Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I see some of you commenting anonymously then typing your name in, some of you whom I know used to have a Blogger ID. Why are you doing this? Is there something that prevents you logging in and having your Blogger ID recognised? Someone on the Telegraph blogs mentioned that they were having problems commenting here but I didn't respond quickly enough to get an explanation.

If you can't log in, please describe what happens when you try to. When did this start happening? Was it when Google introduced Google+?


Anonymous said...

Was it when Google introduced Google+?


Anonymous said...

I had a handle on here and the telegraph but I decided it's best to remain as anonymous as possible given the police state most of Europe has become.

That is in no way an indictment on either you or your blog, nor an indication that I am ashamed to be associated with you; quite the contrary, in fact, why make the snivelling, useless policeman's job any easier than I have to?

Anonymous said...

Given the subject of Islam, most people are deathly afraid to speak the truth about it, even in the very very rare cases that they actually do know the truth about it. The average twit in the West is utterly and hopelessly clueless about Islam. ALL THAT THEY KNOW, LITERALLY, IS THAT THEY MUST, ON PAIN OF DEATH, BE TOLERANT OF IT. They would rather be physically killed than say something bad about Islam. Those who do know the truth about Islam choose their words VERY carefully, in all circumstances, even when discussing it with family and close friends. This is the truth that dare not be uttered. Even at the Republican National Convention, we would be lucky if one person in 2,000 actually knows the truth about Islam and would be willing to say it. THAT is why the West is already lost, and there is ZERO chance it can be saved at this point. Any person who for instance used their Facebook id to comment about the truth about Islam would probably lose their job, and many of their friends. Who is to blame? Our educational institutions for brainwashing the last few generations in multiculturalism and tolerance, and our Christian pastors and leaders for failing to even warn their own flocks about the truth about Islam, even in the extremely rare cases they themselves even know it, having themselves been brainwashed in liberal seminary. The West is lost, without hope, and it will literally take a miracle from the God of the Bible to save the West at this point. Posting as anonymous merely allows some of us to get something off our chest without giving up our job and friends in the process.

Anonymous said...

I don't have a blog and I always comment anonymously because there is a lot of surveillance and thought control going on these days.

I would never comment with a FB or G+ account for the same reason. Maybe with a Disqus account if that option were available.

Anonymous said...

Telling the truth about Islam, immigration, and multiculturalism can get you criminally prosecuted in the UK, Sweden, France, and other European countries. This is the brave new world of tolerance and openness that the Left has brought us.

southwood said...

All you "Anonymous" commenters, you may be a wee bit paranoid. Was that not the old Stalinist trick to get people to clam up ? It's sometimes hard to refer to a comment when there are 4 or 5 Anonymouses in the thread.

And no, I am not working for some Intelligence or police dept. !

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I understand that some people would rather preserve their anonymity. But others have said they want to log in but have not been able to.

Anonymous said...

southwood, the thing is we're not clamming up but voicing genuine concerns without fear of persecution from the politically correct Behemoth that eats free thought and shits conformity.

If you're finding it difficult to refer to myriad anonymous posters then just put something like Anonymous followed by the date/time copy and pasted.


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