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Ramadan, the gift that keeps on giving.
Since the end of the sacred month of Ramadan, Moroccan psychiatrists are seeing appear in their office some of their patients who suddenly stopped their medical treatment during the sacred month in order to better devote themselves to the fast. "Each year, after the month of Ramadan, we see the same phenomenon. There is a resurgence of mental illnesses, not because of nostalgia experienced at the end of Ramadan but because patients haven't followed their treatment to the letter or reduce the dose of their medication without a medical opinion," explains Driss Moussaoui, psychiatrist for around forty years and director of the psychiatric centre at the University of Ibn Rochd. "When I ask them if they stopped their treatment during Ramadan, they are not going to try and lie. They tell me in all honesty that they stopped it", he says.

In this post-Ramadan period, the psychiatrists witness a resurgence of illnesses such as schizophrenia, depression, bipolar disorders such as manic-depression or even epilepsy. "However, we tell our patients not to interrupt their treatment during Ramadan because of the risks incurred for their state of health. They are informed. We make the suggestions but they make the decisions!" adds Driss Moussaoui.

Thus for a patient to suddenly stop a medical treatment can have serious consequences for his state of health but he may also in certain extreme cases commit dangerous acts against those who are around him or in the street. For example, the psychiatrist explains that a schizophrenic who has not taken his medication for a long period may start to hallucinate. "These persons place religion well before their state of health but things are clear in Islam. The Koran says that when you are sick, you do not fast but sometimes people act in an irresponsible manner," he concludes.

According to the Moroccan Association for the Support, Connection and Initiation of Families of Persons Suffering From Psychological Disorders (Amali), contacted this afternoon, 1% of the Moroccan population is currently affected by schizophrenia, which is almost 350,000 Moroccans.
Source: Yabiladi Via: Observatoire de l'islamisation

Seine-Saint-Denis is at the other end of the country from Marseilles. It's part of Greater Paris, and has the highest immigrant density of any political district in France. It's probably the most Muslim-colonised area in the country, although Marseilles will be the most Muslim-colonised big city. Is it a coincidence that these demands for military intervention are coming from the two most Muslim-enriched areas? Of course not. It's also very interesting that the politicians demanding military intervention are leftists, a Socialist in Marseilles and an ecologist in Seine-Saint-Denis. Perhaps that's not surprising, though, since the Muslims tend to vote leftists into power in all areas they take over.
In calling for the intervention of the army in Marseilles to put an end to the bloody settling of scores in the city, Samia Ghali, the Socialist senator for the Phocean city echoes the demand, in June 2011, by Stéphane Gatignon, the mayor (EELV) of Sevran (Seine-Saint-Denis) to send blue helmets to his city to curb the infernal cycle of violence. "The only solution is a 24/7 presence, he declared last year. Until there is a change in the law, we cannot manage this situation. We need peacekeeping forces, blue helmets, like those we send abroad to prevent belligerents killing one another."

Today, the ecologist mayor of Sevran understands the dismay of the politicians and inhabitant faced with the spiral of violence. "We are confronted with an insoluble situation. There is a real sense of not being able to take any more, which we need to get out of but we are not able to, he explains. We are in a situation where politics needs to take account of the real state of society. We need to smash the trafficking, of drugs especially, which generates considerable sums of money. I asked for blue helmets to be sent, which is a peacekeeping force, and not an army which would come to make war in the districts. The only solution to calm situations like this is a police presence which covers every inch of the territory. This is the price of security, which doesn't prevent us from having to deal with problems at a deep level with responses which do not relate purely to security."

In his view, it is urgent to intervene to stop the traffic and the infernal circle of violence, otherwise, in a few years, the army will be obligated to intervene "as we see already in Latin America, where it is the army that is responsible for the maintenance of order on the ground," recalls the politician elected in '93. "But, in reality, this is already the case in France to some extent. When the police and the gendarmes intervene en masse with helicopters, that approximates a paramilitary operation to a significant extent." Following his appeal last year, CRS vehicles patrolled Sevran for a year. "This presence has calmed things enormously, even if not everything is under control."
Source: Le Figaro
Thursday, 30 August 2012
Samia Ghali

The Socialist Senator for Marseilles, Samia Ghali, has called for the French military to be deployed to deal with spiralling violence in the city, which regularly features the use of Kalashnikov automatic weapons.
"Today, confronted with the weapons of war used by the networks, only the army is capable of intervening. to disarm the dealers first of all. And then to block the clients from accessing the districts, as in time of war, with barricades. Even if that has to last a year or two, we need it," declared Samia Ghali in La Provence.

"After this latest bloody summer, truths must be uttered. I think that the authorities are not aware of the gravity of the situation. The killings going on in Marseilles are becoming a national media attraction."
Ghali is herself a North African (of Algerian Berber stock). I'm not sure whether she is a Muslim. The Berbers put up some resistance to islamisation.

Meanwhile, the French Prime Minister has rejected the call.
"It is out of the question for the army to respond to these dramas and these crimes. There is no enemy within."
Source: Le Monde

Oh, but I think there is.

Telegraph report on it:
François Hollande on Thursday faced calls from the Socialist mayor of a tough Marseille neighbourhood to send in the army to tackle the city's gang warfare.

The appeal highlighted the escalating drug violence in the Mediterranean port city that claimed its 14th victim in eight months earlier this week.

Kalashnikov-wielding gangsters shot dead Walid Marzouki, 25, a suspected trafficker, at close range on Wednesday night as he drove his black Twingo in the streets of France's second biggest city.

It was the second gangland killing this month and the latest in a wave of deaths to hit Marseille Nord, one of the city's toughest drug-infested suburbs, sparking Samia Ghali, the Socialist mayor of two local districts, to call for military intervention.

"Faced with the weapons of war being used by these networks, only the army can intervene," Miss Ghali, also a senator, told local newspaper La Provence.
She said that the army should set up roadblocks around neighbourhoods to vet inhabitants for weapons and drugs "like in times of war".

"It no longer makes any difference to send in a police car to stop the dealers. When 10 of them are arrested, 10 others take up the torch. It's like fighting an anthill."

Politicians from Left and Right widely rejected Miss Ghali's call.
Speaking from Madrid, President Hollande said: "The army has no place in controlling the districts of the French Republic", pointing out that gendarmes, who have a military status, are already present in many areas.

Manuel Valls, the interior minister, said: "It is out of the question for the army to respond to these tragedies and crimes. There is no internal enemy."
But he promised a "comprehensive, in-depth and particularly strong" response to the shootings.

On Thursday, Marseille's Right-wing mayor, Jean-Claude Gaudin, slammed Miss Ghali's remarks as "irresponsible", saying the city needed "police reinforcements, not a call to civil war".

Police were also sceptical. David-Olivier Reverdy of the Alliance union said: "France is not at war. Each to their own profession. Rather give us the means to fight against underground (drug) trafficking."

Marseille is renowned as a vibrant Meditteranean melting pot, with a beautiful old port. It will be the European capital of culture in 2013. But the city's uphill battle against gangland killings and rising petty crime has been the bane of Left and Right-wing leaders.

Former president Nicolas Sarkozy changed the city's police chief three times in 18 months to tackle a series of violent murders, heists and robberies, including seven "home-jackings" of Olympique Marseille footballers in a year.

The second chief to go, Gilles Leclair was fired after declaring: "I cannot resolve all on my own the difficulties of a poor city which has for the past 50 years suffered from immigration and a tradition of gangsters."

The Socialists cited Marseille as proof that Mr Sarkozy's crime-fighting record was a "fiasco", found itself accused by the Right yesterday of "laxism".

In response, Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault said he would chair crisis talks with senior ministers next Thursday on tackling Marseille's problems. The district where the killing took place will be one of 15 "priority zones" Mr Valls has pledged to set up around France to root out crime and violence.

