Thursday, 23 August 2012
Richard Millet

The prize-winning French author Richard Millet has published a "Literary Homage to Anders Breivik".
Millet says that he would award France's Goncourt literary prize to:
"an author unjustly decried by the "Socialist West", victim of the "huge media lie": Anders Breivik. In contrary to García Márquez, Lessing, Le Clézio or Eco, whom Millet despises, this 33-year-old Norwegian is a writer at heart: he has ink and blood on his hands.

Let us recall that Breivik compiled a 1500-page electronic book, "Declaration of European Independence", which "contains analyses pertinent to the loss of national identity", and that he committed an act of which Millet "does not approve", but as an aesthete he emphasises its "formal perfection" and "literary dimension".

In order to aid the recognition of this misunderstood killer whose sentence will be pronounced on 24 August, Richard Millet, who considers "antiracism to be a form of terrorism", is publishing a "Literary homage to Anders Breivik" (Pierre- Guillaume de Roux, 16 euros), where the assassinated kids were "future collaborators of the multicultural nihilism" and where "Breivik is what Norway deserved", having sacrificed Gregorian chants for the "chants of the muezzin".
Source: Nouvel Observateur

Elsewhere Millet is quoted as saying:
Breivik "is without question what Norway deserved and what awaits our societies which endlessly blind themselves". About what? "The ravages of multiculturalism", "the islamisation of Europe" and its renunciation of "the affirmation of its Christian roots". ...Breivik, ultimately, "is at the same time torturer and victim, symptom and impossible remedy".
Source: Le Point

The book is actually already available on Amazon's Kindle (see here). I just bought a copy. Haven't read it yet though. Maybe I'll translate some extracts from it later.

Millet spent part of his childhood in Lebanon and "boasts of having fought alongside Christian Falangists in Lebanon, even claiming to have killed 'men, women, old people, perhaps children'".

UPDATE: Here are some extracts from the book.

Breivik is not racist: it was not immigrants he killed, but young Norwegians (and this is the heart of the matter) working for the denaturation of the Norwegian nation. Breivik is thus a solitary combatant: a child abandoned by his father, he became the lost soldier of a war that does not speak its name. The thing is far from negligible. It is why his compendium, which reveals, as if engraved, the wreckage of the individual, his quasi-damnation, contains analyses pertinent to the loss of national identity. Breivik reminds us, in a manner that does a disservice to thought (or even abolishes it), that a civil war is underway in Europe.

...We refuse to consider that the chant of the muezzin would ring in the death of Christianity, and thus the end of our nations. In this decadence, Breivik is without question what Norway deserved and what awaits our societies which unceasingly blind themselves so that they can engage in self-renunciation all the more, especially France and England; far from being an exterminating angel, or a beast of the Apocalypse, he is at the same time torturer and victim, symptom and impossible remedy. He is the very impossibility whose negativity has unleashed itself in the spiritual sky of Europe.


Anonymous said...

Frenchman attacked by Salafists for being scantily clad.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

For decades America has been aiding the Islamisation of the world. Even in Europe, America was the main agent in furthering the aims of Islamists in ex-Yugoslavia. France and Britain were opposed to giving any help to the Jihadis in Bosnia. We now know that these Jihadis were of the alQaeda type. Further, the sundering of Kosovo from Serbia and handing it over to the narco-Islamists, was also the work of America. Wahabbi Islam now has a legal place in Europe.

Then we have America trying to force the EU to accept Turkey within the EU. If they had, Europe would have 70 million more Muslims, while Turkey would be the conduit for tens of millions more Muslims into Europe.

We now know from Wikileaks, that America, through its embassies in Europe, was also interfering in the internal affairs of France, Britain and the Netherlands, encouraging them to adopt pro-Islam policies. This caused open outrage in France, disquiet in Britain, and quite rightly so. Heavens, we are pro-Islam enough as it is, without having to appease America and its Saudi Arabian ally.

The result of America's policies in the world

1. The expulsion of most Iraqi Christians from their ancestral lands

2. The persecution and slow cleansing out opf Copts in Egypt - again the original inhabitants of Egypt.

3. Islamisation of the Baljans - handing over south eastern Europe to Wahhabi Islam, and Turkey.

4. America is now in the process of destabilising Syria, with the same predictable results.

Destabilising of Syria, makes me question America's war on Terror, and its aims. Syria is the one country in the ME where Sunnis , Shiites, Alawites, Druze, Christians – Maronites, Orthodox, Catholics, and others, lived in peace. Why destabilise Syria and hand it over to the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda? What purpose does it serve but strengthen al Qaeda and the MB?

From a comment at VFR

Arius writes:

I can speak for the Armenians in Syria and can tell you that they are deathly afraid that the Syrian government will be overthrown by Muslim Brotherhood and Salafi connected groups. The Western media make no mention of churches being attacked and of Christians being massacred by the Islamist groups the West supports, but when they do mention it they blame it on the Syrian government!

It is strange indeed when I, a staunch anti-Communist American-Armenian during the Cold War, now support Russia and China drawing a line in the sand against the West attacking the Syrian government.

The U.S. government is aiding and assisting the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis coming to power in multiple countries in the Middle East. This is the biggest strategic blunder by the West since the 1500s, along with Europe’s Euro-Arab Dialog which over the past 40 years has opened Europe to mass Muslim invasion. I spent most of my life believing in Western civilization but near the end of my life I see the West for what it has become — ignorant, deceptive, propelled by self-hatred, digging its own grave. It is no longer worthy of its inheritance.

Anonymous said...

"Abu Bilal aus Norwegen"
"Frohe Botschaft aus Pakistan"

Norwegian-speaking jihadist in propaganda video for Al Qaeda for the German market

The warrier talks about the ups and downs of life as a jihadist in Pakistan

Anonymous said...

