Friday, 22 June 2012

Four Spanish mothers have written a letter denouncing the goings-on at a school in Tarrasa, Catalonia, where, they say, indigenous pupils are routinely harassed by their Muslim classmates and the school authorities always seem to take the side of the aliens.

According to the letter, the nursery school does not meet the legally-mandated minimum of having at least 20% of the class speaking the native language as their mother tongue! Arabic has become the dominant language in the corridors and playgrounds. The school is now sending out official notices in Arabic and Catalan only, not Spanish. In one class, 83.33% of the pupils speak Arabic. There is even a letter in Arabic posted on one of the school doors, in violation of the law.

The outraged mothers also claim that Muslim pupils prevent their own children eating sandwiches if the sandwiches contain ham or other meat derived from pigs. The offending sandwiches will simply be plucked from their hands and thrown in the bin by the Muslims.

Source: Alerta Digital, Alerta Digital


Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing this out. Horrific! This is a must read for the judges in Breivik case at the Oslo court, as well as the Norwegian mainstream media, the government and all the other politicians and establishment.

Anonymous said...

Do you think these traitors even care!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who wrote this article? How old are you? Are you reporting live from the Nursery in Catalonia cause it sure sounds like it. This is a load of bull. Where are the facts. Take your scare tactics elsewhere, even the majority of ignorant fascists who follow this crap will know this is a poorly written and highly distasteful article.

Dinan said...

Dear Anonymous Who do you think you are? You criticise others without cause, whilst writing ignorant nonesense yourself.

Your ranting admonition is unjust and indicates an unpleasant personality and even more unpleasant mindset.

Oh and please take note of my correct use of the word 'cause' unlike your illiterate rendering where you incorrectly use 'cause' when you should have written 'because'.

Your poorly written and highly distasteful views are unwanted.Take your own advice and take them elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

If true, a few boxing lessons will solve the problem. Muslims are inveterate cowards when attacked back, that's why they usually hunt in packs with a preferred ratio of 8 to 1 when bashing someone.

Anonymous said...

Out of all the European countries one would have thought that Spain would resist islamic colonisation.
Socialism is truely a mental disorder.

Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

I say tell them to drop dead, enjoy your ham kids. Jews have never done such horrible things.

Anonymous said...

From the source, Alerta
- comments

"La invasión de los bárbaros…"

"This happens because we let them overrun us...etc"

Once the culture, food habits, etc, is left, it is easy to follow up with the next steps of the invasion/occupation, working on the long term goal of reaching hell on earth, the caliphate ruled by sharia and sharia only.

A simple advice to Anonymous 04:41, to follow this blog islamversuseurope, which is a high quality blog. And while at it, think.

Keep it up, CZ!

Anonymous said...

the last time spain was invaded by muslims, it took 7 centuries to get rid of them. after 7 centuries of fighting to get rid of muslim invaders, it is incomprehensible that modern spanish traitors would invite them back. now they are finding out why their ancestors fought 7 centuries to get rid of islam. it is easy to give your own country to islamic invaders. it is almost impossible to get it back. i doubt spain will do it a second time.

Anonymous said...

old christean don't eat pig meat....but forcing not too is some thing u stupid faggot euroean should worry about for next step invassion...coward jack ass!!!!!

Anonymous said...

learn some history catalonians. now they only want your ham sandwiches. next they will want your freedom. then they take your women. then they take your lives. fight back and win, or die. spain gave the western world a blueprint for freedom from islam. too bad they forgot it.

Admin said...

Muslims are savages. Period, case closed.

Anyone believing otherwise is either ignorant or a fool.

Muslims will NEVER live side-by-side with civilized people because their tolerance for others is forbidden according to their precious Quran.

Throw MY child's sandwich "in the bin," and I'll toss you in after it.

Anonymous said...

Do not take the food from my child's hand.

It matters not, who you are, where you are, or your committment to your faith.

Do not take the food from my child's hand.

It won't matter that you are bigger than me, have more gun power than me, or have allies in your corner.

Hell hath no fury like an angry Mama!

Anonymous said...

Close all the Mosques in Europe, send them back where they come from if you want europe to survive

Anonymous said...

And one asks where the Muslim students learned this racism.

And one answers: at home.

Food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Freedom is never Free......

Anonymous said...

Time to get rid of the Trolls in Europe!

Ching said...

Well, somebody's having their menstrual cycle. Chill, they are just kids back then.

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