Mr Gaudin said creating such a zone would be insufficient to control a situation that was "worsening every day".

There have been more killings in the past eight months than for the whole of 2011, according to Marseille public prosecutor Jacques Dallest. He warned last year that parts of parts of Marseille were like "the favelas of Rio".
Source: Telegraph

Here's a screenshot of a poll that Le Figaro has run on the topic:
Should the army deploy to the northern districts of Marseilles?

Two-thirds favour the deployment of the military.

See also: Another French Politician Calls for the Deployment of 'Peacekeepers' to his District

The number of non-Belgian detainees in Belgian prisons quadrupled in the period 1980-2010, going from 1,212 to 4,494, it emerges from a study carried out by Steven De Ridder and Kristel Beyens of the Vrije Universiteit van Brussel (VUB) and whose results were published in Panopticon, a journal specialised in penal law. The increase in the number of Belgian prisoners is no greater than 35%, that is 5,999 detainees in 2010 for 4,459 in 1980.

The share of foreigners has remained stable since 1995, fluctuating just above 40% (40.6% in 2009). The largest group of non-Belgian detainees consists of North Africans and Turks and has continually increased from 1993 to 2009, going from 1,254 to 1,957.

This same group represented 43.6% of non-Belgian detainees in 2009.

We constantly complain that because of political correctness journalists and politicians conspire to cover up the crime committed by Muslims and immigrants generally. It is rare for us to catch a glimpse of the internal workings of the conspiracy, though. Here, due to the excessive formality of the Germany bureaucracy, keeping careful records of everything and, in this case at least, putting those records up on the internet, we have caught some of the conspirators red-handed. Here is a translation of two German government documents that can be found online, showing how a report on street crime was altered to cover up the fact that it was immigrants (undoubtedly Muslim Turks) who were primarily responsible for it:
Correction of the internet document: “Preventing and fighting youth crime in Bonn-Tannenbusch”

Session Result *
Integrations council 16/05/2012 unanimous

Suggestion of the council

Due to the danger of ethnicising criminality and promoting stigmatisation, the police headquarters in Bonn is requested to arrange for the following sentence to be changed:

“Changes in the pattern of crime in the Bonn-Tannenbusch district have given cause for concern in recent years, in particular with regards to street crime. Over and over again, young men below the age of 21 years with an immigrant background and low educational level are being investigated as suspects.” (

The added phrase ”with an immigrant background and low educational level” will be deleted.

The preceding decision can be traced back to a suggestion from Acharki, Akman and Azrak (BIG) dated 21/11/2011 and an oral change request from Stv. Herrn Repschläger (Die Linke.) [The Left, a neo-Communist political party] in the session on 16/5/2012.

The original request had the following wording:

Due to the danger of ethnicising criminality and promoting stigmatisation, the police headquarters in Bonn is requested to arrange for the following sentence to be changed:

“Changes in the pattern of crime in the Bonn-Tannenbusch district have given cause for concern in recent years, in particular with regards to street crime. Over and over again, young men below the age of 21 years with an immigrant background and low educational level are being investigated as suspects.” (

The added phrase ”with an immigrant background and low educational level” will be deleted.

In a unanimous change request decision, the words “and low educational level” (bold) were added to paragraph 3.


Participants in the discussion were Herr Acharki (BIG), Stv. Herr Repschläger (Die Linke.) and Herr Morreale (GoG).

And a second document touching on the same change request:
Contents of the communication
In its session of 31/5/2012 Bonn City Council made the following decision (DS 1113621EB3) on the suggestion of the Integration Council:
Due to the danger of ethnicising criminality and promoting stigmatisation, the police headquarters in Bonn is requested to arrange for the following sentence to be changed:

“Changes in the pattern of crime in the Bonn-Tannenbusch district have given cause for concern in recent years, in particular with regards to street crime. Over and over again, young men below the age of 21 years with an immigrant background and low educational level are being investigated as suspects.” (

The added phrase ”with an immigrant background and low educational level” will be deleted. The 1st deputy leader of the Integration Council, Mr Savas, communicated this to the Chief of Police and requested the change. The police chief answered with the letter enclosed as an appendix.

Let's go through the names of the people who made the change request. The first name is: Herr Acharki (BIG). BIG is the political party Bündnis für Innovation und Gerechtigkeit, meaning Alliance for Innovation and Justice. I wrote about this party last year under the title "Turkish Government Now has its own Fifth Column Political Party in Germany". As I wrote last year:
Its members and candidates consist almost exclusively of Turks and its policy programme is explicitly oriented around the interests of Turkish colonists in Germany, with the usual rhetorical overlay of multiculturalism and convivencia.
Der Spiegel exposed its connections to the ruling AKP party in Turkey. Indeed, its name is an almost exact equivalent of the meaning of AKP in Turkish.

The second name is: Herr Repschläger (Die Linke.) Die Linke is a neo-communist political party. In fact, it is the direct legal successor to the East German Communist party.

The third name is: Herr Morreale (GoG). GoG means Gemeinsam ohne Grenzen, "Together Without Borders". The name speaks for itself.

The original change request seems to have come from three members of BIG, all with Muslim Turkish names: Acharki, Akman and Azrak.

According to the Chief of Police's information, immigrant background is not recorded in the NRW [North-Rhine Westphalia] police statistics (Item No.: 1013923ST2). A connection between the criminal acts and youths with an immigrant background is therefore not proved.

Apart from that, for criminal acts it is the social, not the cultural, background that is decisive!

So here, at the request of leftists, multicultists and the Muslim representatives of a party controlled by the Turkish government, the German government is suppressing important information that could affect the political decision-making of its people!

Source: Document1, Document2 Via: PI

Wednesday, 29 August 2012
MADRID, AUGUST 29 - Four Moroccan activists from the Committee to Free Ceuta and Melilla were briefly detained at dawn on Wednesday after trying to occupy Spain's Penon de Velez de la Gomera fortress off the Moroccan coast, Spanish enclave government delegate, Abdelmalik El Berkani, told reporters.

A total of seven activists reached the fortress, on a peninsula 130 kilometers west of Melilla. Arriving on foot at 6.30am, they tried to place flags from their movement. Stopped by Spanish military border police, three activists fled while the other four were questioned, identified and then released, El Berkani said.

Committee activists have made several attempts to occupy Spanish-owned rock fortresses recently, El Berkani said. In 2002, the landing of Moroccan troops on Spain's Perejl Island in the Strait of Gibraltar caused a diplomatic incident between the two countries. (ANSAMed).
Source: Ansamed

Note the remarkable similarity between this story and the last one I posted. This is what it is like in France now, as the 'no-go areas' extend ever further across the country. This is what makes a no-go area a no-go area. The police can't arrest anyone without coming under attack from Muslim mobs.
Three agents of the Montpellier anti-crime brigade were wounded on Tuesday evening in an estate in Montpellier when they tried to arrest a 14-year-old adolescent who was pushing a stolen scooter, it has been learned from corroborating sources.

At noon, the police officers were "attacked by the family of the 'jeune', friends and a group which formed rapidly" in the district of Cévennes, in the west of the City, and they were struck with iron bars, indicated the assistant prosecutor Patrick Desjardins.

In the confusion, the minor took flight, while his parents, aged 34 and 37, were taken into custody, along with another 'jeune', added Mr Desjardins. The adolescent returned to the scene one hour later, his hands still bound by the handcuffs behind his back, and was arrested in turn, specified the Hérault director of public safety.

