Monday, 27 August 2012

It looks like the Final Solution to the "German problem" is in sight.
The data is clear: Frankfurt is Germany's immigration capital. 43 per cent of its inhabitants have a so-called immigration background. That means: they are either immigrants themselves or have parents or grandparents who are not from Germany. By contrast, the proportion of foreigners, that is the share of inhabitants who do not have German citizenship, is only 24 per cent. Among children below six years of age the proportion of those of immigrant origin is as high a 70 per cent. That is the highest in Germany. In Berlin it is 59 per cent, Hamburg 43 per cent.

...Among Frankfurters with an immigrant background the proportion of employed persons is significantly lower than in the rest of the population. The difference is especially clear among women.
Source: Frankfurter Neue Presse Via: Reconquista Europa


Anonymous said...

That's a disaster. The natives are being replaced by non-European foreigners. Germany is being colonised. Sadly, most western countries have the same problems. Australia being flooded with Indians and africans. Greece full of pakis. Sweden will be Islamic in 30 years.

Anonymous said...

DP111 wrote..

Sad. Unfortunately Germany's hands are tied because of its past.

We will have to wait for France to start the push back. Once France does, Germany and the rest of Europe will follow suit. France, unlike Britain, does not toe the Saudi-American line.

Anonymous said...

Well given that western women have less than two babies on average, how can anyone be surprised! Solution to the wise: Cut your losses and resettle!

Anonymous said...

dnt let muslim control your beautiful cities

Anonymous said...

This is called population replacement with the same result as a genocide meaning a whole people is being wiped out or as in this case replaced. I do not understand why there is not an outcry. This is all part to destroy Europe as we know it to further the globalization agenda. All strong and successful western cultures must be weakened and ultimately destroyed to lower resistance to the global agenda. This is done under the disguise of multi-culturism.

Anonymous said...

What is the Saudi-American line?

Anonymous said...

France, unlike Britain, does not toe the Saudi-American line.

I think I see what you mean, DP111. But then, there is Qatar teaming up with France, and buying football-teams, PSG, and anything they can get their oily hands on.

Anonymous said...

I think I was mistaken about DP111

These were your words, right, 0948?

"France, unlike Britain, does not toe the Saudi-American line.
27 August 2012 09:48"


Dave said...

Jews promoted immigration in all western countries. They efforts started over a hundred years ago. They do this to weaken us. If you properly identify the cause white people are outraged, and come together for action. If you have vague ideas of course whites won't rally.

France is totally controlled by Jews. Consider their politicians, Judiciary and government.

Germany did nothing wrong. They opposed Jewish Marxism from the Soviet Union. If they hadn't done that, the Reds were ready to over run Europe. There was no Holocaust. Five minutes serious study shows it is a nonsense. Look at some of the youtube videos and think for yourself.

Steph Stephanie said...

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