Tuesday, 21 August 2012
Saturday, around 9.15 pm, rue François-Cordon, in Kerourien, Brest, police were called by a young woman, 18, who took refuge in her bedroom to protect herself from her violent uncle. The family, originally from Mayotte, is celebrating the end of Ramadan.

But the uncle, who is passing through on the occasion of the celebration, violently rebukes his niece for not having observed this religious fast. He strikes her several blows with his fist and a broom. The police intervene. They are met by around 15 members of the family, mostly men, who try to prevent the police from entering.

After negotiations, the police manage to recover the young woman and bring her to safety in a hotel. She is suffering from injuries requiring two days off work. The uncle, who has left without further ado, is to be interviewed by the police in the near future.
Source: Ouest France Via: Observatoire de l'islamisation


Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Well worth reading.

The Mirage of Moderate Islam


Anonymous said...

Islam " The Religion of Peace ", they can say it all they want but reality shows a different story. Remember Ramadan is supposed to be a Holy Month. Islam " The Religion of Peace ". Learn about it. Coming to a place near you.

Ramadan Bombathon 2012 Final Scorecard
Terror Attacks In the name of The Religion of Peace 260
Terror Attacks In the name of Any other Religion 0
Terror Attacks By Angry Racists 1

Dead Bodies In the name of The Religion of Peace 1206
Dead Bodies In the name of Any other Religion 0
Dead Bodies By Angry Racists 6

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That is so true. Religion is a big thing for them.

Anonymous said...

Tolerance is the key to encourage the savage ishmaeLites to be more totaLLy savage.- 444-4:12. We as Christian Europeans must be VERY TOLERANT towards the immigrants especiaLLy the descendants (inbreeding)of magnificent prophet Muhammad and gorgeous Aisha. And i couLd assured you of the great outcome of being tolerant, march to destiny of becoming an extinct European race. dont worry the ishmaelites wouLd take good care of Europe after we are gone.

Anonymous said...

"The uncle, who has left without further ado, is to be interviewed by the police in the near future."

Why was he allowed to leave the scene? He should have been arrested on the spot for assault and battery!!

Anonymous said...

I live near Brest. Why the hell didn't the Police or Gendarmes arrest all 15 members of the family?
Why negotiate? They carry guns etc. so they could easily enforce the law.
Are they being held back by Finisteres' left wing politicians?
I don't think the les jeune- bretons organisation would approve of this behavoir
see http://www.jeune-bretagne.com/ its a very good site.

Anonymous said...

America is waking up to the dangers of Islam. Luckily we are only at 1% of our population. Many Americans are Islamaphobic. We have people putting bacon on the ground where the Islams pray. We protested fiercely to stop the NY mosque so close to the two towers. Some American scared Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf so bad he had to change homes. They say the mosque is still moving forward but we will see about that. Not that I have any involvement I'm just saying what its like here. America is going to get very conservative. Mark my word. We are primarily Christian and we are very diligent about protecting Israel. The liberal media here thinks it can warp our minds against our religion but they are losing. Look at this months Newsweek mag. telling Obama to leave. The media here is waking up to the fact that there is a lot more money in conservative issues than in liberal ones. Expect to see a big change here towards our faith and away from Islam, political correctness and NBC.

Anonymous said...

That an uncle beats a niece happens everywhere.

That the police were hindered "by around 15 members of the family, mostly men" - now that is islam!

Anonymous said...

More people must start to learn the islamic codes, the sooner, the better

"Peace" = islam

"Peace" and islam is NOT peace!

Anonymous said...

Islam is what it is
A terrorist political force
started by a mass murdering psyhcotic pedophile who enjoyed raping women and children in front of their families before chopping their heads off..
And remember this is their ideal most perfect man.. And you wonder why every muslims turns out
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The muslim is doing what they believe is right.
So to all you gays, liberals, lesbians and other progressives i sugges you give up your guns and cell phones
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I mean your not being tolerant of their desires to rape and kill you..

Come on take one in the arse for liberal stupidity.. who knows maybe they will force you to convert.. Hey aclu what about that one?

any ideas ?
Should you sue the muslims (oh wait they kinda will blow up your building) and then chop your heads off.. oh well
Tolerance.. Enjoy it while your head is still attached..

you asked for it and you got it
its your liberal dumbs ass bed so

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