonia Square, central Athens, on Friday at 6 p.m.

Wohoo! After Friday prayers! Greece better call out the army.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

The website has been linking here a lot recently. It generates a lot of traffic. In fact, that must be the biggest website on the Counterjihad scene. I would have guessed that Jihadwatch and Gates of Vienna were the biggest. But judging by the traffic volumes they generate when they link to you, that's not true. Although Jihadwatch often picks up on an ROP link too.

Anonymous said...

Pedo Pakis. Go back home you scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Why would anyone want pakis in their country? They're the most worthless non-negroid race around and incredibly self-entitled.

I hope xrysi avgi stage a counter-demonstration on Friday!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the Greek are showing action. Of course, the sad thing is that they probably don't have any choice. That's why they are doing it.

The least we can do is to support them morally.

Anonymous said...

The religion of peace

"In 2007 Islam and Judaism's holiest holidays overlapped for 10 days.

Muslims racked up 397 dead bodies in 94 terror attacks across 10 countries during this time... while Jews worked on their 159th Nobel Prize."

This is a great example that speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

Greece was very safe and relatively homogeneous until 1990. Then, a large influx of Albanians entered the country and the crime started to rise, the wages for unskilled occupations started to fall. Anyway, some Albanians worked very hard and tried to assimilate. In 2000, George papandreou removed the mines and fortifications from the Greek-Turkish borders so it was now very easy for illegals to enter Greece. In the last 10 years there is an annual influx of 100,000 illegal immigrants from Muslim countries (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Arab countries, north Africa etc). None of them is deported, most of them end up in Athens which is now a dirty third world city with pakis everywhere selling black market goods, Bangladeshis search for scrap in landfills, huge immigrant criminality, Muslim gangs, African prostitutes and Nigerian pimps, Islamic extremists etc. Only golden dawn could change this. All the other political parties are too corrupted, too politically correct.

Anonymous said...

Greek people hate pakis and all the other Muslim scumbags. Greece doesn't accept legal immigrants from Pakistan. All the pakis are illegal immigrants/Islamic colonists. They have destroyed my city and my country. I have come to the conclusion that only Golden Dawn could deport all these pakis

Anonymous said...

There was no crime in Athens back in the early 90s you could wonder in the streets until the late morning hours, not anymore. They want to destroy Greece from within open up the flood gates, let in all these starving pedo rape wanting animals, all it takes is for a couple of inicent greek girls to get raped and watch what happens vigilante death squads will be roaming the streets looking for anyone that resembles pakistani or cloth and cap wearing jihadist. Get the fuck out know, while you still have time.

Anonymous said...

I live in the UK and as a Greek i feel the muslim threat growing daily there are areas - ghettos fully occupied my south east muslims -Pakistanis, Bangladeshis,Indians. They don't mix and progress neither with the indigenous or non muslim immigrant population. They are racist towards the natives and hate are jealous and hateful against European/Western progression.
On another note in Saudi Arabia they treat them Second rate humans and keep them on half the wages of the rest not allowing them to enter their cities but prohibit them to live near the ports. Is that a lesson or what?

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