Transported to the emergency department of Montpellier teaching hospital, the officers are suffering from a "broken wrist, damaged finger and an ear in poor condition", according to the prosecutor's office.
Source: Midi Libre

Note the article doesn't say anything about Muslims specifically. Nonetheless, I feel completely certain that the marriage cortege in question was almost exactly like the one depicted in this video.
The episode which took place on Saturday evening on the outskirts of Barbieux park sadly illustrates the difficulties the police in Roubaix have when they are simply trying to do their job. Shortly after 7 pm, close to the centre of Roubaix, a police patrol notices four "jeunes" on scooters, committing multiple reckless acts and clearly driving their vehicles without helmets. The police officers pursue the daredevils, receive the support of their colleagues, and end up cornering one inside a border of Barbieux park. The arrest proves to be delicate: the individual insults the police officers, yells and struggles, so well that he attracts the attention of members of a turbulent marriage cortege which is passing by. The party animals, without trying to understand anything, immediately come to lend a helping hand to the offender, and start in their turn to shower the police with blows and insults. The latter finally had to beat a retreat faced with the aggressiveness of the crowd. They nonetheless succeeded in bringing with them the delinquent on the scooter who will charged with evasion, disobedience and insulting public officials as well as incitement to violence.
Source: Voix du Nord

Η Χρυσή Αυγή στις Θερμοπύλες por LAMIASTARGR

Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos on Sunday attacked the institution of parliament and lashed out at Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias, after the latter's statement that "stormtroopers will not be tolerated".

The leader of the ultra-nationalist party addressed supporters from around the country in front of the monument to Spartan King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans in Thermopylae.

"Dendias came out with a smug smile to say that we (the government) shall crush the stormtroopers. We are here, let them come and crush us ... You are the stormtroopers of Golden Dawn," Michaloliakos told hundreds of uniformed supporters.

Michaloliakos said "there are traitors everywhere", while also stepping up his attack on the institution of parliament: "We feel uncomfortable in there. If they want, we'll abandon it at any moment; we'll take to the streets ... then we'll see what storm troopers are."

He went on to say "we are waiting for the time to be strong enough to claim Greeks' just cause ... at some point the struggle will be waged." (AMNA, dv)
Source: Athens News

Here are some extracts Riposte Laïque conducted with Front National politican Patrick Binder. He describes endemic civil disorder in the city of Mulhouse that is completely screened out by the Soviet-like media.
Riposte Laïque : The events in Amiens have attracted attention, through the violence of the confrontations, and the number of police officers wounded by bullets. But, according to you, in Mulhouse, a city where you are a local councillor, things have been occurring for several weeks that are just as serious. Could you explain to us the reality of the situation?

Patrick Binder : What I describe as urban guerrilla warfare start in Mulhouse on 30 July following a police check in one of four high-risk districts in Mulhouse. The rage of the gangs lasted to the 6 August inclusive, then episodically in one district then another till the 17 August. Result: numerous fires in waste bins and more than 55 vehicles destroyed (I remind you that voluntarily setting fire to a car is a criminal act), destruction of the entrance to a school (€150,000 in damage for the General Council, that is to say for all the taxpayers of Alsace!), destruction of tramway ticket dispensers, destruction of street furniture, of a police vehicle by throwing a Molotov cocktail. Without counting the 10 law enforcement agents wounded during the confrontations. People need to know that in Mulhouse, it’s New Year’s Eve throughout almost the entire year. [Note: New Year’s Eve has become a traditional time for Muslim disorder and rioting in France.] There is not a week without car burnings; attacks on the police patrols or firemen are organised regularly, inhabitants of the districts are subjected to the law of the gangs on a daily basis. These offences and crimes perpetrated in the districts Bourtzwiller, Wolf-Wagner, Drouot and Coteaux are done by "Français de papiers" [ID card French], French people of foreign origin whose names are never published! In Mulhouse, these events have been going on for 20 years and get continuously worse and have spread to almost the entire city and the surrounding districts. The phenomenon of delinquency shifts along with certain populations!

Riposte Laïque : But how do you explain the discretion of the national media on what look like acts of civil war?

Patrick Binder : We got the answer on 15 August when my wife visited the scene of an atrocious crime against a 75-year-old woman in a district of Mulhouse. She met journalists from RTL and Europe1 and took the opportunity to ask them why they were not covering the serious events that had been taking place in our city since the end of July. Their reply: “Our editors don’t want to cover these events during the summer period so as not to inflame spirits any more”. It’s very clear. It’s about hiding the truth from Mulhousians, Alsatians, French. I concluded from that that there is a real political, media, judicial complicity. The mayor of Mulhouse not wanting diffusion of serious events so as not to stir up competition between different gangs in the city. Because it concerns district-based gangs who are rivals and cause damage just from a spirit of trying to outdo one another on a territorial basis.

Riposte Laïque : Would you agree with the formulation of Alain Rubin, who, in an article for Riposte laïque, speaks of “footsoldiers of an islamist counter-revolution in France”?

Patrick Binder : Entirely. I am on the ground every day and I have even experienced directly the events of an entire night by following the police and the firemen on the ground. I’ve seen up close the HATRED these people have for the forces of order, the firemen… in fact everything that represents France. Often very young, I have been able to see how much they hate our culture. The many graffiti tags on dozens of buildings in the districts convey their thoughts, their refusal to integrate, their rejection of our decadent model of society which the supposed elites of the UMPS [contemptuous conflation of the initials of France’s two main political parties of right and left, the UMP and the PS, implying that they are both part of the same establishment] propose to them.

The many graffiti tags found in the district prove the HATE these individuals have with regard to France, the institutions,…. : “It’s war” – “Fuck the CRS” [riot police] – “Fuck the Fascists" – “Death to the pigs” – “We’ll kill you dirty cops” – "Death to informer" – “Fuck Sarko, Vive Hollande” – “Fuck France bunch of bitches” – “Fuck the Bac, Fuck France”……

I am convinced that if these problems were Christian we would not have had these problems. In Islam there is no place for secularism!!!

Riposte Laïque : Although the violence didn’t start on the evening of 6 May, do you feel that, in Mulhouse, the victory of François Hollande and his allies has changed the situation, and that since then, there has been a radicalisation? How do you explain it?

Patrick Binder : The inhabitants of different districts confirm to me that since 6 May, the gangs are acting more and more openly. Very few individuals have been arrested and convicted. In any case I think that filling up the prisons doesn’t serve any purpose. They cost us in damage then in the costs of detention (70% of the prison population in Mulhouse is of immigrant origin).

...Riposte Laïque : Are you not afraid that, infuriated by the impotence of the public authorities, and the inertia of the local government, citizens, in the end, will organise themselves, with all the risks that such situations involve?

Patrick Binder : I’ve often asked myself the question: should we ourselves organise self-defence militias to protect our families and our property, faced with the failure of the politicians in Mulhouse? If this type of urban guerrilla warfare broke out tomorrow in 200 districts in the country, the forces of order would need the help of the population. So there is an urgent need to create a region-based National Guard.

Riposte Laïque : The majority of the delinquents are of immigrant origin, but many of them have French nationality. What solutions would you propose if you were in power?

Patrick Binder : Stripping French nationality from all individuals convicted as well as their families, seizing their possessions to pay for the damages and expulsion of all members of their families from the national territory.

Today there is an overdose. We need to stop immigration. In Mulhouse, there are at least 110 nationalities! The French body politic is incapable of integrating so much diversity. Continuing down this path is criminal. For that reason the elected politicians who have participated in the destruction of our society must be judged themselves. They have to be held to account.

We need to review the Code of Nationality fundamentally. French nationality should be either inherited or merited, the rest is just wind….
Source: Riposte Laïque
Tuesday, 28 August 2012

I see some of you commenting anonymously then typing your name in, some of you whom I know used to have a Blogger ID. Why are you doing this? Is there something that prevents you logging in and having your Blogger ID recognised? Someone on the Telegraph blogs mentioned that they were having problems commenting here but I didn't respond quickly enough to get an explanation.

If you can't log in, please describe what happens when you try to. When did this start happening? Was it when Google introduced Google+?

