Monday, 13 August 2012
An adulatory interview of anti-British racist Doreen Lawrence in the Observer today contains some interesting information.
I think the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust represents her own signifier of survival. Among other things, the trust offers bursaries to ethnic minority youngsters to study architecture, the profession her son had been training for. The last Labour government provided financial support, but since the coalition took office it has offered not a penny of Home Office money. The home secretary, Theresa May, did pay the trust a visit, and Lawrence made its financial crisis clear to her.

"I said to her, a small organisation like us, we are desperately, desperately in need of money. We had 15 full-time staff; we're now down to three, including myself. We get donations from ordinary people. But it's really hard, it's really hard. How long is it going to be able to survive? If we're still here this time next year, it will be because of a miracle."
Source: Observer

So this organisation was operating with 15 staff all these years, spreading its hateful anti-British message at taxpayer expense. And Doreen Lawrence has been spending all her time spending our money. This woman seems to almost never have done any productive work since she came to Britain as an immigrant from Jamaica. At the time of her son's murder, I remember reading she was an "unemployed nurse". How do you get to be an "unemployed nurse" in London? You would have to make a conscious effort. They are so desperate for NHS staff there that they import barely literate peasants from the Phillipines. But somehow "model immigrant" Doreen Lawrence couldn't find work. Then her son died and she didn't have to any more, once the Labour government got in and the cash started to flow big time so she could run her joke foundation.


Anonymous said...

good article. I've been amazed at just how much Mrs Lawrence has managed to keep herself in the public eye, even appearing at the Olympic opening ceremony. She has made a career out of her tragedy. I didn't know about her charity but I'm pleased the Coalition withdrew funding.

daithikent said...

.. and in that Observer piece, she spoke of her support for that A Ferdinand and feeling at one with his mother! So all whites are racists and blacks victims, it really is perverse. One huge line needs to be written under all this. Lets hope if the woman stays in England she will start to show some respect and desist with considering the majority culture are little more than murdering dogs.

Anonymous said...

How many white men and women have been murdered by Blacks? I bet a lot more then the reverse.

Were they all non-racist murders?

Anonymous said...

Here in Glasgow we had the "RACIST" murder of 15 year old minor Kriss Donald by a gang of Racist Pakistani Muslim men, this murder was the most brutal murder ever recorded in British criminal history, Kriss Donald was stabbed over 50 times,had cigarettes stubbed out on him, was beaten to a pulp, had his eyes gouged out, had his tongue cut out, was set on fire whilst still alive, there was hardly a murmur of this in the MSM, both here in Scotland & UK wide, never mind internationally, this was a racist murder, as the men kiled this 15 year old boy for no other reason than the fact he was white and non muslim, there is still doubt hanging over the conviction of the Stephen Lawrence killing, was it a racist murder?? We have a two tier system of justice in the United kingdom and elsewhere in the developed Western deomocratic countries, these two murders show this. Doreen lawrence is a proffesional victim, who has prospered from the death of her own son, shame on her. RIP Kriss & Stephen.

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