Sunday, 15 July 2012

In Argenteuil, a suburb of Paris, Mouffok Badaoui, president of SDAE (Syndicate for the Defence of Algerians in Europe), is outraged. He is calling for sales of a towel to be banned. "
These towels mock the symbols of Algeria.

In front of the stand of the young seller where the towels are laid out, Mouffok Badaoui does not hide his anger. "For €3 you can wipe your feet on the values of a country. Men died for this flag!" he curses to the trader, who refuses to respond to the remarks of the retired person. "It's nothing, I'm only doing my job," he says bitterly, between two clients. "They come to bother me with that. They're just towels." « C’est n’importe quoi, je ne fais que mon travail, lâche-t-il, désabusé, entre deux clients. On vient m’embêter avec ça… Ce ne sont que des serviettes. » A few metres away, Ilhami, a 67-year-old Algerian doesn't see things in the same way. "I don't agree! It's a lack of respect for the history of Algeria. The country doesn't matter. That shouldn't exist," he insists in between two vegetable stands.

..."That really shocks me, I think it's shameful," thunders the fifty-something who fears agitations in the community. Mouffok Badaoui fears it too and it's precisely to prevent spirits becoming heated that he decided to react. In a letter to the mayor (Socialist), Philippe Doucet, he demanded that "the sale of these products [manufactured in Belgium] cease".

"There isn't much in the way of regulation on this subject," agrees Christophe Launay, the lawyer for the SDAE. But in this town where 20,000 Algerians and French of Algerian origin live, we want to avoid disruptions to public order. That's why we made this request. It's a particularly sensitive subject, all the more so because in this year 2012 the 5th of July marked the 50th anniversary of Algerian independence."

The town hall insists it will not intervene. "This is outwith our authority," someone in the mayor's entourage explains. The affair should therefore come before the courts. "If nothing is done, I will file a complaint. I refuse to let it go," warns Mouffok Badaoui, for whom the fight has only begun. Today, he also wrote a mail addressed to the prosecutor of the republic in Pontoise.
Source: Le Parisien Via: Fdesouche


Anonymous said...

I have several towels in the colour of the Libyan Flag, all green. Should I be worried?

Anonymous said...

Burn them all with the Korans

Anonymous said...

I have a line of Prophet Mohammad towels. They are guaranteed to clean off that pesky Christianity, Judaism, Freedom, and Secularism; Toulouse style. They come in suicide bomber red, jihadi green, and terrorizing black.


Anonymous said...

Such towels are good for wiping off our arses.

hellosnackbar said...

One Muslim with whom I corresponded objected to the expression "towel head" telling me that his head covering was more like a little sheet.
I opologise and said I would refer to him as a "sheethead" in the future

Anonymous said...

Do they also sell doormats in that pattern? Or do I have to settle for the toilet roll?

Anonymous said...

Move back to Algeria and file a complaint. If they're so concerned for the Nation that's represented by those colours, why don't they live there?



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