Friday, 31 August 2012

Seine-Saint-Denis is at the other end of the country from Marseilles. It's part of Greater Paris, and has the highest immigrant density of any political district in France. It's probably the most Muslim-colonised area in the country, although Marseilles will be the most Muslim-colonised big city. Is it a coincidence that these demands for military intervention are coming from the two most Muslim-enriched areas? Of course not. It's also very interesting that the politicians demanding military intervention are leftists, a Socialist in Marseilles and an ecologist in Seine-Saint-Denis. Perhaps that's not surprising, though, since the Muslims tend to vote leftists into power in all areas they take over.
In calling for the intervention of the army in Marseilles to put an end to the bloody settling of scores in the city, Samia Ghali, the Socialist senator for the Phocean city echoes the demand, in June 2011, by Stéphane Gatignon, the mayor (EELV) of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) to send blue helmets to his city to curb the infernal cycle of violence. "The only solution is a 24/7 presence, he declared last year. Until there is a change in the law, we cannot manage this situation. We need peacekeeping forces, blue helmets, like those we send abroad to prevent belligerents killing one another."

Today, the ecologist mayor of Sevran understands the dismay of the politicians and inhabitant faced with the spiral of violence. "We are confronted with an insoluble situation. There is a real sense of not being able to take any more, which we need to get out of but we are not able to, he explains. We are in a situation where politics needs to take account of the real state of society. We need to smash the trafficking, of drugs especially, which generates considerable sums of money. I asked for blue helmets to be sent, which is a peacekeeping force, and not an army which would come to make war in the districts. The only solution to calm situations like this is a police presence which covers every inch of the territory. This is the price of security, which doesn't prevent us from having to deal with problems at a deep level with responses which do not relate purely to security."

In his view, it is urgent to intervene to stop the traffic and the infernal circle of violence, otherwise, in a few years, the army will be obligated to intervene "as we see already in Latin America, where it is the army that is responsible for the maintenance of order on the ground," recalls the politician elected in '93. "But, in reality, this is already the case in France to some extent. When the police and the gendarmes intervene en masse with helicopters, that approximates a paramilitary operation to a significant extent." Following his appeal last year, CRS vehicles patrolled Sevran for a year. "This presence has calmed things enormously, even if not everything is under control."
Source: Le Figaro


Anonymous said...

I've never been in the 9-3 but I lived in France for years and ir is beyond help. It is impossible to spend a day in any reasonably sized towns without seeing Moots lounging around. It is impossible to spend a day in France without hearing Arabic.

It's finished. I'm glad I'm not there anymore - I'll never go back.

Ed L

Anonymous said...

Mobile police station a fiasco

Somalis in Forserum had asked for a trailer police station manned with an interpret, where they could report all the racism attacks they had survived, but now that the police station is there, there isn't much interest in the service, after all.

Sweden is awaiting loads of Somalis to the country, and any voice trying to speak up against it must be silenced.

Anonymous said...

Another French Politician Calls for Deployment of 'Peacekeepers' to His District

If the territory in question is now part of dar al Islam, he will need UNSC approval. No chance of that, as the Saudi-America axis will not allow it.


Noodles123 said...

This whole melting pot thing is a lie.

It works fine till the second generation is born...They are your thieves, robbers, welfare takers, multiple kid having, social program sucking leeches.

There are a few exceptions but the percentages are crazy...Maybe only take those with education otherwise all you're doing is writing your own doom and bastardization of your countries.

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