Wednesday, 8 August 2012
Alil, 23-years-old, gratuitously struck a police officer and was released - without charge - by the Brussels prosecutor's office.

Last Thursday, at around 11 in the morning, Alil is going in the wrong direction in his 50 cc moped – rue Gineste à Saint-Josse towards Saint Lazare square – and finds himself opposite a vehicle. On board the vehicle is a police officer from the Nord zone, 37-years-old, who is getting ready to start work. Straightaway, Alil insults our police officer - who is moving in the right direction … “You wanted to kill me, dirty son of a whore. You charged at me dirty son of a whore”

The police officer doesn't lose his cool and replies that he is travelling in the wrong direction, that he is driving like a madman and that he is wrong. Alil identifies his victim as a police officer: “You, you're a cop!”

The police officer confirms to Alil that his information is correct and glances at the back of his scooter, hoping to see his numberplate. "No chance, there's no number plate but I'm going to stop," boasts Alil. The young man gets off his moped and summarises the situation as he understands it: "You're not in uniform, you've got nothing to say to me, you wanted to kill me ..."

Our police officer then tries to call for reinforcements but Alil decides not to wait. The police officer then puts his hand on his forearm to indicate to him that he should wait for the reinforcements and in return receives three blows to the face. As is the custom, a crowd has formed: the curiosity-seekers ask Alil to "cool it" and the police officer to "leave it"...

Alil suddenly realises that he is in the middle of Ramadan: “You broke my Ramadan, too, dirty son of a whore”, he says to the police officer while delivering a fourth blow straight to his face.

When presented to the prosecutor's office in Brussels, his case was classified as "No Further Action" within 48 hours. A classification that is possible because of the absence of prior prosecutions in the young man's file.


Anonymous said...

muslim? feed them freely, clothe them from the sweat of our paid taxes, shelter them free from our welfare? still at the end they gonna cut our throat or swine our neck as infidel or unbelievers of prophet muhammad (wedded aisha 6 years old and harvest at 9 years old). the saddest part is the muslim could enjoy the white girls and us? the donkey, maybe camel is okay.- jew 4:12

daithikent said...

It's a sick joke that Europe forces this crap upon us. Little wonder the call for a war is heard. They aint cutting my head off!

Maria José said...

Outrage as Birmingham play centre bans dads

Staff openly tell men they are not allowed in and a flyer posted to homes in the city reads: “Ladies and children only. No boys over nine allowed.”

They claim the ban is for “cultural” reasons and in the interests of the “predominantly Asian (MUSLIMS)” local community.

Anonymous said...

As I stated here earlier, European cops are spineless pussies. Anybody who tries to punch out an American cop will end up missing teeth, and might have some broken bones to go with it. And after he gets out of the hospital, he will probably be looking at serious jail time.

Anonymous said...


This case does send a strong and clear message to the natives concerning supremacism and dhimmitude.

Anonymous said...

European cops are taking orders from the infiltrated regimes

This case, along with the London Olympics, goes to show it.

Anonymous said...


Early morning music at sunrise in pleasant temperatures;)

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