Thursday, 5 July 2012

During a procession to celebrate the festival of Corpus Christi in Italy, Christian worshippers were accosted by a 19-year-old Moroccan student who harangued and insulted them. Among other things, he shouted:
You are all a flock of sheep on the way to hell!

The worshippers made a complaint to the police and the Muslim, who lives in Porretta Terme, was charged with insulting people and denigrating the Christian religion.

Source: Ansa Via: DolomitenGeist


Anonymous said...

Italy only has herself to blame for allowing Muslims migration. This is the result. Islam is taking over Europe. The term Eurabia is not that far-fetched. Islam has to a large extend taking over the UK, France, Belgium and the Nederland. It is all due Europeans's own stupidity and political correctness.

stephen said...

Obviously you don't live in the UK!

Anonymous said...

Europe has become the victim of its own political correctness... RIP Europe

peppers said...

time to wake up

Anonymous said...

Send him back to hos muslim country- which very likely is a good replica of hell.


Anonymous said...


WHY on earth are you allowing hundreds of thousands of muslims to enter your nation...?


It is national SUICIDE..!

Anonymous said...

Also your minds are on the way to suicide

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