Tuesday, 21 August 2012

The establishment media is on the way out, with the lead cheerleader for the European Genocide, the Guardian, suffering worst of all.
Most national newspapers suffered double digit percentage sales losses year on year in July.

...The Guardian was the worst performing title on paid-for sales, which dropped 15.9 per cent to 209,354. According to The Guardian, the year-on-year comparison is exagerrated by strong sales in July 2011 helped by the paper's phone-hacking revelations.


house cleaner slc said...

That's indeed the worst happened.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT! Given that the "journalists" who write for these propaganda sheets are constitutionally incaple of telling the truth, and would never be allowed to do so even if they were, we can safely assume that they will refuse to change their editorial policies in response to continuing declines in sales, and will eventually PC themselves right out of existence. Puffed up with self-righteousness, they will stand rigidly by their non-existent "principles" right to the bitter end, even as the water is closing over their liberal-guilt-ridden heads.

I believe it was the same inability to adapt to a changing environment and changing times that did in the other dinosaurs.

Fantastic news.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

The Guardian will survive as its main funder is the tax payer funded BBC.

Anonymous said...

That was new to me, DP111, but then I see the reasons for criticizing The Guardian

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