Thursday, 2 August 2012
Two women were attacked on Monday evening at swimming baths in Stein. A 23-year-old insulted them, sprayed them with tear gas and performed the "Hitler salute" - apparently because of a Star of David on a neck chain of one of the women.

Already in the swimming area the two women, aged 47 and 48, noticed the later suspect at 9.45 pm as he made fun of them with his 31-year-old companion.

In the changing room area the 48-year-old woman encountered the young man yet again. He noticed that she was wearing a religious symbol, a Jewish Star of David, on a chain round her neck. The 23-year-old, who according to information from the police was a German of Turkish heritage, then insulted her in the most obscene terms and performed the so-called "Hitler salute".

In the swimming baths' car park the suspect then attacked both women and sprayed tear gas in their face. They then informed the simming bath staff. The women suffered a reddening of the eyes and irritation in the face. A swimming marshal immediately pursued the two men. He was able to find them still in the car park and held them until the police arrived.

The police indicated to our online editorial team that the 48-year-old was believed to be of the Jewish faith and was not just wearing the Star of David as a fashion accessory.
The last line of the report is funny.
As regards the suspected perpetrator, the police are not assuming, despite his Turkish origins, that his behaviour has an Islamic motivation.
Source: Via: PI


Maria José said...

Armed 'al-Qaeda' trio arrested in southern Spain

Police in southern Spain have arrested three suspected al-Qaeda members in possession of explosives and poison, Spanish media say.

They say the suspects are a Turk and two men possibly of Chechen origin, and were held in two Spanish towns. They are thought to have been planning an attack in Spain

Detenidos en Ciudad Real y Cádiz tres miembros de Al Qaeda con explosivo

Preparaban un atentado "en España y/o Europa", según el ministro del Interior

Anonymous said...

The Germans love islamists as their common enemy is the Jew.

Anonymous said...

Coming to a neighborhood near you:
2/3 of the people the refugee business imports are Muhammadans. With our tax dollars!

Anonymous said...

nice one ....spew on Abdul.

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