Chief police Koppers had assembled the current data sets in such a way that alongside age and social structure, the question of immigrant background also played an important role. Thus an above-average number of criminals (68.4%) had an immigrant background, which is defined as either they themselves or at least one of their parents being or having been citizens of a foreign state. The leader of Die Linke (The Left) Udo Wolf accused Koppers and Henkel of stirring up a "stigmatising debate" with attributions of this type. Benedikt Lux from the Greens also demanded "greater restraint" in the correlation of criminality and background.
Source: Tagesspiegel Via: Reconquista Europa

And this only goes one generation back in the definition of "immigrant background". If they went back two or three generations, what would it be? 80%? 90%? Of course most of these are Muslim Turks.

The police chief also insisted, "There are no no-go areas in Berlin!". Of course, the fact that someone feels the need to make this curious declaration immediately suggests the exact opposite. It's a bit like the constant insistence that "Islam is a religion of peace." You don't hear people saying "Christianity is a religion of peace", "Buddhism is a religion of peace" or "There are no no-go areas in Reykjavik" because those things are self-evidently true.

Deprivation of livelihood for those who "think wrongly" is one of the standard techniques leftists use to exercise their control of the public sphere. Despite being a prize-winner author himself, and the editor of several others, Richard Millet now feels Establishment wrath for his homage to Anders Breivik.
...within the company, the dismay is palpable. You can feel it in Jean-Marie Laclavetine, also a writer and editor. "I experience a feeling of desolation, sadness, but not anger. It's not the first time that he publishes unacceptable things. He has written magnificent texts, he is sensitive and profound when he speaks of music or literature, but he becomes stupid when he speaks of politics. I have the impression he is not himself." ...He doesn't envisage going to demand his colleague's head from Antoine Gallimard, who remains responsible for the decision.

...The same consternation among some Gallimard authors. Tahar Ben Jelloun, for example, thinks that Richard Millet "is losing his head". For the Moroccan writer, it is for Millet's employer to judge the situation, but it is clear that this "Homage" "risks posing a problem in the reading committee". Like Jean-Marie Laclavetine, he says he is "chagrined" by this "strange and very troubling tendency".

Annie Ernaux is even more emphatic. Her view is that this text on Breivik represents "a politically dangerous act" and that its publication calls into question Richard Millet's presence on the reading committee. "His ideology, the positions he has adopted implicate the company", says the writer, before adding: "The question of a collective reaction is now posed for all Gallimard writers."
Source: Le Monde

According to the Le Monde article, earlier in the year "faithful to his past undertakings among Lebanese Falangists" Millet also published a pamphlet (Printemps syrien) [Syrian Spring] vigorously supporting the Assad regime in Syria.

Monday, 27 August 2012
Specialist workers who are not interested in living in the "next China"

Apparently some people haven't got the memo that Africa is the "next China" and in the throes of an economic super-boom. El País has an article today focusing on the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of Africans camped out in the Moroccan woods near the frontier with Spanish Melilla [the other Lampedusa], waiting to cross into Europe. Some of them have been there for months, even years.
“Life in the woods is very difficult, very hard. At least it's summer now. In winter it's cold, and we don't have anything to cover up with. When it rains, we have to endure downpours on our heads. If a shoe breaks, there's no spare and you go barefoot till you find another, probably broken too. Washing ourselves is complicated. We can only go into the villages and throw some water on ourselves from some bottle. We don't eat well. We don't sleep well. We survive however we can. Badly."
These people would pay your pension if you'd let them

It's fascinating to see that they have organised themselves into ghettos even before arriving in Europe! And that they, too, prefer to live amongst their own kind, organising themselves into groups based on their countries of origin.
...The woods have their rules. Individual and collective. It's a place where nothing can go wrong, if you want to survive. The sub-Saharans, the majority very young, around 20 years old, are organised into units which they call ghettos. [!] These are small groups separated by nationalities. In one area of the woods there are various councils: one for the Ivory coast, another for Mali, another for Cameroon…

...But there are those who left a job in their own country to look for a better life and now they regret it. “I had a job in Mali, a wife and a baby”, says Mohamed, 21. “I sold fish. I'm fed up being here. If I could, I would go back home. But I can't. The police took a bag with my things in it and now I don't have a passport." Others say that they don't have the money to make the return trip, or any way of obtaining it.

...In all cases, whether closer to the frontier or further away, everyone has the same objective: Melilla. “I don't know how but I am sure I'll manage it someday," says Alou. "Inshallah". If God wills.

An African has gone back to Africa. Hopefully the start of a trend that the Asians will pick up on too. In this case the African is Afua Hirsch, former legal blogger for the Guardian, now its West Africa correspondent.

Afua Hirsch always impressed me with the low calibre of her mind. In her blog commentaries on the law (nearly all of them promoting the concept of justiciable human rights) you would often find legal professionals appearing in the comments section and correcting her mistakes. One especially absurd article sticks in my mind. She argued that because the Human Rights Act gave judges the power to reinterpret laws to bring them into conformity with human rights, even if a future government abolished the Human Rights Act judges could effectively just "reinterpret" it back into existence! Lunacy. But lunacy that reveals the contempt for democracy in the minds of the human rights agitators.

Maybe the reason Afua never seemed to acquire a very in-depth knowledge of the law was that she spent all her time obsessing about Africa instead.
That first trip shaped my future in ways I could never have imagined. In the almost two decades that followed, I have moulded all educational and professional decisions into the form of a road that would lead me back to Africa. I devoured African literature, studied African politics, wrote my thesis on African women and political power, worked in development, law and now journalism, all with a focus on Africa. A decade ago, a job with an international development foundation led me to Senegal, where I lived for two years. Then, in February, I moved to west Africa for the second time, now setting up shop in the city of my very first trip to the continent, Accra.
Source: Guardian

One of the things I find most strikingly hypocritical about the Asian and African invaders, and particularly their public representatives, is that their obvious obsession with their own ancestral identity goes hand in hand with the insistence that Europeans must not be allowed any comparable concern with theirs. We must be "post-racial", we are told, while the colonists get to be "hyper-racial".

Afua tries to sell her new job posting as some kind of grand return from a failed Europe to a booming Africa, as well as a moral repudiation of the "racism" of Europe and the invisible "glass ceiling" that keeps her talented self down. Of course the truth about the glass ceiling is the exact opposite. As I mentioned above, her legal commentary was signally incompetent. She had obviously only got the job because she had brown skin.
There is a symmetry to the journey that returnees are making, which speaks volumes about the state of Africa today. Our parents left – exactly 50 years ago in my case – fleeing deteriorating economic conditions and limited opportunities at home. Now their children are forming an exodus from the crisis-ridden eurozone, four years of recession and the dogged perception of inequality and discrimination in the west. "Who needs the glass ceiling when you could be running your own business in one of the world's fastest-growing economies, enjoying the warm weather and surrounded by your own people?" one returnee to Ghana told me. "There is no contest."
But the most important part of the article is the "surrounded by your own people" quote. Apparently it's OK for Africans to want to live in an environment where they will be "surrounded by their own people". When Europeans express a similar urge, however, they are immediately compared to Adolf Hitler. I would imagine that the desire to live among your own kind is a core human instinct, shared by all the world's peoples. But its moral legitimacy is denied to only one set of those peoples: Europeans.

At the rate the Guardian is losing money, it will be defunct within a decade. As one of the prime agitators for the European Genocide, and the leading specialist in Muslim apologetics in the western world, we will be well rid of it. Once Afua no longer has a job as its correspondent, it will be interesting to see whether she heads back to Europe or chooses to stay in "booming" Africa, "surrounded by her own people".

