Friday, 3 August 2012

We really are living in the Twilight Zone. Muslims demand screens so they don't have to look at Jews and the OIC is happy to accommodate them. European athletes make innocent jokes (it has yet to be explained to me how the Greek athlete's joke was racist) and are sent home. Now an athlete is sent home not for something she has done, but because her boyfriend is a member of a lawful political party! Note that she had already been forced out of her chosen career as a police officer, presumably for the same reason. And isn't it interesting how both of these athletes are attractive blonde women, as if the very Europeanness of their appearance merited an extra dash of persecution?
German Olympic officials said Friday that a rower who was a member of the country's women's eight crew has left the Olympics after a broadcaster reported that her partner was a supporter of Germany's far right.

Nadja Drygalla, German rower, left London after report that boyfriend is far-right extremist.

The national Olympic association's general director, Michael Vesper, said he and German rowing officials held a meeting with Nadja Drygalla in which she "stressed credibly" that she "is committed to the values of the Olympic charter."

Drygalla was done competing at the games after the women's eight team failed to make Thursday's final.

Vesper says Drygalla said she would leave the Olympic village to avoid any "burden for the Olympic team." The chairman of the national rowing association, Siegfried Kaidel, said it would hold further talks with Drygalla after the Olympics on "the further course of action."

IOC spokesman Mark Adams said "I don't think it's an issue for us because she hasn't said or done anything related to the games."

Drygalla is a former police trainee. The state interior ministry in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, in northeastern Germany, said it came to its attention last year that her acquaintances included people who belong to the far-right scene.

A ministry statement said "intensive talks" were held with Drygalla which resulted in her resigning from the police force at the end of last September.


Anonymous said...


Here's another news tip...

A group of Muslims beat up a young Spaniard in a park in Tarrasa for walking his dog

Anonymous said...

really this is to far,..

Anonymous said...


This OL is least about sports, and all about politics.

Anonymous said...

So much for freedom of association. At least for white people.

Meanwhile, athletes who represent Islamic regimes that sponsor terror worldwide and clamor for Jewish genocide are freely allowed to compete, in addition to being given special dispensation for displaying blatantly racist behavior, and being allowed to wear non-regulation clothing as the political symbol of an antidemocratic ideology whose expressed goal is global domination at all costs.

It's as if the Nazis at the 1936 Olympics had been allowed to compete wearing swatiska armbands and SS helmets.

Yet more proof that the Western elites have gone completely out of their minds.

Anonymous said...

Blond, but
girlfriend of a Muslim
Assaulted on lux street, Paris

Helena Seger, Zlatan Ibrahimovic's girlfriend, was the victim of a classical robbery scooter style, where two youth individuals arrive on a scooter grabbing the victim's handbag. The incident took place as she just left Ralph Lauren's shop on Avenue Montaigne.

Easy target, though, herself blinded by all her bling-bling footballer's wife stuff, of course.

Bet those youths regret it, now they know who's girlfriend they chose as their target victim.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

She looks such a pleasant and nice girl.

The trouble Germany has, is that it is hyper-sensitive to anything that smacks of Nazis/Right wing.The Left and Islamists can get away with murder - RAF, Munich Olympics massacre. NBot so anyone else.

That is why Germany can not be the flag carrier to counter the Islamic threat. For that it will have to be France, then Germany will follow.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, she does, DP111

However, her ultimate sin is to be blond, having blond genes

I would have thought that Deutsche Welle, DW, would be German-friendly, but no. Not so, judging from
this articleabout Nadja Drygalla

What about
Pierre de Coubertin himself, then? Mr Olympics in person must also be banned from the multi-cult Olympics consept based on his own views about the differences between the peoples?

The end of the Olympics as we knew them, for now.

Anonymous said...

No place for the Europeans in Europe. The muslims must be given Lebensraum. In Europe.

So, what to do with the Europeans, in particular the blonds?

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Anon wrote: So, what to do with the Europeans, in particular the blonds?

Surely you know who the blond girls will be gifted to.

Once upon a time cities used to offer up a beautiful girl each day to appease the dragon. We are now doing the same, with official connivance in many parts of England.

I wonder when St George will will come, or will he be arrested for having the flag of St George on his shield?

daithikent said...

I have heard twice now that there is a Kenyan athlete who is allowed to compete despite a stabbing charge! Wtf, a partner can subscribe to Nationalism, so I am expelled, but dogs that stab us are allowed to compete! - perverse

Anonymous said...


Yes, I'm sorry I already know, DP111.

My Title
My Title

- So, how did they treat blonds
and kafir women, in earlier times?

Excellent reporting from the fields at the time, with pictures, by Jean-Léon Gérôme, remarkable artist, already a celebrity by the age of 25. Who already had the knowledge of his vast production, documenting history so extraordinary well both overall, and into details? Worth more than thousands and thousands of words.

Amazing works!

Notice the dress codes in "Prayer in a Mosque"

Where would Gérôme be today? Probably in front of a judge, or, already locked up with no access to any sort of canvas or paint!

This was, however, a surprise...
Arab slave trade, not the facts in themselves, but the fact that you would find them on wiki, with maps and visualization.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about double "My title", due to technical problem (saying "your HTML is not....") Thus re-doing the codes, "My title", was, by my error, not deleted.

Anonymous said...

Naturally all the slave women are White, happily the scenes depicted are from another time but unfortunately this time we are in now seems to be turning against us Whites. It is only the Whites who are marked for genocide/extinction. We must turn inward and embrace our own people before we are utterly destroyed.

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