@"Frenchman attacked by Salafists for being scantily clad"

The elected socialist is a Tunisian visiting his homeland. The salafist reaction allegedly was directed at the clothing of his wife and daughter

They visited the city where the Paris Mayor, Bertrand Delanoë, socialist and openly gay, spends a lot of time, being born in the city of Bizerte, Tunisia.

Anonymous said...


- This is not America!!!

"It is strange indeed when I, a staunch anti-Communist American-Armenian during the Cold War, now support Russia and China drawing a line in the sand against the West attacking the Syrian government. "

- Indeed. To me, this goes to prove my thought when reading your post, that somebody's got a tight grip on the balls of the US. And this grip must have been tightened only in the last few decades.

- This is not America!!! This is not the America we knew, the America built by Christians and Jews, who are one with the rest of the Western civilization.

Obviously something has happened behind the European smoke screen of anti-Americanism, which has accelerated by the o.b.ama regime. This is so sad and so scary.

Thank you for your very informative posts, DP111! I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

"The Western media make no mention of churches being attacked and of Christians being massacred by the Islamist groups the West supports, but when they do mention it they blame it on the Syrian government!"

- This is so bad. It was clear from the start that there was something fishy about the blaming of the Syrian government. At the same time you couldn't believe that "your own" media, well, what used to be the media you could trust, would be totally on the wrong side.

The editors of Western media are acting like puppets on strings. There is hardly any free press anymore. A look at updated lists of stock owners might give you an idea of why.

In a normal world our media would look for "our own", the Christians. That's what you do universally. Your concerns are first and foremost for your nearest.

Seeing on which side the media are, you stop reading the rubbish Syria reporting. Have anyone seen the Christians even mentioned?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

I linked earlier in the iostream to a story about the "French" MP in Tunisia.

Anonymous said...

Millet is one of the first to express a clear understanding of Breivik's motive

Glad that Millet is explaining this

Now, there will be more authors following..? Authors who also see clearly, but were silenced, or didn't speak because they know they would be silenced.

daithikent said...

All the European governing elite is deserving of Anders BB. England is fortunate that she can stop this carousel death ride of Christian Europe by leaving the union and overseeing the destruction of the ruling Britons disgusting values and oppressions. And God willing England will be a beacon to those who challenge these degenerates as well as seeing the end of Imperial USA with the loss of her number one lackey - the UK

Anonymous said...

The three "Norwegians" on trial on planning..

Mikael Davud aka Muhammed Rashidin, Shawan Sadek Saeed Bujak, David Jakobsen aka Abdulaif Alisjer

One of the three was caught in Germany, in Duisburg. So, what might be the connections between Norway, Germany, Pakistan, Uzbekistan etc and "Abu Bilal aus Norwegen"? Not the least, say context..?

Anonymous said...

If judged sane, he will mark a full stop and take it as a man, Breivik's defending lawyers say before tomorrow's verdict.

Anonymous said...

Tons of journalists are being fired from Norwegian newspapers, big and small

- Why won't the Norwegians read their newspapers..?

Really here significant cuts Only at Aftenposten, 60 journalists are fired

Where would these journalists have been had the editors been favorable of Truth, as in facts, reliable, honest etc, and Freedom of Speech?

Anonymous said...

The assault in Bizerte, Tunisia

Terrible that this happened to the family. And at the same time interesting that it happens to
- a local
- the man was born in the city
- a socialist elected in France

The man himself was beaten with batons.

Hopefully, this violent incident can serve as an eyeopening lesson to some

Anonymous said...

MS Thorbjørn in which Eskil Pedersen managed to escape Utøya shortly after Anders Breivik started the massacre, is a military landing vessel, which was rebuilt for passenger traffic

The ship was named after Thorbjørn Jagland

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote

Anon, thank you for your kind words.


Watching the news on Syria, I noticed for thre first time, that the flag of Syria has two stars.

It seems to me the the USA will not be happy till it has been replace by a Crescent flag or even a Black flag.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..


Print newspapers are loosing their readership on an average of 10% each year. They cant carry on unless they are subsidised by the state or by some billionaire.

I think the reason is that people have lost faith in the veracity of print journalism, as well as that we have far better sources of news and comment via the Internet.

The above fact, now means that governments all over, cannot rely on newspapers and state sanctioned media to brainwash the people. And that is why we are seeing such a rush in even supposedly "Free" countries, to regulate the Internet. Of course, it will all be done in the interest of protecting children from sex predators etc etc.

Columnist said...

"23 August 2012 11:13

Anonymous said...For decades America has been aiding the Islamisation of the world. "

The Americans will pay the price. As will the Saudis.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Columnist said...The Americans will pay the price. As will the Saudis.

I hope you are right.

Ironically, Americans are likely to pay a heavy price by their own hands - by electing Obama once again.

Anonymous said...

Socialist Jews control America now, Jews are anti Christian,they are the main drivers of the destruction of the West. Many openly boast tbat the Jews control the US.
No one will admit the truth, everyone is afraid.Ooo Ooo Pp

Anonymous said...

If Christianity is destroyed, not only will evil have triumphed over good, but the last protector Jews will be no more.

But that wont happen. Good will triumph over Evil.

Columnist said...

Iran and Saudi-Arabia are at each other's throat. This is because the Wahhabi House of Saud stole the oil fields from the Shi'ites in the East. So they HAVE to renounce the Shi'ites as idolaters! Even their ally Pakistan is not safe; and Pakistan has nukes.

Anne said...

Not on US Amazon. Appears to be Kindle only. To buy a Kindle book in Canada or the US, it must be on the US Amazon site.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

It is there. See here.

Anonymous said...

Do someone know if an english version of Millet's text is available somewhere?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing...

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