Thursday, 30 August 2012
Samia Ghali

The Socialist Senator for Marseilles, Samia Ghali, has called for the French military to be deployed to deal with spiralling violence in the city, which regularly features the use of Kalashnikov automatic weapons.
"Today, confronted with the weapons of war used by the networks, only the army is capable of intervening. to disarm the dealers first of all. And then to block the clients from accessing the districts, as in time of war, with barricades. Even if that has to last a year or two, we need it," declared Samia Ghali in La Provence.

"After this latest bloody summer, truths must be uttered. I think that the authorities are not aware of the gravity of the situation. The killings going on in Marseilles are becoming a national media attraction."
Ghali is herself a North African (of Algerian Berber stock). I'm not sure whether she is a Muslim. The Berbers put up some resistance to islamisation.

Meanwhile, the French Prime Minister has rejected the call.
"It is out of the question for the army to respond to these dramas and these crimes. There is no enemy within."
Source: Le Monde

Oh, but I think there is.

Telegraph report on it:
François Hollande on Thursday faced calls from the Socialist mayor of a tough Marseille neighbourhood to send in the army to tackle the city's gang warfare.

The appeal highlighted the escalating drug violence in the Mediterranean port city that claimed its 14th victim in eight months earlier this week.

Kalashnikov-wielding gangsters shot dead Walid Marzouki, 25, a suspected trafficker, at close range on Wednesday night as he drove his black Twingo in the streets of France's second biggest city.

It was the second gangland killing this month and the latest in a wave of deaths to hit Marseille Nord, one of the city's toughest drug-infested suburbs, sparking Samia Ghali, the Socialist mayor of two local districts, to call for military intervention.

"Faced with the weapons of war being used by these networks, only the army can intervene," Miss Ghali, also a senator, told local newspaper La Provence.
She said that the army should set up roadblocks around neighbourhoods to vet inhabitants for weapons and drugs "like in times of war".

"It no longer makes any difference to send in a police car to stop the dealers. When 10 of them are arrested, 10 others take up the torch. It's like fighting an anthill."

Politicians from Left and Right widely rejected Miss Ghali's call.
Speaking from Madrid, President Hollande said: "The army has no place in controlling the districts of the French Republic", pointing out that gendarmes, who have a military status, are already present in many areas.

Manuel Valls, the interior minister, said: "It is out of the question for the army to respond to these tragedies and crimes. There is no internal enemy."
But he promised a "comprehensive, in-depth and particularly strong" response to the shootings.

On Thursday, Marseille's Right-wing mayor, Jean-Claude Gaudin, slammed Miss Ghali's remarks as "irresponsible", saying the city needed "police reinforcements, not a call to civil war".

Police were also sceptical. David-Olivier Reverdy of the Alliance union said: "France is not at war. Each to their own profession. Rather give us the means to fight against underground (drug) trafficking."

Marseille is renowned as a vibrant Meditteranean melting pot, with a beautiful old port. It will be the European capital of culture in 2013. But the city's uphill battle against gangland killings and rising petty crime has been the bane of Left and Right-wing leaders.

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy changed the city's police chief three times in 18 months to tackle a series of violent murders, heists and robberies, including seven "home-jackings" of Olympique Marseille footballers in a year.

The second chief to go, Gilles Leclair was fired after declaring: "I cannot resolve all on my own the difficulties of a poor city which has for the past 50 years suffered from immigration and a tradition of gangsters."

The Socialists cited Marseille as proof that Mr Sarkozy's crime-fighting record was a "fiasco", found itself accused by the Right yesterday of "laxism".

In response, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said he would chair crisis talks with senior ministers next Thursday on tackling Marseille's problems. The district where the killing took place will be one of 15 "priority zones" Mr Valls has pledged to set up around France to root out crime and violence.

Mr Gaudin said creating such a zone would be insufficient to control a situation that was "worsening every day".

There have been more killings in the past eight months than for the whole of 2011, according to Marseille public prosecutor Jacques Dallest. He warned last year that parts of parts of Marseille were like "the favelas of Rio".
Source: Telegraph

Here's a screenshot of a poll that Le Figaro has run on the topic:
Should the army deploy to the northern districts of Marseilles?

Two-thirds favour the deployment of the military.

See also: Another French Politician Calls for the Deployment of 'Peacekeepers' to his District


Anonymous said...

This may be off-topic but I remember people looking for proof there's still people getting crucified in the muslim world after there were reports of alleged crucifixion in Cairo. I just found a video of a recent crucifixion in Yemen. It's extremely graphic though:

Anonymous said...

Eventually they will have to send in the army whether they want to or not. Not only in France but other countries as well.

Anonymous said...

Fitting that a north African politico is the one proposing the right way to deal with north African criminals. She knows what she's talking about.

Anonymous said...

Eventually they will have to send in the army whether they want to or not. Not only in France but other countries as well.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Funny, that's just what an ecologist politician said in the interview I just posted.

daithikent said...

aye, send in the army and have the trains and boats ready. The ones leaving from England could include the many terrorists - and their families - that wage war here and abroad. And lets send that ruddy ghastly Scottish Briton, George Galloway back to the land where his kinsman are fighting for Independence. What a class traitor.

Anonymous said...

Looking at her name Ghali, and comparing with Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Copt, you might think that she still is a Berber, also culturally

"Nota: Français connus de souche berbère:

- Samia GHALI, sénatrice des Bouches du Rhône, a des parents chaouis/Aurès.

- Zinédine Zidane, footballeur international, parents originaires de Kabylie"

- Which in no way prevents them from converting.

Anonymous said...


"Anonymous said...
Eventually they will have to send in the army whether they want to or not. Not only in France but other countries as well.
31 August 2012 00:52

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...
Funny, that's just what an ecologist politician said in the interview I just posted."

You mean, CZ, that it is fitting that a North African knowing the North Africans, asks for stronger forces, or what I just said about not only France, but other countries, as well?

Like, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and where else already(?)

This is really getting serious, now that the politicians do see, but do not want to admit, that only the Army will be capable of handling The Racaille.


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I mean a mayor in Seine-Saint-Denis said if they didn't deploy the military now, in a few years they would be forced to do it anyway.

Anonymous said...

It is only a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that "vibrant" is a racist code for "non-white"? Whites are never "vibrant" , only others are. This seems to be based on the racist assumption that people of color are vivid and joyous and exciting (think limbo dancing, the Rio de Janeiro carnival, drum circles) while whites are stiff and glum and dull, like Germans at a convention of statisticians. In other words: white men can't dance.

This leads into a pet pique of mine: the phrase "demographic vibrance." It is a code for the assumption that people of color bring excitement and passion to a community, not the least because of their much higher fertility, a community that would otherwise be drab and boring bunch of white people on the verge of dying out and possibly inbred to boot, like the Amish. The phrase "demographic vibrance" is really just a leftist cloak for the fundamentally racist assumption that whites left to themselves are not capable of renewal, growth or change.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

"Vibrant" along with "enriching" has become almost a term of derision in Britain, so often are they used in connection with immigration. It is like the phrase they always use in the same context in France, "une chance pour la France".

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