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According to the Sunday Times, Breivik has been blogging (indirectly) via postal correspondence.
THE Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who was jailed for 21 years last week for killing 77 people, is exploiting liberal prison regulations to spread his racist views.

...But as a jubilant Breivik gave a far right salute and told the court he regretted not having murdered more people, it emerged that he has been writing a blog from his cell even though he is banned from using the internet.

He is allowed to correspond by post with like-minded extremists who immediately place the contents on right-wing websites.

A spokesman for the Ila prison, where Breivik is serving his sentence, confirmed that he had received more than 600 letters and was engaged in an intense correspondence with extremists in Norway and abroad.

Prisoners in Norway retain the right to vote in elections and are allowed to correspond with the outside world as long as they are not inciting violence or criminality, something Breivik has been careful to avoid in wording his letters.

Breivik is also working on setting up a think tank he calls Conservative Revolutionary Movement. “My goal is to develop a pan-European prison network consisting of patriotic martyrs and other politically motivated prisoners,” he wrote to a Russian follower.

Breivik’s lawyers also announced that he was working on three books: an autobiography including a detailed description of how he planned and executed his attack, a second outlining his ideological views, and a third on the future of Europe.
Source: Sunday Times (£)

Anyone know what these blogs are?

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who provided the link to this site, BreivikReport, where some of Breivik's letters are being posted. Having gone through some of them, I'd say they're definitely worth reading. I'm also convinced they're either the real thing or a genius-level imitation.

Here he provides some interesting background on the Utoya camp.
Many of the media companies in the European world have claimed that there was a massacre of "innocent civilian kids attending a summer camp". Other more sober media companies have claimed that the participants on Utoya were just ordinary members of the Social Democratic youth party attending a social barbeque weekend. However, not a single media company in the european world have in fact disclosed the true ideological nature of the politically motivated attacks and as a result; much of the facts are still unknown to most people, even to a majority of nationalists in the European world. The Utoya Labour Party camp is, and has been for years, an elite training camp for young political leaders who want to participate in politics on communal, county and state level. Almost 70% of the 560 participants (and 44 out of the 65 that died) held leadership positions in Workers Youth League (AUF), which include a majority of the Labour Party political leaders under 30. These were not just random "politically curious youth” but in fact group members of a small elite of political activists who are the leaders of the national Labour Party youth movement that today can count 14,000 members. Several of the participants were elected parliament members for the Labour Party, others were elected representatives on the commune and county level for the same political party.

This training and introduction camp contains political workshops and several external speakers are invited from Norway or from abroad. The 5 day program consisted of the following speakers: Wednesday 20.07.2012: self proclaimed radical communist and editor in the left wing extremist newspaper; Dagbladet: Marte Michelet, daughter of one of the most well known communist leaders in Norway: Jon Michelet. She is married to an apostate, marxist Iranian called Ali Esbati and together they have a norwegian iranian daughter. Thursday 21.07.11: Foreign Affairs Minister Jonas Gah Store. Friday: Ex-prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. Saturday: Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. In addition, the Utoya camp acts as a meeting ground for the internationalist socialist movement in Europe and many internationalist socialist youth leaders are invited from all over the world annually, during the 5 day camp.

The average age of the individuals that died on Utoya was almost 20 years, 18.05 years if you only count the AUF youth under 30, and as many as 68 out of the 69 killed were in fact political activists from the radical left in Norway. The Workers Youth League (AUF) is a political party and the youth wing of the Norwegian Labour Party, the leading political party which has ruled more or less uninterrupted since WW2. The NLP received financial support from the Soviet Union until the beginning of WW2. The party then kicked out the most hardcore communists elements who formed Socialist Front (SF) which is called the Socialist Left Party (SV) today. However, even during the cold war several of the NLP leaders, even though the party referred to themselves as Social Democratic, have worked closely with the Soviets and several even worked as infiltrators for the Soviet Union up to 1993.

For decades, the Social Democratic political party, not only in Norway but also in the rest of Europe, have deliberately used the asylum Institute, family reunification doctrines, entry on humanitarian grounds, the Schengen directives, adoption doctrines and the refugee quote as a tool for Asian, African and Islamic mass immigration. They have used their own European nations as a dumping ground for the excess population of the second and third world. As a result, indigenous Europeans will become a minority in most major cities in western-Europe within 5-10 years. Without asking their own people through a referendum, the Social Democrats have chosen to completely transform their own countries from monoethnic states to multiethnic and multicultural societies.

It was revealed a few years ago, after the book The Mitrokin Archive was published, that several leaders in the Labour Party has worked as infiltrators and undercover agents for the Soviet Union. It was revealed that the prime minister’s father; Thorvald Stoltenberg had a code name in the KGB archive. Even the Norwegian Prime Minister; Jens Stoltenberg, had a code name; Steklov, in the KGB archive until 1993. This is documented in the book: The Mitrokin Archive, written by an English ex-intelligence officer. Several leaders in the Norwegian Labour Party tried to stop this book release a few years ago. Regardless of the Norwegian Labour Party communist legacy, The Workers Youth League (AUF) are not full-hearted communists though as they do not support the implementation of the Soviet-style "plan-economy” but they are 'cultural communists/cultural marxists/internationalists' and are much more radical than their parent Labour Party.

