Saturday, 11 August 2012
Deso Dogg

Egypt once served as a home away from home for exiled German Nazis. Now, thanks to the Arab Spring, it is once again acting as a haven for German extremists of a different stripe (though not too different).

Mohamed Mahmoud is still preaching, but no longer in Hessian Erbach or in Solingen, but via the internet from exile in Egypt. "I will only enter Germany under one circumstance", says Mahmoud, "As a conqueror, to introduce sharia to Germany! I will not stay in a country to live among the kuffar (unbelievers)!"

For the radical preacher it’s no longer just about calling his brothers in faith to live a virtuous life in the sense of fundamentalist Islam. Mahmoud calls his followers to him. In Germany Muslims are persecuted and embattled, warns the extremist. The “Hijrah”, the emigration to an Islamic land like Egypt, is therefore a religious duty for every Muslim.

The Austrian Islamist left Erbach in Hesse in May and had moved to Egypt together with his wife. Days before the Hessian interior ministry had indicated that it wanted to deport the extremist because of his hate preaching and calls for violence.

But that hasn’t solved the problem. It is with great concern that the Agency for the Protection of the Constitution is now observing many Salafists from Germany emigrate to Egypt – possibly to return one day with even greater propensities for violence.

In particular since the Federal Interior Ministry banned the Salafist group "Millatu Ibrahim" in June, many followers of the proscribed organisation are moving to Egypt. According to Die Welt’s information, around a dozen Islamists had followed Mahmoud’s call to Egypt by July of this year.

Among them are prominent leaders of the scene such as the Cologne ex-boxer Pierre Vogel or the convert Sven Lau from Mönchengladbach. Even the violent former rapper from Berlin, Denis Cuspert alias "Deso Dogg", is now in the North African country.
…In Cairo the Berlin Islamist may have sought to contact his brother in faith and friend Mohamed Mahmoud. Both were already close companions in Germany. They are considered founding figures of the banned "Millatu Ibrahim" movement. The Agency for the Protection of the Constitution is now concerned: from the "Millatu-Ibrahim" network a German Salafist colony may now emerge in Egyptian exile. As the Millatu-Ibrahim followers, especially Salafists from the Solingen area, have now also made the journey to the Nile.

The authorities are therefore now reacting with travel bans. According to Die Welt’s information a German Salafist was recently refused permission to travel to Egypt. The young man had indicated that he wanted to pursue a course of language studies.

However the security services considered the risk that the young man might travel to a terrorist training camp to be too great. Within the Federal Republic, it is relatively easier for the intelligence services to observe dangerous Islamists.
Source: Die Welt

So our governments are now preventing Muslims from leaving our countries? Great.


daithikent said...

Let them leave, better they fight and die outside of europe - And until then never allow these dogs back.

Anonymous said...

the best inverstment non-muslim governments can do is to purchase one-way avion tickets for those filthy islamist cockroaches and their minions, and obviously an islamic hellholle will be the destination.

Or, you can use their filthy bodies as compost or to generate coal, after burning them in industrial ovens.

Those individuals are more useful if they are dead.

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