Ramadan is over but the war stories keep coming in.
A 24-year-old man broke two of his wife's fingers after a dispute on Saturday. [The story is dated 20th August]. As the Northern Police Directorate in Neuruppin communicated, the woman wanted to give her two small children something to eat during the fasting month of Ramadan. That did not suit the husband, who is of the Islamic faith, and he forbade it using violence. The police referred the 24-year-old to the community accommodation in Stolpe-Süd in the Hennigsdorf district. The woman was given medical treatment as an out-patient.
Source: Berliner Zeitung Via: PI

This took place in Bègles, in the south-west of France.
Appearing at the prosecutor's office yesterday, he was questioned in relation to the murder of his spouse. He was then placed in detention. He denies the facts, arguing that his wife, who fell from the 10th floor, committed suicide.

Abdelaziz Sadik, 46, was questioned yesterday in the late afternoon in relation to the murder of his spouse. At the end of his presentation in front of the judge for freedom and detention, he was placed under a custody order in Gradignan prison.

...In the course of the interviews, it became apparent to the investigators that an extremely violent scene played out in this 10th-floor apartment on the evening of the drama. For a motive that was apparently benign, but that culminated in a manifestation of extreme anger.

The anger seemed first of all to be directed against one of the couple's children. The mother is then said to have wanted to interpose herself between them and the two are said to have become the target of the father's anger at the peak of his fury. This led to the adolescent leaving the apartment. It is at that moment that the drama occurred.
Source: Le Sudouest

It looks like the Final Solution to the "German problem" is in sight.
The data is clear: Frankfurt is Germany's immigration capital. 43 per cent of its inhabitants have a so-called immigration background. That means: they are either immigrants themselves or have parents or grandparents who are not from Germany. By contrast, the proportion of foreigners, that is the share of inhabitants who do not have German citizenship, is only 24 per cent. Among children below six years of age the proportion of those of immigrant origin is as high a 70 per cent. That is the highest in Germany. In Berlin it is 59 per cent, Hamburg 43 per cent.

...Among Frankfurters with an immigrant background the proportion of employed persons is significantly lower than in the rest of the population. The difference is especially clear among women.
Source: Frankfurter Neue Presse Via: Reconquista Europa

Sunday, 26 August 2012

That the Muslim Brotherhood invented the term Islamophobia has become a commonplace on the Counterjihad scene. But is it true? The only evidence for it seems to be the undocumented assertions of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former Muslim radical turned "moderate".

He has made the following statements about the creation of the term islamophobia:
That's the reason why the question of whether America is "Islamophobic" - now bandied about so casually, as though opposition to the mosque has revealed a nasty strain in the American psyche, akin to the terrible racism or anti-Semitism that once ran wild - is so deeply offensive. This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.

In an effort to silence critics of political Islam, advocates needed to come up with terminology that would enable them to portray themselves as victims. Muhammad said he was present when his then- allies, meeting at the offices of the International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia years ago, coined the term "Islamophobia."

Muhammad said the Islamists decided to emulate the homosexual activists who used the term "homophobia" to silence critics. He said the group meeting at IIIT saw "Islamophobia" as a way to "beat up their critics."

These statements were cited in a Claire Berlinksi article which was reproduced on Jihadwatch. That seems to be what led to the diffusion of this idea.

But let's pause for breath. The claims made by Muhammad are neither documented nor dated. And even if what he is saying is true, if a word is invented and then pushed into general circulation, you should be able to document its spread. Modern search technology makes it relatively easy to do this. So where are the textual analyses showing the spread of this term originating in statements or documents issued by the Muslim Brotherhood?

I did a textual search on this term using many specialised electronic archives, biased towards British sources but including American ones too. My conclusion was that it had originated in Britain and had almost certainly been coined not by a Muslim but a pitifully dhimmified Jew, the "anti-racism" campaigner Richard Stone. He was one of the authors of a letter to the Guardian in 1994, which was the first recorded use I could find of the term, and he was present on the committee of the Runnymede Trust which launched the term into broad circulation in 1996. A fuller discussion of this topic, including quotes, can be found here.

In my view the claims of Abdur-Rahman Muhammad form too slender an evidentiary basis on which to support the assertion that the term was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood. Clearly it has been seized on and exploited by them. But we shouldn't attribute its invention to them unless we can prove it. There is no need to make stuff about Muslims. The truth is bad enough.

UPDATE: Robert Spencer has responded to this post on Jihadwatch and says he will not be repeating the claim that it was invented by the Muslim Brotherhood. He also mentions some other possible prior uses, from France and Iran. I was aware of these, too, but focused on its use in English.
A British-born doctor on leave from the NHS was part of an armed gang of Islamic extremists who took a British photographer hostage in Syria.

The doctor, who carried an AK-47 assault rifle, said he was taking a break from his medical training in London to wage holy war. He has not been identified but has a south London accent and appears to be of Pakistani descent.

He was one of a dozen British militants who held two journalists captive last month at a camp two miles inside the Syrian border. He treated their injuries after they were shot trying to escape but seemed disappointed when two other hostages, who were Syrian, were not beheaded.

“They should have been beheaded,” the doctor told John Cantlie, the British freelance photographer, and his Dutch colleague, Jeroen Oerlemans. “They were definitely spies.”

The photographers escaped on their second day in captivity but were shot at and recaptured. Oerlemans was hit in the leg and Cantlie in the arm.

The doctor used a drip, antibiotics and stitches to stabilise Oerlemans, telling the injured journalists that his experiences would help his future career in accident and emergency. An assistant, also from London, bandaged Cantlie.

The bearded medic did not name the hospital where he was training. He disguised his face with a scarf and Oakley sunglasses and wore a baseball cap. Aged about 28 or 29, he made phonecalls to a wife and young son in London while the handcuffed and blindfolded journalists were 10ft away. When asked his name, he said: “Just call me the doctor — I’m the only one here.”

As he said he had not yet specialised, he is likely to be a foundation doctor taking time off work. Such doctors may ask for a career break, usually of 12 months. They may also ask for time to gain clinical experience outside NHS training.

“He said he had taken two years out from his work as an NHS doctor to fight jihad, holy war, in Syria,” Cantlie said. “He wanted to specialise in trauma medicine when he returned. He said he’d come here ‘to help people’ — yet he carried a gun at all times and said he was also here for war.”

The doctor, who had a US army backpack, showed some kindness to the two western captives, loosening their shackles and expressing concern about their fate.

He kept his visits to the journalists brief, explaining: “I can’t be in here too long because the other guys say I’m too nice to you.”

When Cantlie asked for a text to be sent to his girlfriend saying he was alive, the doctor replied: “I can’t do that, man. I’d be beheaded.”

On the fifth day in captivity the doctor reported he had spoken to “the boss”, a Saudi, and they were going to be ransomed. “Wars are expensive and he needs the money,” he said.

On the sixth day he left, saying he was going to Homs. Cantlie and Oerlemans were freed by Syrian rebels the next day.

The doctor and the other British jihadists were part of a 40-strong group called Al Absi, which aims to convert Syria to sharia law.
Source: Sunday Times (£)

Hamza (formerly Roberto) Piccardo, convert to Islam, translator of the Koran into Italian and leader of UCOII (Union of Islamic Organisations and Committees in Italy), recently delivered this end-of-Ramadan sermon on a beach in Imperia, Liguria.
In his sermon in front of 300 Muslims, the majority North African - the Turks having gathered elsewhere - assembled on the beach, Hamza Piccardo declared that "the places of worship were not adequate for the requirements of our community", which, in Imperia, "is growing continuously". The construction of mosques, he complained, is hampered "by a public opinion which has been intoxicated for too long by the virus of islamophobia, a disease that is filled with lies, which has prospered on the fear which we are struggling to fight against". But "today, thanks to the economic intervention of certain foundations in the Gulf [in Qatar, the newspaper specifies], it is possible to acquire land". Hamza/Roberto thus called for his flock to "initiate the search for an appropriate place".

