Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thanks to Muslim colonisation, honour killings have now become a regular part of European life. There's a particularly disgusting example of it recounted here. Until the rest of the population develops the moral backbone required to expel the Muslims wholesale, we can expect this to continue. But there is a way to stop it.

Whenever a case of honour killing occurs, the entire family should be executed. If cousins or aunts and uncles are involved, their entire families should be executed too. Once this has been done two or three times, there will be no more honour killings. How much is the "honour" of your family worth if your family no longer exists? If your entire genetic strain has been removed from the gene pool? Not much.

These people are savages and their savagery requires a brutal response.

As in so many issues, it is compassion and indulgence that produces or aggravates this problem. Extreme momentary harshness can bring an end to it.


Anonymous said...

One can stop the "honour" killings that way but the demographic threat remains.

Anonymous said...

Keep the honour killings coming, less of 'em that way. I'm glad blog postings are back as well it's been nearly a week!

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