The Norwegian Labour Party bought Utoya Island after WW2 and there has been political youth camps there each summer for the last decades. To honour their communist legacy the NLP decided to name a bay on the island Bolsjevika. Another part of the island is called LO-hill, highlighting the very close ties between LO, the largest workers union in Norway and probably still the second most powerful political organisation next to the NLP. The most important anthem of the Workers Youth League (AUF) is called 'Til Ungdommen' (To the Youth), written by Nordahl Grieg. This poem and song became the symbol of the reactions after the attacks and was performed on various occasions in Norway, even when more than 200,000 people were gathered outside the Oslo city town hall on July 25th 2011. What very few people are aware of, however, is that Nordahl Grief was a hardcore communist and he wrote this ideological song as a contribution in his struggle against nationalism. The song was often used by communists in Norway in the 1930s and 40s. Pre-22/7 AUF had approximately 10,000 members. Of these 10,000 members approximately 500-800 individuals had leadership positions. Approximately 60% of the political activists on Utoya island held leadership positions in AUF.

And on his plans for the future, including the proposed Conservative Revolutionary Movement.
1. I am in a process of writing 3 books; a. one book about the 22/7 operation - what really happened before, during and after, b. one book about the ideology; "revolutionary national conservatism" and c. one book about the future, containing political analysis, strategies for the unification of different anti-marxist/multiculturalist forces, etc.

2. I plan to formalize my education starting in jan 2012 with a 3 year Bachelor of Political Science (BPSc) then continuing with a 1-2 year Master of Political Science (MPSc). This will probably take 5-7 years and I’m not entirely sure if its even possible to take a master from here yet.

3. Me and others are in process of forming a pan-European NGO/think tank and it will most likely be called the "Conservative Revolutionary Movement", which will consist of conservative intellectuals/keyboard warriors fighting with the pen for the future conservative revolution. The goal is that it consists of at least 1-2 individuals from each country so that important political texts or f example successful rhetorical strategies or other ideas etc. can be translated and used in other countries. The current counter-jihad network in Western Europe (consisting of 50 writers/activists) is quite successful and effective. However, this network of intellectuals ONLY fights against radical Islam and does NOT fight for indigenous European rights, cultural and religious rights.

This network of writers will be more radical than any existing right wing 'think tank' in Europe and will serve as a source for rhetorical/ideological strategies for the emerging ultra-right networks, blog networks, organisations and political parties. This network/organisation will be relevant for ultra-conservatives, ultra-nationalists, devout Christians but also for more moderate conservatives and nationalists. Apart from European indigenous rights activism and the struggle against cultural marxism/multiculturalism and Islamisation we will also fight for the preservation of Christendom in Europe, and European interests in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and also for Christian interests in Anatolia, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. If you know any revolutionary far right intellectuals or activists in your country who "fights with the pen" (or desires to do so in the future), let me know (smiley)

4. Me and other patriots are in the process of building a prison network in Northern Europe for politically oriented prisoners (far right) focusing on the following countries: Germany, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. But our goal is also to get in touch with ideologically oriented prisoners in other European countries as well. One shouldn't forget the marxist ex-terrorist leader Nelson Mandela who a few decades ago was the leader of the armed wing of ANC in South Africa and responsible for killings and bomb-attacks. Imprisoned revolutionaries on both the political left and right side are living proof that prisons are indeed often a good arena for continuing the struggle, if it is done correctly. There are most likely more than 1,000 patriotic prisoners in Europe and the goal is to organize and unite as many of them as possible.


Anonymous said...

Here you go sir:

Of course, I can't verify if they are actually publishing real letters from Breivik...

Anya Aksarova said...

It’s done. The fate of Breivik is not interesting anymore even if he gets killed in one of the most humane prisons in the world, where prisoners roam in civilian clothes. Norwegian prison is a prison of paradox. It crushes its prisoners with unexpected absence of repression. An anti-repression prison where guards cannot even refer to prisoners as … prisoners. They are called by name, walk in civilian clothes, socialize on the Internet. Certainly Breivik’s life in there will be hindered and it is very possible that he might even get killed there. Well, so there will be yet another murder in relation to this case. It is interesting however to pay attention on something else.

He has already done everything. He has set off a time-bomb which in essence will create a new ethical, religious and political order. What Breivik is doing is indeed very interesting. In Scandinavia once there already was one politician, who had long prepared his political project, however it was a long time ago. His name was Hamlet. In historical chronicles his authentic name was Amleth, who after the capture of the throne using the prototype of polonium, long lived in the barn on a pile of manure, portraying madness. And for all that time he thought about revenge that simultaneously was a political project, in other words: coup. With that pigsty Breivik associated his fellow citizens, with all their submission to circumstances, custom to comfort and reluctance to set big goals ...

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