Hamza concluded "by floating an idea that might interest Imperia, the creation of an Islamic University: “A million and a half Muslims live in Italy and don't even have an Islamic University available to them, not even a higher education college to prepare our imams and the leaders of our communities: it is a gap that must be filled."
Source: Novopress

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik may have failed to ignite a race war with Muslims, but he succeeded in stoking anxieties about the stability of Europe's increasingly diverse societies.

Though his talk of an international underground of killers - latter-day Crusaders he called the Knights Templar - seemed to be mere fantasy, and while his methods place him far beyond the pale of mainstream politics, many of his beliefs are to be found within the fold of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant populists.

"His ideological `manifesto' is a distilled representation of a cultural crisis that pervades the European continent and finds expression in an increasingly xenophobic populism," Kirsten Simonsen, a professor at Denmark's Roskilde University, wrote in "Bloodlands", a 2012 series of essays about Breivik.

Some notions - that Europe and its indigenous cultures are being weakened by immigration and multiculturalism - have been helping reshape the continent's right-wing politics for years.

These beliefs occasionally find an echo on the margins of centre-right parties, among politicians seeking support from communities plagued by rising unemployment.

Human rights groups are increasingly alarmed, not just at the far right, but at what many see as the pandering to its Islamophobic stereotypes by Europe's mainstream parties.

"We need our own 'European Spring' to overcome old and emerging forms of racism and intolerance," Nils Muiznieks, the Commissioner for Human Rights at the Council of Europe, a governmental human rights body, wrote in a July 2012 blog.

Muslims, he said, had become the primary "other" in right-wing populist discourse in Europe, and needed to be accepted as an integral part of society, entitled to equality and dignity.

Political parties in Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway and Switzerland had employed anti-Muslim rhetoric for political gain, he said.

...In June 2012 an Ipsos MORI poll on attitudes to immigration found that in seven out of nine EU member states surveyed the majority regarded immigration as having had a negative impact on their country: Sweden and Poland were the only exceptions.

...Pepe Egger, head of Western European Forecasting for the UK-based Exclusive Analysis research house, says some of Breivik's ideas are held quite widely among European political activists.

"The bizarre thing is that his ideas, as Islamophobic as they are, are almost mainstream in many European countries," he told Reuters. "The perceived need to defend Europe against 'Islamisation' is not that far removed from what you can find in the opinion pieces in large daily newspapers."
Source: Reuters

What bizarre language! It shows the contempt for democracy that lurks at the heart of the Euro-elite, especially the human rights commisars. I'm always amazed at the ability of leftists to see themselves as somehow fighting the system ("The Man") even though it's obvious, to anyone who isn't a '68er, that they ARE the system.

Two things are apparent from this profile in the New York Times. The first is the close connection between Islam and crime. It is a belief system that is readily appealing to criminals. Second, the extraordinary sense of entitlement that the invaders have. They actually think they have some kind of right to immigrate to someone else's country and then utterly change its character. They even think they are doing the country some kind of favour by doing this.
In his early life, before he left the violent projects of Strasbourg, before he was acclaimed as a rapper and a poet, Abd Al Malik was a confusion of identities — “schizophrenic,” he says. A Catholic altar boy turned Muslim proselyte, he was at once thug and scholar, dealing hashish and reading philosophy, picking pockets after Sunday Mass.

As a teenager, he lost friends to heroin, murder and suicide; rattled and angry, he sought explanations in “On the Shortness of Life,” by the Greek thinker Seneca. At 16, Mr. Malik says, he renounced crime, burned everything he had bought with “dirty money” and fell in with a rigid Muslim sect. Later he gravitated to Sufism, the mystical strain of Islam.

He was born Régis Fayette-Mikano, the French son of Congolese immigrants, constantly pulled between worlds. Now, Mr. Malik maintains, he is “one.”

“I made peace with myself,” he said.

His country is another matter, he says, still coming to terms with its ethnic and religious diversity. He is deeply, proudly French, says Mr. Malik, 37, but he has made a remarkably successful career parsing French identity in verse, deploring what he calls an over-proud society and the hypocrisy with which it treats its nonwhite sons and daughters.

Many French rappers sing about racism, identity and the plight of the “banlieues,” France’s impoverished suburbs, but few with Mr. Malik’s poise and poetry.

“There’s really a lag between how France sees itself and what France really is,” he said, speaking with the same precise syllables and crisp consonants that distinguish his music. “So long as we haven’t realized that diversity is part of French identity, at a certain point we’re telling ourselves that a Frenchman, after all, is a white man, Christian, who’s between 25 and 45. And everything that doesn’t fit that description is tossed aside.”

France is “not capable of recognizing, directly, her own children,” he said. “From my point of view, this is our country’s major problem.”

...Mr. Malik was born in Paris but raised in Neuhof, a neighborhood of Strasbourg. A brilliant student, he was sent to a private Catholic middle school, where he was for a time the sole black student.

He was also a pickpocket and a thief. By the age of 11 or 12, Mr. Malik recounted, he sometimes stole as much as $1,000 in a weekend, working with his friends in downtown Strasbourg. “I had a double life,” he said. “I was a good student during the day and a delinquent at night. And over vacations. And on the weekends. But for me it was normal.”

He bought jeans, watches and the latest Nike Air Max sneakers, and went out to restaurants and nightclubs, he said. He sold hashish, too, though never the heroin that killed several friends.

AT 16, his socks stuffed with drugs, Mr. Malik and a friend met a group of local men who preached to them about Islam and death. The two resolved to start anew. They gathered their drugs and everything they had bought with drug money, drove to an abandoned field, doused it all in lighter fluid and set it ablaze. They set out for a downtown mosque the next morning, asking a Hasidic Jew for directions, Mr. Malik said. The man assumed that the boys were mocking him; they insisted that they were sincere, and he pointed the way. “We came with this faith that we were going to change our lives, that it was going to be marvelous,” Mr. Malik said of Islam. “And it was marvelous.”

He fell in with the missionary Tabligh movement and for six years traveled across France to preach, sleeping on mosque floors. But he came to feel he was manipulating the people to whom he spoke, he said, and grew disenchanted with a “simplistic” Islam that deemed non-Muslims to be sinners.

Mr. Malik cited the Koran: “God says, ‘I created you different so that you might know one another.’ ”

He turned to Sufism and discovered writers who celebrated difference. “The problem was that all of the people who spoke about this were from the 11th century, the 12th century, the 16th century,” Mr. Malik said. “I cried, I spent entire nights crying, saying to myself, ‘My God, I live in the wrong era.’ ”

In eastern Morocco he found a spiritual leader who spoke in those terms, however. (A favorite proverb: “In a garden the flowers are diverse, but the water is one.”)

Sufism taught him to love France, he says, a place where he nonetheless feels a “deep” and “perverse” racism. One cannot move forward through life if he cannot “put down his sack of grievances,” Mr. Malik said, repeating a teaching.

Islam has “helped him to untangle a sort of ball of knots that he’s dragged with him since his childhood,” said his wife, the hip-hop singer Nawell Azzouz, known as Wallen. She and Mr. Malik live in Paris with two young sons.

For all his frustrations with France, he views himself as profoundly French — it is a question of language and upbringing, he says — with a responsibility to help the country come to terms with itself and to define a new French identity.
Source: New York Times

According to the Sunday Times, Breivik has been blogging (indirectly) via postal correspondence.
THE Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, who was jailed for 21 years last week for killing 77 people, is exploiting liberal prison regulations to spread his racist views.

...But as a jubilant Breivik gave a far right salute and told the court he regretted not having murdered more people, it emerged that he has been writing a blog from his cell even though he is banned from using the internet.

He is allowed to correspond by post with like-minded extremists who immediately place the contents on right-wing websites.

