Thursday, 9 August 2012

Two brothers who targeted girls as young as 13 to sell for sex to foreign restaurant workers face lengthy prison sentences after a jury convicted them of numerous offences against troubled British teenagers. Ahdel and Mubarek Ali targeted, groomed and abused vulnerable girls who mistook their attention for affection and were eventually persuaded to swap sex for alcohol, cigarettes, mobile phones, cannabis and cash.

Some of the children, from Telford, Shropshire, thought they had fallen in love. Behind their backs, the brothers, both married and of Pakistani heritage, spoke of their victims as worthless “whores”, “slags” and “sluts”.

They had sex with some of the girls and used others as sexual commodities. In some food outlets, members of staff queued up to abuse them.

One 16-year-old was regularly taken to Indian restaurants and takeaways to be sold to up to five men at a time. At one, she and a friend were asked to climb through a back window because their abusers did not want to be seen with “white girls”.

Another girl, 13, described feeling flattered by the attention paid to her by Ahdel Ali, 24, a fast-food delivery driver who used the nickname Eddie and raped her the first time they had sex.

She was often left alone at home because her parents were spending most of their free time at a hospital where her younger sibling was being treated for a serious medical condition.

Though they had sex many times, the girl said that “Eddie” never kissed or cuddled her and “said he wasn’t allowed to kiss me on the lips”.

She told Stafford Crown Court: “I was just lonely. I wanted that extra bit of loving, someone that cares about me, and Eddie was like happiness for me. It’s like I was in love with him and it felt right but I knew he didn’t feel the same way about me. I look back at it now and think, ‘What a muppet’.”

Under cross-examination by Tayyab Khan, defending Ahdel Ali, the girl agreed that he had a pleasant manner and that he often gave her alcohol and cannabis. “I thought it was part of the relationship,” she said.

After a seven-week trial, the brothers were found guilty yesterday of 25 offences linked to the sexual exploitation of four teenagers aged from 13 to 17.

Deborah Gould, for the prosecution, said the pair “variously sexually abused, raped, trafficked, prostituted or attempted to prostitute” the girls over a two-year period until 2010.

The parents of one girl grew so worried about her behaviour that they vainly sought help from police, social services, the NHS and her school. Increasingly unhappy and withdrawn, she was so under the control of the Ali brothers that she regularly left home in response to a phone call from them, returning in the early hours of the morning. Her mother said that in desperation she and her son once locked all the doors and downstairs windows in their home to keep the girl inside but she climbed out of her bedroom window, “and was off with no shoes on”.

Ahdel Ali was convicted of rape, 11 counts of sexual activity with a child, three charges of controlling child prostitution, and one count each of inciting child prostitution, inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and meeting a child after sexual grooming.

His brother, 29, was found guilty of four counts of controlling child prostitution, two of trafficking a child within the UK for sexual exploitation and one charge of causing child prostitution.They were remanded in custody and will be sentenced in October.
Source: The Times (£)


Anonymous said...


- Do they run this kind of "business" in their own country?

In principle, I have seen, that foreigners convicted in Northern countries are judged "in context" of what is the norm in those countries where they come from. Not only muslim countries, but also East Asian like Vietnam, if I'm not mistaken.

If this is a principle to go by, there will be even much more injustice in the years to come, unless good men do something to change this practise.

The kind of crime these two barbarians have committed, should be punished very hard. And not only that, but the authorities should make sure to bring it up as a subject - among other subjects - to be discussed, in public, in schools, anywhere, that this kind of uncivilized behaviour we will have nothing of in Europe.

daithikent said...

as that queen was heard to say by alice "off with their heads"

Anonymous said...

the first duty of any government is to protect it's citizens-

The ruling elites of Britain, Europe and increasingly the USA are abandoning this duty to some radical antinational agenda, where the rights of an often hostile, parasitic, un assimilated immigrant community supersedes any rights of the native population.

I have no sympathy. When the ruling elites of Europe finally have their own wives, sisters, mothers and daughters brutally raped and assaulted by these asylum seekers, maybe they will become aware of the problem.

Until then, let them eat cake!

Polish escort said...

This is terror

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