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Insofar as there is any rational foundation to the genocide being inflicted on the peoples of Europe by their own governments it consists in the belief that a demographic shortfall will have to be made up from outside sources. The casual assumption that it is always desirable for a population to be stable or expanding could be challenged on many counts, but let's leave that aside for now. What's clear is that the governing class has put in place a welfare system that has the economics of a pyramid scheme: it can only be kept going as long as there are many more people paying in than taking out. Thus, it requires an ever-expanding population. Eventually, it would have to suck up the entire population of the earth to keep going, and even then it would fail. But that long-term perspective doesn't interest our governing elite. They just want to get through the next few decades, take their fat, tax-free pensions, and let it all fall apart afterwards. Hence their demented support for the influx of hordes of primitive Asians and Africans, barely literate peasants who are ludicrously presented to us as if they were highly-skilled, specialist workers.

Total Fertility Rate
But what if the European demographic contraction we have heard so much about was a myth? A recently-published academic paper suggests this supposed demographic death spiral was an aberrant statistical artefact caused by lifestyle changes such as the decision to postpone child-bearing till later years. The total fertility rate (TFR) in Europe actually increased significantly in the 2000s for the first time since the 1960s. Nor was this just an immigrant-drive baby boom. Countries that have not been colonised by aliens to any significant extent, such as those in Eastern Europe (and even Japan, outside of Europe), participated in the same trend.

Fertility as measured by the period total fertility rate (TFR) rose in the large majority of european countries between 1998 and 2008. this trend
represents an unexpected reversal from the historically unprecedented low
levels reached by most countries in the 1990s or early 2000s. increases from
these minimum levels have exceeded 0.2 births per woman in 19 European
countries (Goldstein, Sobotka, and Jasilioniene 2009). The turnaround has
been especially rapid in populations with the lowest fertility: the number
of countries with a TFR below 1.3 declined from 16 in 2002 to just one
(moldova) in 2008. this new trend suggests that the potential adverse
consequences of population aging and population decline will likely be
substantially smaller than feared in the 1990s.

Explanations for this new phenomenon can be provided at two levels,
demographic and socioeconomic.

Proposed demographic explanations include the disappearance of period tempo effects that distorted the TFR downward in the past as women’s age at childbearing rose (Bongaarts and Feeney 1998; Philipov and Kohler 2001; Bongaarts 2002; Sobotka 2004;
Goldstein, Sobotka, and Jasilioniene 2009), and a cohort-driven recuperation
at older ages of births that were postponed at younger ages.

The academic paper, A Demographic Explanation for the Recent Rise in European Fertility, can be found here. Via: Kybeline


alas said...

This has brought a cautious smile to my face. It really is all about births. Demographics is destiny. I would like to know though how much is driven by ethnic-minorities and how much by white people. I read an article saying that France now has higher birth-rate than USA, more than 2.1. That seems good; but how much of that is driven by the fact 10 percent + of their population is Muslim?

Anonymous said...

Supra-state "Asylum" institute

The EU parliament has been discussing this since 2009

- Whod'a thought..

Makes you think that the media uses some of the "deputies" as scapegoats - playing along - making a lot of noise about dectails, like clothing, something unimportant they said etc, only with the intention to draw attention away from what is really going on in the EU parliament, like working on a pact that will decide how and when each country is to receive more "asylum seekers".

Disgusting, is what it is. Makes you sick.

And some still think there is not a plan to populate Europe with muslims and change both its demography and its culture forever, believing that Eurabia is just a fantasy

Maria José said...

Tourists should beware of Islamist mobs in Tunisia, warns French politician

Tunisia is falling prey to violent Islamist mobs, a Franco-Tunisian politician from the Loire valley has warned, after he narrowly escaped a "lynching" when he returned to his native town for a family holiday.

Jamel Gharbi, 62, a Socialist regional councillor, said was set upon in Bizerte, northern Tunisia, on August 16 by a gang of 50 sword-wielding Salafists furious that his wife and 12-year old daughter were wearing shorts and T-shirts...

Anonymous said...

"Must import workers to help out The Elderly Wave"

If the problem really had been that there will too many elderly native Europeans in the near future, wouldn't it be logic to encourage the natives to have more children?

Did you ever hear any European politician say

"You must have more children to help out the Wave of The Elderly!"

- Never. Because the point is not about saving Europe, but to arabizise Europe. Same old qonquest, but with the help of the more or less native politicians.

Anonymous said...

Maria José

I noticed this violence in Tunisia, and find it, as you, important to know about.

This Tunisian even seems like a nice person, a kind of normal Tunisian. Terrible what happened to him and his family. This should be a strong warning to anyone thinking of visiting Tunisia!

Cheradenine has several post on this.

Anonymous said...

Tunisian government send their excuses

Bertrand Delanoë, Mayor of Paris, with second home in Tunisia, Bizerte, condemns the acts of the salafists

How safe does he, himself, as a gay, now feel? Will there have to be arrangements in France, so he can walk freely in Bizerte? More asylum applications granted, or something?

In May 2011 a welcoming center for was opened in a hurry on 127 Rue Faubourg St Honoré, très chic area right next to the Presidential palace.

Tunisian Arab Spring asylum seekers

Anonymous said...


In May 2011 a welcoming center for Tunisian Arab Spring asylum seekers was opened in a hurry on 127 Rue Faubourg St Honoré, très chic area right next to the Presidential palace.

Anonymous said...

Immigrants with new nationality emigrating
- decifering

Spain sees immigrants from the immigration wave up to 2007, now emigrate, but in the statistics of the new countries, they will pose as Spaniards, further
complicating and masking the statistics

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