A spokesman for the Ila prison, where Breivik is serving his sentence, confirmed that he had received more than 600 letters and was engaged in an intense correspondence with extremists in Norway and abroad.

Prisoners in Norway retain the right to vote in elections and are allowed to correspond with the outside world as long as they are not inciting violence or criminality, something Breivik has been careful to avoid in wording his letters.

Breivik is also working on setting up a think tank he calls Conservative Revolutionary Movement. “My goal is to develop a pan-European prison network consisting of patriotic martyrs and other politically motivated prisoners,” he wrote to a Russian follower.

Breivik’s lawyers also announced that he was working on three books: an autobiography including a detailed description of how he planned and executed his attack, a second outlining his ideological views, and a third on the future of Europe.
Source: Sunday Times (£)

Anyone know what these blogs are?

UPDATE: Thanks to the commenter who provided the link to this site, BreivikReport, where some of Breivik's letters are being posted. Having gone through some of them, I'd say they're definitely worth reading. I'm also convinced they're either the real thing or a genius-level imitation.

Here he provides some interesting background on the Utoya camp.
Many of the media companies in the European world have claimed that there was a massacre of "innocent civilian kids attending a summer camp". Other more sober media companies have claimed that the participants on Utoya were just ordinary members of the Social Democratic youth party attending a social barbeque weekend. However, not a single media company in the european world have in fact disclosed the true ideological nature of the politically motivated attacks and as a result; much of the facts are still unknown to most people, even to a majority of nationalists in the European world. The Utoya Labour Party camp is, and has been for years, an elite training camp for young political leaders who want to participate in politics on communal, county and state level. Almost 70% of the 560 participants (and 44 out of the 65 that died) held leadership positions in Workers Youth League (AUF), which include a majority of the Labour Party political leaders under 30. These were not just random "politically curious youth” but in fact group members of a small elite of political activists who are the leaders of the national Labour Party youth movement that today can count 14,000 members. Several of the participants were elected parliament members for the Labour Party, others were elected representatives on the commune and county level for the same political party.

This training and introduction camp contains political workshops and several external speakers are invited from Norway or from abroad. The 5 day program consisted of the following speakers: Wednesday 20.07.2012: self proclaimed radical communist and editor in the left wing extremist newspaper; Dagbladet: Marte Michelet, daughter of one of the most well known communist leaders in Norway: Jon Michelet. She is married to an apostate, marxist Iranian called Ali Esbati and together they have a norwegian iranian daughter. Thursday 21.07.11: Foreign Affairs Minister Jonas Gah Store. Friday: Ex-prime minister Gro Harlem Brundtland. Saturday: Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg. In addition, the Utoya camp acts as a meeting ground for the internationalist socialist movement in Europe and many internationalist socialist youth leaders are invited from all over the world annually, during the 5 day camp.

The average age of the individuals that died on Utoya was almost 20 years, 18.05 years if you only count the AUF youth under 30, and as many as 68 out of the 69 killed were in fact political activists from the radical left in Norway. The Workers Youth League (AUF) is a political party and the youth wing of the Norwegian Labour Party, the leading political party which has ruled more or less uninterrupted since WW2. The NLP received financial support from the Soviet Union until the beginning of WW2. The party then kicked out the most hardcore communists elements who formed Socialist Front (SF) which is called the Socialist Left Party (SV) today. However, even during the cold war several of the NLP leaders, even though the party referred to themselves as Social Democratic, have worked closely with the Soviets and several even worked as infiltrators for the Soviet Union up to 1993.

For decades, the Social Democratic political party, not only in Norway but also in the rest of Europe, have deliberately used the asylum Institute, family reunification doctrines, entry on humanitarian grounds, the Schengen directives, adoption doctrines and the refugee quote as a tool for Asian, African and Islamic mass immigration. They have used their own European nations as a dumping ground for the excess population of the second and third world. As a result, indigenous Europeans will become a minority in most major cities in western-Europe within 5-10 years. Without asking their own people through a referendum, the Social Democrats have chosen to completely transform their own countries from monoethnic states to multiethnic and multicultural societies.

It was revealed a few years ago, after the book The Mitrokin Archive was published, that several leaders in the Labour Party has worked as infiltrators and undercover agents for the Soviet Union. It was revealed that the prime minister’s father; Thorvald Stoltenberg had a code name in the KGB archive. Even the Norwegian Prime Minister; Jens Stoltenberg, had a code name; Steklov, in the KGB archive until 1993. This is documented in the book: The Mitrokin Archive, written by an English ex-intelligence officer. Several leaders in the Norwegian Labour Party tried to stop this book release a few years ago. Regardless of the Norwegian Labour Party communist legacy, The Workers Youth League (AUF) are not full-hearted communists though as they do not support the implementation of the Soviet-style "plan-economy” but they are 'cultural communists/cultural marxists/internationalists' and are much more radical than their parent Labour Party.

The Norwegian Labour Party bought Utoya Island after WW2 and there has been political youth camps there each summer for the last decades. To honour their communist legacy the NLP decided to name a bay on the island Bolsjevika. Another part of the island is called LO-hill, highlighting the very close ties between LO, the largest workers union in Norway and probably still the second most powerful political organisation next to the NLP. The most important anthem of the Workers Youth League (AUF) is called 'Til Ungdommen' (To the Youth), written by Nordahl Grieg. This poem and song became the symbol of the reactions after the attacks and was performed on various occasions in Norway, even when more than 200,000 people were gathered outside the Oslo city town hall on July 25th 2011. What very few people are aware of, however, is that Nordahl Grief was a hardcore communist and he wrote this ideological song as a contribution in his struggle against nationalism. The song was often used by communists in Norway in the 1930s and 40s. Pre-22/7 AUF had approximately 10,000 members. Of these 10,000 members approximately 500-800 individuals had leadership positions. Approximately 60% of the political activists on Utoya island held leadership positions in AUF.

And on his plans for the future, including the proposed Conservative Revolutionary Movement.
1. I am in a process of writing 3 books; a. one book about the 22/7 operation - what really happened before, during and after, b. one book about the ideology; "revolutionary national conservatism" and c. one book about the future, containing political analysis, strategies for the unification of different anti-marxist/multiculturalist forces, etc.

2. I plan to formalize my education starting in jan 2012 with a 3 year Bachelor of Political Science (BPSc) then continuing with a 1-2 year Master of Political Science (MPSc). This will probably take 5-7 years and I’m not entirely sure if its even possible to take a master from here yet.

3. Me and others are in process of forming a pan-European NGO/think tank and it will most likely be called the "Conservative Revolutionary Movement", which will consist of conservative intellectuals/keyboard warriors fighting with the pen for the future conservative revolution. The goal is that it consists of at least 1-2 individuals from each country so that important political texts or f example successful rhetorical strategies or other ideas etc. can be translated and used in other countries. The current counter-jihad network in Western Europe (consisting of 50 writers/activists) is quite successful and effective. However, this network of intellectuals ONLY fights against radical Islam and does NOT fight for indigenous European rights, cultural and religious rights.

This network of writers will be more radical than any existing right wing 'think tank' in Europe and will serve as a source for rhetorical/ideological strategies for the emerging ultra-right networks, blog networks, organisations and political parties. This network/organisation will be relevant for ultra-conservatives, ultra-nationalists, devout Christians but also for more moderate conservatives and nationalists. Apart from European indigenous rights activism and the struggle against cultural marxism/multiculturalism and Islamisation we will also fight for the preservation of Christendom in Europe, and European interests in the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa and also for Christian interests in Anatolia, Egypt, Lebanon, etc. If you know any revolutionary far right intellectuals or activists in your country who "fights with the pen" (or desires to do so in the future), let me know (smiley)

4. Me and other patriots are in the process of building a prison network in Northern Europe for politically oriented prisoners (far right) focusing on the following countries: Germany, Russia, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. But our goal is also to get in touch with ideologically oriented prisoners in other European countries as well. One shouldn't forget the marxist ex-terrorist leader Nelson Mandela who a few decades ago was the leader of the armed wing of ANC in South Africa and responsible for killings and bomb-attacks. Imprisoned revolutionaries on both the political left and right side are living proof that prisons are indeed often a good arena for continuing the struggle, if it is done correctly. There are most likely more than 1,000 patriotic prisoners in Europe and the goal is to organize and unite as many of them as possible.

