Friday, 20 July 2012
Some 200,000 capsules of drugs hidden inside toasties and more than ten kilos of heroin hidden inside 30 Korans were seized on Sunday by Moroccan authorities on board a vehicle preparing to leave the port of Nador for Spain.

The drugs were discovered inside the vehicle of a Moroccan mother travelling with her four children. The family was supposed to deliver the drugs to Spain on behalf of a member of their family who also lives in the Iberian peninsula.

The latter is said to have convinced them to import the drugs and to sell them in Spain, in order to resolve their financial problems. During questioning, the family said it had been strongly affected by the crisis raging in Spain since 2008, reports the info site Nador City.

The fear and hesitation of the 25-year-old son who was driving the car triggered the suspicions of the customs agents, who ordered a search of the vehicle.

The funny thing is if they had managed to reach Europe, they'd probably have got away with it, because European officials would have been too intimidated by political correctness to search the Korans, but actual Moroccan Muslims were more than happy to.

Recall that at least one British police force has an official policy of not touching Korans during searches.


mike said...

that's about all that Korans are good for, other than T.P.

stephen said...

No riots over other musloids defacing korans in Morroco then? How very odd,

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Good point. And what will the Moroccan authorities do with the Korans once the case is concluded? Lovingly preserve them?

Anonymous said...

why do we fund research into cancer when religion kills so many?

Oldironsides said...

Can one assume that the Korans were hollowed out to make room for the drugs? If so then was this an act of desecration to that so-called 'holy book' when it was cut up? Does this means it is permissible to destroy a Koran for a higher purpose.

Anonymous said...

They used the quran for bad things but then Allah punished them and made people know about the heroin. So Muslims are not bad people please think this way. Please don't swear.

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