Saturday, 25 August 2012
Golden Dawn offices

Business premises owned by Golden Dawn MP

Business vehicle owned by Golden Dawn MP

The Athens Indymedia site contains a boastful claim of responsibility for two arson attacks recently conducted against Golden Dawn, one against the party's offices, another against business premises belonging to one of its MPs. While the international media has been full of stories about supposed racist attacks on immigrants in Greece, it has been strangely silent on the firebombing of the Golden Dawn-connected buildings. Of course, attacks on political parties are far more serious than attacks on individuals because they imperil democracy itself.
Those who sow terror must receive our hatred.

Alibis no longer sell…

There are no deluded voters of the Golden Dawn. Those who supported this party have done so consciously. They are nothing less than fascists.

Those who invest in the victim role, in order to gather ten more lousy leftist sympathizers in their miserable little organizations, only sow defeatism towards fascism.

As long as immigrants do not build self-organized structures for their self-defense against fascists and deplete their ‘guts’ in lousy macho disputes against each other and antisocial delinquency, they keep contributing to generalized social cannibalism.

The only ones who do not look for alibis anymore are the fascists themselves, who are overtly engaged in a murderous activity, under the cover of the state apparatuses and with an open or veiled support by the most rotten instincts of plebs, aka the fascist-minded lumpen petty-bourgeoisie.

As for us, we never looked for alibis. Our war against the Golden Dawn thugs is not some fashion in the context of their (alleged) ‘unexpected’ ascent to Power. We have been fighting them for years, in the streets, inside minds. We fight them because they are the most dreadful aspect, the long arm of our substantial enemies: Power and the Capital. And we never gave way to them.

– On August 12th, we torched the Golden Dawn’s offices on Filolaou Street in the district of Pangrati, Athens.

– On August 22nd, in the district of Peristeri, Athens, we turned a commercial store and vehicle to ashes; both belonged to a business owned by the neo-Nazi bully Efstathios Boukouras, who is a Golden Dawn MP for Corinth.

Insofar as there is any rational foundation to the genocide being inflicted on the peoples of Europe by their own governments it consists in the belief that a demographic shortfall will have to be made up from outside sources. The casual assumption that it is always desirable for a population to be stable or expanding could be challenged on many counts, but let's leave that aside for now. What's clear is that the governing class has put in place a welfare system that has the economics of a pyramid scheme: it can only be kept going as long as there are many more people paying in than taking out. Thus, it requires an ever-expanding population. Eventually, it would have to suck up the entire population of the earth to keep going, and even then it would fail. But that long-term perspective doesn't interest our governing elite. They just want to get through the next few decades, take their fat, tax-free pensions, and let it all fall apart afterwards. Hence their demented support for the influx of hordes of primitive Asians and Africans, barely literate peasants who are ludicrously presented to us as if they were highly-skilled, specialist workers.

Total Fertility Rate
But what if the European demographic contraction we have heard so much about was a myth? A recently-published academic paper suggests this supposed demographic death spiral was an aberrant statistical artefact caused by lifestyle changes such as the decision to postpone child-bearing till later years. The total fertility rate (TFR) in Europe actually increased significantly in the 2000s for the first time since the 1960s. Nor was this just an immigrant-drive baby boom. Countries that have not been colonised by aliens to any significant extent, such as those in Eastern Europe (and even Japan, outside of Europe), participated in the same trend.

Fertility as measured by the period total fertility rate (TFR) rose in the large majority of european countries between 1998 and 2008. this trend
represents an unexpected reversal from the historically unprecedented low
levels reached by most countries in the 1990s or early 2000s. increases from
these minimum levels have exceeded 0.2 births per woman in 19 European
countries (Goldstein, Sobotka, and Jasilioniene 2009). The turnaround has
been especially rapid in populations with the lowest fertility: the number
of countries with a TFR below 1.3 declined from 16 in 2002 to just one
(moldova) in 2008. this new trend suggests that the potential adverse
consequences of population aging and population decline will likely be
substantially smaller than feared in the 1990s.

Explanations for this new phenomenon can be provided at two levels,
demographic and socioeconomic.

Proposed demographic explanations include the disappearance of period tempo effects that distorted the TFR downward in the past as women’s age at childbearing rose (Bongaarts and Feeney 1998; Philipov and Kohler 2001; Bongaarts 2002; Sobotka 2004;
Goldstein, Sobotka, and Jasilioniene 2009), and a cohort-driven recuperation
at older ages of births that were postponed at younger ages.

The academic paper, A Demographic Explanation for the Recent Rise in European Fertility, can be found here. Via: Kybeline

I've written a few times about Zakid Khan, a former Muslim resident in Germany who wrote Die Verbrechen des Propheten Mohammed (The Criminal Acts of the Prophet Mohammed), published in both English and German. It seems Muslims adopted a twin-track approach to trying to silence him. On the one hand they pursued a prosecution against him in the Darmstadt courts; on the other they tried to arrange his assassination. The prosecution, initiated by Muslim activist Stefan Salim Nagi, collapsed in June. Nagi was approached by Muslim convert and prominent Salafist preacher, Pierre Vogel, to arrange Khan's assassination.

Pierre Vogel

Vogel wanted Nagi to give him 30,000 euros to pay for the "hit". This was a step too far for Nagi, though, who went to the authorities. Nagi soon started receiving death threats himself, and both he and the book's author are now in hiding, having been given official protection. Meanwhile, the Darmstadt prosecutor's office is investigating Pierre Vogel for his role in attempting to arrange an assassination. They may have problems bringing him to justice, though, as some recents reports have indicated he has joined the expatriate German Salafist colony in Egypt.

Source: Echo-online Via: PI

Muslims protest against Khan's book

Zahid Khan speaks (in English)

ATHENS, Greece - Greek police say up to 3,000 people have participated in a peaceful demonstration by immigrant groups in Athens to protest racist attacks in the crisis-struck country.

Protesters, most of who were from Pakistan, marched to Parliament shouting slogans and brandishing banners.

Friday's march was held to protest increasing racist attacks and alleged cases of police brutality against immigrants.

Greece is the main entry point for illegal immigrants seeking a better life in the European Union. The massive influx coincided with a spike in crime, and contributed to the sharp rise of the extreme-right, anti-immigrant Golden Dawn group that won 18 of Parliament's 300 seats in June's national elections.

Golden Dawn supporters have been repeatedly accused of violent attacks on immigrants, which the group says it does not condone.
Source: Montreal Gazette

Presumably these videos show the demonstration described in the article. If so, however, it's clear that it goes a bit beyond a protest against racist attacks. The videos, which must have been uploaded by one of the participants in the protest, talk about insults to Muslims and one of the placards reads (in English) something illegible then "who attacked mosques and insulted prophet and Koran".

But of course mainstream journos wouldn't want us to get a bad impression of their pet Muslims so it's simpler just to let us think it's all about "racist attacks".

It is shocking to see the way these Pakis transform Athens, one of the cradles of European civilisation, making it look like Peshawar as they stomp angrily through its streets shouting "Allahu Akhbar".

UPDATE: Photos added from Russia Today. Note the references to the so-called prophet and islamophobia, so for the Pakis this is about far more than just attacks on immigrants, but somehow the news reports manage to leave all that out.

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